Magica Signs With AFM Records

artist: Magica date: 08/06/2007 category: new releases
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Romanian female-fronted symphonic metal band Magica has inked a deal with AFM Records. The group's third album, "Hereafter", is scheduled for release on October 19. The cover artwork was created by Jean Pascal Fournier, who has previously worked with Edguy and Avantasia, among many others. A video for the song "All Waters Have the Colour of Drowning", which will be included on the forthcoming CD. Magica's second album, "Lightseeker", was released in 2004 via Underclass Music. Magica is: Ana Mladinovici - Vocals Bogdan Costea - Guitar Emi Burcea - Guitar Vali Zechiu - Bass Cristi Birla - Drums 6 Fingers - Keys Thanks for the info to
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