Mark Tremonti Plans Unusual Release For Solo Album

artist: Mark Tremonti date: 01/26/2012 category: upcoming releases

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Mark Tremonti Plans Unusual Release For Solo Album
Creed and Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti will release his debut solo album, "All I Was", in the spring. The album features Tremonti an accomplished shredder, especially after hitting the woodshed with Rusty Cooley on lead vocals as well as guitar, while Eric Friedman provides backing vocals, bass and guitar. Garret Whitlock handles the drums. Tremonti has finished tracking the majority of his guitar parts, and mixing will begin in February. Tremonti recently told The Pulse Of Radio the album would likely have a unique distribution model. "We're trying to do it different," Tremonti said. "We're trying to every month put out two songs with, you know, your ringtones, your T-shirts, with I'm gonna do instructional DVDs and the other guys will do instructional stuff, tutorials on how to play the songs and whatnot. After six months we'll release the whole album, and if everybody downloads the songs along the way, they'll get a signed copy of the whole record. We'll do everything we can to make it appealing to people." Thanks for the report to Peter Hodgson,
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