Mark Tremonti: Solo Album Details Revealed

artist: Mark Tremonti date: 04/27/2012 category: new releases
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Mark Tremonti: Solo Album Details Revealed
Alter Bridge/Creed axesmith/songwriter, Mark Tremonti, is gearing up for his first-ever solo project this summer. All I Was is scheduled for release on July 10th via Fret 12 Records, a company Mark started with Daniel Tremonti and Tom Stanley. Mark's solo effort, being released under the name Tremonti, showcases his acclaimed guitar playing and incomparable songwriting. The release also marks his debut on lead vocals. Tremonti features Eric Friedman on rhythm guitar and Garrett Whitlock on drums. Mark's Alter Bridge/Creed bandmate, Brian Marshall, will be stepping in for the bass duties when Tremonti takes to the road later this year. Long time friend and collaborator Michael "Elvis" Baskette, known for his work with Alter Bridge, Chevelle and Trivium, produced the album. From the first riffs of album opener "Leave It Alone" to the final notes of the closer "Decay," it is apparent that Mark's playing and songwriting are at a new level. The metal music influences he grew up on ring throughout the album on songs like "So You're Afraid," "Wish You Well" and "Giving Up." Mark finds his voice; literally, stepping up to the microphone for the first time in his career as a lead vocalist. The depth of his voice carries the melodies on songs like "New Way Out" and "Proof." The first single, "You Waste Your Time," will be unleashed at Active Rock radio over the next few weeks and will continue the success at the format that Mark has achieved with both of his other projects. The track listing for All I Was is: 01. Leave It Alone 02. So You'e Afraid 03. Wish You Well 04. Brains 05. The Things I've Seen 06. You Waste Your Time 07. New Way Out 08. Giving Up 09. Proof 10. All I Was 11. Doesn't Matter 12. Decay
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