LL Cool J on Van Halen: 'I Wanted to Work With the Best'

The rapper explains his reasons for hiring Eddie Van Halen for his new rap album, and it turns out he's been a big fan for a long time.

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LL Cool J has revealed why he hired Eddie Van Halen to work on his new rap album "Authentic".

Van Halen's contribution to Cool J's album was revealed last week when an image of the pair in the studio was posted online. A leak of the song "We're The Greatest" was posted soon after, which you can hear in the player below.

Speaking to CBS Local (via Blabbermouth), LL Cool J said: "I just really wanted to work with the best, work with people that I respect, people that I look up to, people that impress me, people that I believe are truly super talented. I feel like Eddie falls in that category."

He added: "I am in no way trying to put myself on the level of Van Halen or say that ... I don't want Van Halen fans to get the wrong impression like I don't respect their legacy or who they are. I do. I just wanted to do something with Eddie that I think is cool. And I think we accomplished something great. I hope they dig it."

Other rock stars to appear on the album include Rage Against The Machine's Tom Morello and Blink-182's Travis Barker.

Stream "We're The Greatest" by Eddie Van Halen and LL Cool J here:

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    ll Cool J is old school and always brings nothing but the best. it's probably the only rap album I actually look forward to hearing.
    Sounds pretty cool so far. Sounds classic but not outdated. Neither LL or Eddie are trying to sound modern or abandon their roots, both still hold onto their distinct sound, but don't come off as cheesy or dated. Eddie's riffs are heavy and rhythmic and full of screechy improv, and LL's delivery is still heavy-handed and deliberate and emphatic and clever. I mean that was just one leak of a clip and it's not the best thing I ever heard but it's cool when legends collaborate and manage to come up with something greater than the sum of its parts.
    I dont know about this mix. Not really Eddies style or place but he did rock it hard!
    Van LL Cool J Len This could of been done thirty years ago. It's fierce, grabs you by the next and screams "LISTEN!"