Mastodon Album Update: 'All Songs Are Very Death-Oriented'

Brann Dailor also describes "Once More Round the Sun" as "awesome summertime fun-time record."

Ultimate Guitar

Speaking with Village Voice, Mastodon drummer Brann Dailor has revealed that he considers the band's upcoming album "Once More Round the Sun" as an "awesome summertime fun-time record" even though "all the song titles are very death-oriented:"

"Not that it couldn't be enjoyed in the winter. But I remember records coming out in the summertime and it's on at every party you go to - we had that mindset when we were putting it all together and deciding which songs were going to sit this one out."

Dailor notes that while the band have had "a discussion of maybe coming up with a winter EP to put out that would be more of a 'snuggle up next to the fire. A little quieter. And to announce that, so no one is expecting to get their head bashed in," the latest record, while "super dark and super creepy and heavy and beautiful at the same time," is also "up-tempo:"

"For some reason I picture heshers in their cars, they pop the CD in, and from start to finish, they can blast it. Or at a party in the woods and drink beers and have fun as a 14-year-old human, not a care in the world."

"Once More Round the Sun" will be released next month via Warner/Reprise.

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    Heard it last night:
    A LOT of Chimes at Midnight sounds like they just glued parts of their previous songs together. High Road reminded me of The Bit too. I mean come on, the riff from the pre-chorus sounds like it's straight from The Ruiner.
    Is it just me or is their stage presence... umm... not present?
    Have seen them twice now - they don't seem to move around a whole lot, just play their guitars like fiends....
    When I saw them they weren't really into it either. More of a studio band than a live one.
    so, have anybody here heard "Chimes at Midnight"? I didn't like High Road but damn, CAM is epic.