'Lullaby Versions of Slipknot' Album Announced

Metal giants to get lullaby treatment.

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star have announced a new CD of "Lullaby Versions" of metal songs. This time, the company is taking on the music of Slipknot.

The creative group has also released a mission statement regarding their transformation of rock and metal staples into lullabies:

"We feel our lullaby line fills a vacant musical niche. There are other lines of pop music lullabies but we decided to take the approach of being high end musically rather than simply doing these as a novelty. After all, just because the music is for a baby it doesnt have to sound unsophisticated. We feel we owe it to the artists that we are covering to do their music justice and our standard of quality transcends the lullaby genre. In fact, in addition to soothing babies our fans use our music for yoga, massage and sleep therapy or just general relaxation. We like to call them 'lullabies for all ages' and the diversity of use is testament to that."

The tracklisting to the CD, which will be released on July 2nd, is as follows:

01. Wait And Bleed 02. Psychosocial 03. Before I Forget 04. Dead Memories 05. Duality 06. Left Behind 07. Pulse Of The Maggots 08. Snuff 09. Spit It Out 10. Sulfur 11. (Sic) 12. Vermillion, Pt. 2

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The other similar creative group, Rockabye Baby, has recently announced the release of lullaby renditions of the White Stripes.

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    Where's People=Shit?
    I suppose these guys are not magicians, 'cause turn People = Shit into lullaby requires kind of magic.
    A minute and a half in and I can't really hear the slipknot. is that just me? Although, I find it kind of funny. might have to buy this just because of that.
    I can't hear Before I forget at all, no matter how hard I try. I thought I could hear wait and bleed at the start before I read the video title.
    UG's version starts from 0:19 The first three high notes on the (xylophone like) instrument are corey singing "Stapled shut"
    link no1
    All I hear is the vocal melody but nothing else. Is that what they are aiming for? I dunno, I don't expect a note for note cover with every instrument but if you take away the vocal part then it's not 'Before I Forget' at all.
    Just had a baby and we have her fall asleep to a combinantion of these lullabies by the Beatles, Smashing Pumpkins, AC/DC etc. It's pretty awesome because I can sing along as well!
    Good for you. Now everytime Billy Corgan asks "What moonsongs do you sing your babies?" in "Luna", you can reply to him by saying "only the awesome ones".
    Surprising that they didn't use the "solo" section as it's got a lot of melody that might suit this type of arrangement.
    This is a pretty neat idea. I don't know the original songs well enough to compare them, but the reworking of the song at least sounds tastefully done.
    This is awesome just goes to show you how good their music is, even when it is slowed down and played in this style. All the songs are there. They just aren't at their respected tempos. All of these seem to be slowed down quite a bit, but they should be to make the whole lullaby concept make any sense.
    Is it just me or do they have a few of the notes/intervals in the chorus melody wrong? I mean, I'm pretty sure the last but one note of each line in the chorus (excluding 'before I forget it!') is lower than the last note, for example. Then again, I haven't heard that song in a while...
    I predict a trend for these stuff. I can imagine Alice in Chains having this kind of stuff, but I can imagine it sounds a lot creepy with all those harmonies.