Listen to Nine Inch Nails' New Track 'Find My Way'

The fourth song from the band's upcoming album "Hesitation Marks" is revealed.

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Nine Inch Nails presented the fourth song from their upcoming album "Hesitation Marks" via Zane Lowe's BBC Radio 1 show, Consequence of Sound reports. The song called "Find My Way" was premiered live earlier on Fuji Rocks in Japan.

Listen to the song in the player below.

The album was announced with the premiere of its debut single "Came Back Haunted" this June. Two more new songs were played at Fuji Rocks - "Copy of A" and "Disappointed," followed by the release of "Copy of A" last week and most recently revealed pop punk track "Everything."

The upcoming 2008's "The Slip" follow up will be released on September 3.

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"Hesitation Marks" tracklist:

01. The Eater of Dreams 02. Copy of A 03. Came Back Haunted 04. Find My Way 05. All Time Low 06. Disappointed 07. Everything 08. Satellite 09. Various Methods of Escape 10. Running1 11. I Would for You 12. In Two 13. While I'm Still Here 14. Black Noise

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    Why did Trent steal his own melody - Somewhat Damaged?
    I was just thinking that haha, this album is coming off extremely average, its a shame because trent can write so much better stuff
    This is my favorite track from whatever has been released from the new album.
    matteo cubano
    really reminds me of HTDA a lot. I'm not sure this will be my favorite album of his and I may not listen to it a ton, but I definitely respect it however.
    Sounds pretty good! A lot calmer than the other tracks released so far, reminds me a bit of Zero-Sum. Looking forward to hearing the whole thing
    I think every NIN fan has THAT ONE album that they benchmark every other album against. Mine is The Fragile, so I am really digging everything I am hearing so far. Have the vinyl and deluxe cd coming to me soon!!!
    Not sure why the song had to end with some jackass talking about Fallout Boy...but I dig it. Nice and moody, kinda makes me want to go home and write a horror novel. my book(s)...
    Well this is terrible. Reminds me of why I never liked them. Now, downvote me because my opinion is different to yours you ****s
    Just to clarify, I didn't downvote you for your opinion. I downvoted you because you called me a ****.
    I'll downvote for posting a comment that brought nothing to the discussion and not backing up your points with explanations
    It's just his opinion, he doesn't have to defend it. He also shouldn't just trash things, but it is his choice. Have a good day.
    We have the right to point out how shitty his opinion is and how it makes him look like a total ass. That word, "opinion" is being used way too loosely lately because people just want to talk shit without getting involved in a discussion, but that word is not a forcefield that protects you from replies. There will always be people who don't share your opinion - especially when it's total shit - and that's enough to make you defend yours. Take responsibility for your actions. Don't just shit on my carpet and then run away.
    Loving how moody this is. It sounds depressing and yet somehow uplifting. One of my favorite tracks to currently be released from this album.
    What do you think about "While I'm still here"? Probably my favorite song from the album...great lyrics and meaning