Lostprophets Talk About New Album

Lostprophets are currently recording the follow-up to 2006's 'Liberation Transmission,' in Los Angeles.

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Lostprophets are currently recording the follow-up to 2006's 'Liberation Transmission,' in Los Angeles.

The band are recording new record alongside Goldfinger member John Feldmann, who has also produced material with Good Charlotte and The Used.

Speaking about the band's new album- which is pencilled in for release in the Spring of next year - frontman Ian Watkins described the sound as darker, quirkier, generally more apocalyptic" than 'Liberation Transmission.'

Although the band recently previewed some of the album sessions when they headlined The Full Ponty Festival, Watkins has admitted that the songs are already evolving.

He said: We are raising the bar during these recordings and stuff we thought would make it through has already been surpassed by newer stuff."

Meanwhile, Lostprophets will take a break from recording their new album to play a series of UK festivals over the coming months - starting at T in the Park, in Scotland this weekend (July 7th).

Lostprophets will play the following dates:

07/06 - Glasgow, Garage 07/07 - Scotland, T in the Park 08/22 - London, Astoria - August 08/24 - Carling Weekend: Leeds Festival 08/26 - Carling Weekend: Reading Festival

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    Yeah, Start Something was kick ass, but then they went softer. Hopefylly they'll come back with a nice album like Start Something.
    agreed... the songs they've been playing lately have been way more fake sound of progress-ish though
    Aidy Damage
    I hope they go back to how they sounded on Fake Sounds of Progress... that was a good record. The rest, however, are dross.
    I love FSOP and start something is ok. They have said they are going back to their "old school" sound. Hopefully its true...
    I heard one of these new tracks ('Atrocity') when I saw them and I can assure you it's heavier and faster than even the stuff on Fakesoundofprogress. Think We Are Godzilla, You Are Japan but way more hardcore. All the new stuff was just to build themselves up I think and get more recognised.
    yeah i can c dis album satisfyin all da FSOP n SS fans, but they said only some of da songs they played live will make it to da album soooo i reakon Next stop Atrocity n DEfinatly the DEAD will make it on da album but not 2 sure bout weapon... cant wait for it