Los Lobos To Release 'Tin Can Trust'

The multi-platinum selling Los Lobos return with Tin Can Trust, a typically unique and brilliantly accomplished album.

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The multi-platinum selling Los Lobos return with Tin Can Trust, a typically unique and brilliantly accomplished album of Mexican-influenced rock, country and blues recorded in East L.A. during the spring of 2010.Featuring ten new original compositions and a track co-written with the Grateful Dead's Robert Hunter, Tin Can Trust sees Los Lobos at the top of their game, sounding revitalized and better than ever.

Los Lobos reached global fame with their 1987 smash hit La Bamba, a track that is still hugely popular today, and the band's fearless combination of genres led them to become known as one of the most experimental mainstream bands of the 80s.Over the course of their career they have shared the studio and stage with acts as varied as Dylan, Bobby Womack, Tom Waits, The Clash, Elvis Costello and U2, winning three Grammy awards along the way, including Best Instrumental Pop Performance for their evocative soundtrack to Robert Rodriguez's film Desperado.

The songs on Tin Can Trust were all recorded together by the full band in the studio, giving the album a cohesive, live feel and capturing the vibrant essence that has made Los Lobos so popular over the years.Most of the tracks were written by Louie Perez and David Hidalgo, but again, the shared input of the whole band resulted in a united sound that ties the album together; Yo Canto and Mujer Ingrata were written by Cesar Rosas, and All My Bridges Burning was co-written by Rosas and the Grateful Dead's Robert Hunter.Los Lobos go back a long way with the Grateful Dead, having appeared with them on stage, and Hunter and Rosas have written together before.The Dead's West L.A. Fadeaway is a band favourite, and after playing it live over time, the band felt it was the right time to put it down on tape.

Tin Can Trust shows Los Lobos doing what they do best, performing a solid set of well-structured numbers that take in a range of influences without ever losing sight of the band's essential identity rootsy, gutsy tunes are infused with a heavy dose of authentic Chicano flavour, and in keeping with both their musical and cultural heritage the album includes two new Spanish language songs, Yo Canto (a Columbian cumbia tune), and Mujer Ingrata (a traditionally Mexican norteo).

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