Madonna Confirms Work on New Album

The singer wants to collaborate with Drake on the record.

Ultimate Guitar

Madonna has confirmed she has started work her next album, in an interview with the Canadian Press (via NME).

The iconic singer was opening her latest Hard Candy gym in Toronto when she made the comments about the record, which follows 2012's "MDNA" LP. It was Madonna's first visit to Toronto since she was supposedly banned from the city in 1990, after defying police orders not to simulate sex during her "Blonde Ambition" tour.

"Yes, plans are in the works already," she said, continuing "Don't ask me with who - it's a secret. Top secret." The interviewer then asked Madonna if she had any plans to collaborate with Toronto rapper Drake, to which she quickly responded: "If he'll have me."

It was announced on Thursday that the singer is launching a skin care range, called MDNA Skin. The brand features a facial serum, skin rejuvenator and a clay mask. It first goes on sale at a pop-up shop in Tokyo next week, before it's launched worldwide on February 23.

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    Why is this on UG? It doesn't seem to belong or be overly guitar music related and I generally could give less than one half a **** about Madonna or her skin care line
    "Music news" not "strictly guitar music news that aaroncaper likes"
    i pointed it out on the basis that this is a guitar oriented website and made no mention of what my personal taste of music/news was.
    it's only "guitar oriented" because it's a guitar tab website. the news isn't necessarily guitar based, if it was all we would get is dave mustaine, metallica, and courtney love news articles. also grohl.
    I actually completely agree. I know people say "oh it's a music news site, not guitar news site". But maybe they should change their name from "Ultimate GUITAR". Make it "Ultimate Music" and have a section filled with guitar/bass/drum tabs, as they do.
    People take the name too seriously. It's just a name. Guitars are associated with music and Ultimate Guitar is a music site. That's all there seems to be to it. I don't think the title was ever meant to convey "We cover guitar music and absolutely nothing else!"
    This site started off way back in the day as purely a guitar tabs site. So yes, the name of the site is to be taken "seriously". It's literally like having a site called "Ultimate Honda" and have news about mountain bikes.
    Woah ok wasnt expecting to see her on UG at all. On the other side, for 50 she still looking good... when she isnt trying to Gaga herself up
    Remain Wise
    Pathetic she has to latch onto some current pop star in a vain attempt to stay relevant herself
    Jacques Nel
    Can't believe she's still trying to do this again considering the amount of surgeries holding her body together. She's going to perform one wrong move one night and fall apart.
    I know UG is not just about guitar-based music, but is there really someone on this site who gives a f**k about this?