Listen to the First Track From the New Opeth Album

Preview 'Cusp Of Eternity', the first cut from the band's Pale Communion album below.

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Opeth will be releasing their new album "Pale Communion" on August 25 and you can preview the album's first single "Cusp of Eternity" right here (via Metal Hammer).

Produced by Opeth's own Mikael Akerfeldt, the Swedish quintet's eleventh studio release has been described by Akerfeldt as being "more melodic" than 2011's "Heritage" album.

The tracklist for Pale Communion is as follows:

01. Eternal Rains Will Come
02. Cusp of Eternity
03. Moon Above, Sun Below
04. Elysian Woes
05. Goblin
06. River07. Voice of Treason08. Faith in Others

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    Before people panic: This has been described in a couple of early reviews as the simplest and least best song on the album, so don't base your judgement entirely on this song! It seems like it was made to be released as a single (as opposed to half of Opeth's other singles which are just badly cut 4 minute snippets of awesome 10+ minute songs).
    Well that is promising news as I quite like this track, looking forward to hearing the rest of the album for sure
    It's ridiculous to complain about simplicity anyway. "Harvest" is pretty simple and yet it is a fan favourite, nobody says a thing about that one.
    legend shredder
    I really hope this is true. Was so disappointed by the simplicity of this track. Not bad at all, but I got bored.
    Sounds good to me.The rhythm guitar under the solo reminds me of the later half of Hangar 18.
    I thought the same thing first time I heard it xD That solo section is definitely the highlight of the track
    I personally didn't really enjoy the song, but I also am not a fan of Heritage so that is to be expected. Just because Opeth is one of my favorite bands doesn't mean everything they put out automatically turns to gold for me. They would either respect my opinion or not really give a crap about what I have to say, which is still cool.
    Unless you're the douchebag at their shows who always scream "play some f'kin METAL!" I guess your opinion would be respected by everyone.
    So I wish I hadn't paid attention to the video of the song cuz it's absolute garbage. Nothing was gained from the experience of watching it and listening to the song. Just don't watch the video when you listen to the song. Otherwise it's a good song.
    Less proggy and sounds better than Heritage. But it may be the shortest and simplest track.
    Sounds ok, excited to hear what the rest of the album sounds like. Just hope I'm not the only one wishing for some earlier Opeth influences...
    You're not, in fact I'm sick of hearing people say it.
    I'm sick of everybody saying that about every new album a band releases
    "I wish the band would return to the sound that they had on the first album that hooked me on them." Literally, this is the complaint I have heard by fans of any band with a large enough fanbase. The only exceptions are bands who never EVER changed their sound a smidgeon, like AC DC or Motorhead.
    You got me wrong, I really like the new stuff. The older Albums are simply just my favorites, so what's wrong about wanting to hear some old influences in the new sound. Same goes with In Flames, they don't sound like their earlier releases at all, but still some songs have some oldschool feeling coming through and that's what i love to hear. Nothing wrong with evolving and moving forward. I'd be the last one to really complain about a band developing their sound in the direction they like.
    For some reason the beginning reminded me of Bleed by Meshuggah but obviously slower and quieter
    too bad they kept takes with vocal cracks in them. some say they can accompany the music but they're kinda not hitting the ball out of the park for me.
    I should really stop reading comments on YouTube. People who still expect Opeth to sound like they did on Watershed and prior, probably shouldn't even bother anymore ? Mikael has stated he is no longer interested in doing that and why should he be ? This is exactly what I expect great bands and artists to do: evolve. Opeth pretty much perfected the death/prog thing. They brought it into attention of many, many people. The listeners are naturally entitled to their opinions on the music, but saying it like the band owes you something makes you look like a douche.
    the song is extremely groovy, and I don't understand why people are bashing it and comparing it to Heritage. i personally didn't like heritage a lot, and didn't listen to the album in it's entirety; but it has been repeatedly said by Akerfeldt that the album is not what Heritage was, but it's very melodic and different from their earlier stuff. As for the choice regarding the single goes, well they've released the least complex song as a single because they don't wanna release snippets of complex singles. August is gonna be very very pale.
    This reminds me of Ra, almost an Egyptian/Middle Eastern vibe to it
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    I like this direction so far. Really can't wait to hear the whole album!.....for serious.
    I like it! Not sure what I expected, but this was good, if this is anything to judge the album by its going to be great! And like 'Andpounder' said, his vocals are very good! Absolutely no need for the growl
    I think this is really great stuff! Simple, but great bassline and awesome vocals! so excited to see them live in a few days
    It did not impress me, but I'm interested how it's going to sound in the context of the album, few singles are actually impressive. However, the thing that makes me very, VERY glad is that the "vintage" sound of Heritage is gone, because it was the main thing bringing the album down.
    It sounds like a much more aggressive version of Jakszyk Fripp and Collins. I like it.