Loudness: 'King Of Pain' Artwork Revealed

artist: Loudness date: 05/10/2010 category: upcoming releases

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Loudness: 'King Of Pain' Artwork Revealed
Japanese metal veterans Loudness will release a new album, "King Of Pain", in Japan on May 19 via Tokuma Japan Communications. The CD will include a 32-page booklet, a Loudness original pick, and application card (valid only in Japan). "King Of Pain" track listing: 01. Requiem 02. The King Of Pain 03. Power Of Death 04. Death Machine 05. Doodlebug 06. Rule The World 07. Straight Out Of Our Soul 08. Where Am I Going? 09. Emma 10. Naraka 11. Doctor From Hell 12. Hell Fire 13. #666 14. Never Comes Check out the cover artwork here. Loudness has scheduled the following European tour dates: 07/16,17 - Bang Your Head!!! - Balingen, Germany 07/18 - Zwarte Cross - Lichtenvoorde, Netherlands 07/19 - Dynamo Club - Eindhoven, Netherlands 07/20 - Knust - Hamburg, Germany 07/22 - On Stage Club - Athens, Greece 07/23 - Matrix - Bochum, Germany 07/24 - Colos-Saal - Aschaffenburg, Germany Read more at Blabbermouth.net.
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