Listen: QOTSA Streaming New Single 'The Way You Used To,' Share Full Album Details

"Villains" coming your way August 25.

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Listen: QOTSA Streaming New Single 'The Way You Used To,' Share Full Album Details

Queens of the Stone Age will release their new album "Villains" on August 25 and are streaming "The Way You Used To" as the lead single.

Frontman Josh Homme stated:

"The most important aspect of making this record was redefining our sound, asking and answering the question, 'What do we sound like now?'

"If you can't make a great first record, you should just stop - but if you can make a great record but you keep making records and your sound doesn't evolve, you become a parody of that original sound."

Asked by NME about the reported "super-sexy vibe" of the new single, Josh replied:

"Well it's about screwing so I guess that answers that question!

Asked how the song compares to rest of the album, Homme replied:

"They all have this shared philosophy, which has always been my philosophy, but it seems ever more urgent and it's that now is all you’ll ever get. You need to not wait and do whatever you want to do now.

"That is inside every moment of the record. It’s got an urgency without an emergency, you know what I mean?"

The record was co-produced by Mark Ronson (Adele, Duran Duran) and Mark Rankin (Bloc Party, Adele).

The gang also unveiled the record's full track listing, cover art, and announced North American tour dates. All goods below, pre-orders here.

QOTSA 'Villains' track listing:

1. Feet Don't Fail Me
2. The Way You Used to Do
3. Domesticated Animals
4. Fortress
5. Head Like a Haunted House
6. Un-Reborn Again
7. Hideaway
8. The Evil Has Landed
9. Villains of Circumstance

QOTSA North American Tour 2017

09/06 Port Chester, NY – Capitol Theatre
09/07 Philadelphia, PA – Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing
09/09 Toronto, ON – Budweiser Stage
09/10 Grand Rapids, MI – 20 Monroe Live
09/12 Columbus, OH – Express Live!
09/13 Pittsburgh, PA – Stage AE
09/15 Cleveland, OH – Agora Theater
09/16 Cleveland, OH – Riot Fest
10/09 Salt Lake City, UT – The Complex
10/10 Morrison, CO – Red Rocks
10/12 St. Louis, MO – Peabody Opera House
10/13 Kansas City, MO – Crossroads KC
10/14 Saint Paul, MN – Roy Wilkins Auditorium
10/15 Milwaukee, WI – Eagles Ballroom
10/17 Detroit, MI – Fox Theatre
10/18 Indianapolis, IN – Murat Theatre at Old National CEntre
10/20 Washington, DC – TBA
10/21 Boston, MA – Agganis Arena
10/22 Portland, ME – State Theatre
10/24 New York, NY – Madison Square Garden

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    It's not bad... but this is QOTSA, so think once I hear the whole album I'll like it more. Often hard to gauge them through one song in my opinion, they're that kind of band.
    Vic Vega
    I think you said it right.  QOTSA is an album band and by that I mean there is a particular flow to the album.
    Not really feeling this track, tbh. Sounds a bit like 'Mambo nº5' to me. Also, their North American tour will feature Royal Blood as the supporting act, that's cool, would love to see that. 
    Kinda bummed that it comes out it late August.  I was hoping it would be the soundtrack for my summer! Oh well, just glad we get new QOTSA.  
    I absolutely loved this! It sounds like a TCV track mixed with a bit of smooth sailing. I'm actually quite shocked and a number of people here not enjoying it or thinking it's a huge departure from their sound.
    fuckin rad.  love that each album seems to have its own distinctive vibe, and this seems like it'll be no different.  Josh wasn't jokin about gettin people dancin'
    Dunno why but i but this riff reminded me of Clint Mansells song Party from movie Requiem for a Dream
    starting from 13sec in Anyways, love QOTSA and i'm definitely waiting for the whole album.
    Man im kinda bummed. They dont sound like QOTSA. This sounds like a pop producer trying to make another black keys or arctic monkeys album. Queens to me is about intense build ups, dark guitars, and melodic vocals. This dosent have anything other then catchy vocals and claps.....
    Josh produced the latest AM album... I think I hear you a little bit but they've always had catchy songs. There's still darkness to this one, but from what Josh has been saying about this album, I'm not surprised. The guitars still duel, the drums still pop and are some of the best work on the song towards the end. Mark Ronson definitely has influence here, but to say this doesn't sound like QOTSA is way off the mark.
    This exactly. Makes me wonder if their new producer has anything to do with it.
    Couldnt be more excited, kind of wish it was July 25 to have more summer time with the album but its alright. Interesting to see "Villains of Circumstance" the last song, seems fit, anyone who hasnt heard the "demo" go youtube it, eerie and beautiful
    I'm excited that they're switching it up. They could be like the Foos and make each album a parody of themselves. 
    QOTSA has been one of my favorite bands since 2001... with the exception of 'My god is the Sun' Like Clokwork wasn't the album I was expecting and this track sounds too... "different". I'm not sure if it's because Joey Castillo left the band or it's just the band's natural evolution but I don't dig them anymore. =/
    Sick fucking track. There's a lot going on in this song if you really focus on the different parts. They interplay between guitars is a pleasure to listen to. The drums sound like they were lifted straight out of a swinging jazz tune from the 40's, and are definitely what give the tune it's dancy bounce. It's like something you could lindy-hop to, which is pretty far out for a rock band in 2017. Homme's having fun with his words too. So pissed off their Auckland show was sold out to scalpers. This tune and any other new ones are going to be so much fun to see live.
    Very Queens of the Stone Age, and very Mark Ronson. Interesting, can't wait to hear more.
    First reaction... um okay Second reaction... Meh Third reaction... ima put on like clockwork instead
    Bedside Shred
    I get the feeling this album will be to their discography what ELO's 'Discovery' was to theirs: another top-shelf record, lads.
    I can't wait. I have the option of seeing them at either Madison Square Garden, or at a smaller venue in Port Chester...where would you see them?  I saw them at the Port Chester venue a few years ago and it was insane. Which venue would you go to?
    I'd go to the smallest one for sure, the ambience is amazing on smaller venues. 
    I agree, it was just an insane show there. Buuuut I just checked my schedule...I guess I'll be going to MSG haha.
    Why do they have to come to Eagles Ballroom of all Milwaukee venues....horrendous place to see a show. Last time around they played the Riverside Theater and it was awesome.
    thought i was listening to a very bad cover of zztop's la grange on peyote.... 
    All that was the epicness of Kyuss is gone. Compared to their first Qotsa album this was absolute trash. No driving guitar, no solo, no drums, lame singing, terrible rhythm.... wtf happened Homme, seriously. This has to be the hardest nosedive in years.
    Kyuss has AWFUL vocals. Not to mention, you're an idiot for comparing this new song to an album that came out in the 90's... go listen to AC/DC if you want 10 albums of the same song
    Kyuss has fucking epic vocals! You sure are cool for calling people idiots on the internet because they have a separate (yet valid) opinion. Comparing the old and the new of a composer is not an idiotic thing. A valid comparison can be made between the two, regardless of the decade/time the music was released. You should maybe take the day off and really think about the path you're on in life right now. I mean really sit down and write out the pros and cons of what you're doing. Maybe find out why it's necessary to attack strangers on the internet the moment they have a different opinion. Not enough attention from the spouse? Parents and teachers yell at you a lot? Can't do anything right by your boss? What is the source of your anger?
    Groovy, sounds different and great rock overall. Although, change was expected with the new producer. Just like with Megadeth when they had Johnny K and had 2 terrible records (Th13t33n and Super Collider), and it was a big change from where they come from (Endgame with Andy Sneap).