Listen to Wu-Tang Clan's New Single 'Keep Watch'

The track is taken off the upcoming album, "A Better Tomorrow."

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Wu-Tang Clan have released the lead single to their upcoming album, "A Better Tomorrow."

Entitled "Keep Watch", the track features GZA, Method Man, Cappadonna and Inspectah Deck, along with guest vocals from a singer named Nathaniel. It's available for purchase via Warner Music Group's webstore and streaming at RapExclusive. Check it out below.

As Consequence of Sound notes, with its mono beat of low-key guitars and thudding drums, "Keep Watch" would be right at home in the Wu's early '90s discography. Between spurts of soulful harmonies from Nathaniel, GZA, Method Man, Inspectah Deck and Cappadonna each take a turn on the mic, collaborating as much as they are attempting to outdo their fellow Monks.

Warner Music's store also includes a separate pre-order page for "A Better Tomorrow" and notes that the album "is in the works and almost ready to ship." It also includes some artwork, though it's unclear if that's the actual cover.

As previously reported, the album coincides with Wu-Tang's 20th anniversary and marks their first new album in seven years. All the core Wu-Tang members appear to be involved in the project with the exception of Raekwon, who previously expressed misgivings over the business side of things. And based on the tweet he made following the song's release, he still doesn't appear ready to jump on board.

Keep dreaming.

- Raekwon (@Raekwon) March 19, 2014

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    That doesn't apply to Wu Tang. Wu Tang are legends in their own right and I've never seen anyone put down the Wu.
    Then allow me to do the honors.... And before somebody calls me close-minded, I have listened to plenty of rap before deciding that I hate it. It has nothing to do with the production or lyrics or anything like that, it's just that rap/rapping in general causes pain to my ears. I've listened, I've assessed, and concluded that I will never like rap.
    Give Enter the Wu-Tang a real listen. Read the lyrics while you're at it. Really intelligent rhymes and lyrics. And there's no way you can just call it rap. That's the best of the best as far as I'm concerned. You're allowed your own personal tastes and I respect that you said you personally don't like it, not just the general ' rap is crap' bullshit
    At least this guy says "I don't like rap" rather than "Oh my God, I don't personally like rap so that means it's a terrible music genre with no talent or artistic ability involved". I can respect this guys opinion.
    I think it is a valid question. This is a guitar site. A place people go to learn about guitar based music. If I wanted to learn about rap, I would go to a rap site.
    Music news section, and there are still guitar parts, whether or not there is live guitar, you can recreate guitar tracks from a lot of their songs.
    I wasn't aware Raekwon wasn't on board with new Wu-Tang stuff, that's a shame. Ego's aside I just want to hear one last effort from the greatest rap group of all time. RIP ODB
    Can anyone explain to me why Raekwon isn't on board? Google gave me a ton of stuff that doesn't seem right.
    Check this interview, seems like they've had ongoing business disputes for a while - my guess would be this is partly the reason. Pity, Rae's one of my favourites
    Sewage Rat
    Damn homie
    How dare you bash my favorite band. They've inspired my guitar playing since early 2014 when I was a young lad living in the ghetto eating bullets for breakfast.
    I think Outkast and The Wu-Tang Clan are the only hip hop artists who get respect from the UG community... And I'm OK with that. Real recognize real.
    Immortal Technique and The Roots are hard to hate too.
    idk man i prefer their older stuff it was a lot more raw back then, you know? this seems really polished and it's missing the down 'n' dirty quality that made me love 36 chambers
    I'm hoping for a special guest guitar solo from Lil Wayne.
    Wu coming through: For anyone missed it Wu Tang Album 2013-2014 prodcued by John Frusciante. Black Knights - Medieval Chamber FULL ALBUM (w/ bonus tracks) (produced by John Frusciante)
    not a Wu Tang album. Wu Tang affiliate, which is about half of the industry lol.
    I consider this a Wu Tang Family (part of their universe) "Album" if not for the main 9 rappers the rest wouldn't be here. So it all comes back to them. And yes you are right, RZA's (the abbot/leader) plan was to spam the industry with Wu-Affiliates so that stops the bullshit from becoming mainstream and lets you have a section of it for serious lyricism. In other words, spread big and become a person of high status due to influence around the hip-hop/rap scene. Like a monopoly, with a roster of rappers
    I don't know how people can hate on the Wu Tang. In my opinion you can't really call yourself a musician if you don't have a big appreciation for every genre. I listen to country, rap, blue grass, pop, Country tons of foreign music. I lived in Korea, so I really started feelin' that K-pop. Every genre has something cool about it. And yeah, I like some groups within the genre more than others but I can't say that I hate any genre of music as a whole. I also don't get people on this site that just blast into a forum or a new article bringing nothing but negativity with them. You guys bum me out!