Mastodon Album Update: 'We Want It to Be Present at Every 15-Year-Old's Party in the Woods'

Drummer Brann Dailor also explains how "radio is pretty much dead."

Ultimate Guitar

Mastodon drummer Brann Dailor recently discussed the band's upcoming album "Once More Round the Sun," dubbing it a "mover and a shaker" appropriate for summer release.

Chatting with Metal Insider, Brann pointed out that the effort won't be a concept album, explaining how Mastodon became almost predictable as "that band that does crazy concept albums and 15-minute-long songs."

Focusing on the record's vibe, the drummer added, "Since this record is coming out in the summer, it's a mover and shaker. We want it to be present at every 15-year-old's party in the woods. Like when I used to go to a party in the woods, whatever just came out in the summer was the soundtrack for it, and it was some of the best time of our lives. You know what I mean?"

Still not writing off the idea of releasing a winter EP with some of the darker material that won't make it on the new record, Dailor switched to the matter of radio, calling it "pretty much dead" these days.

"Radio is dead pretty much. I mean it's not dead, it's just not like it used to be," he said. "It used to be, if a band had a Top 5 radio hit they were a huge band. You could count on that, it would equal that. The same with MTV if they had a video that got big on MTV then the band became huge. Those were sure things and that doesn't exist anymore. You have bands that are top five in the radio and they can't sell any tickets."

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    Radio isn't dead if you are pop bubble gum bulls**t. I don't know how it is in other towns, but Baltimore has 1 rock station. All it plays is a continuous loop of Zeppelin, Ozzy and AC/DC. Newer bands do not stand a chance.
    Same thing in Cincinnati. We have 1 rock station that not only plays a cycle of AC/DC, Metallica, Zep, and Ozzy; but they play the worst songs by those bands. Over an over again. At least dive into their lesser known songs so listeners can experience their catalog. Nope, instead we get to hear Back In Black 45 times today
    yeah that was the Bear, and pretty much every station in Ottawa (except they are all pop now)
    I disagree. I would say around 5% of the Pop industries big radio stars at the moment have any staying power.
    My point is that every radio station is converting to pop/rap, not that they have staying power
    Well I don't know what it's like where you're from, but here in Ottawa (and back home in Windsor - both in Ontario) are loaded with pop hits from then and now. The stations meant for store workers and people who just need music on is filled with "catchy" trendy modern pop and soft rock whereas theres about 1 or 2 "Classic rock" stations that loop the same stuff and the rest is scene-hip hop and alike that seems to never die. Thats the radio
    Shame, considering the amount of truly great metal that's come out of Ontario. Woods of Ypres and related, Gates of Winter, etc.
    yeah dude, they killed any half decent radio station in Ottawa. Bear just went down, Chez is probably next.
    although, Ill admit to not liking the Bear either cause they played the same bullshit over and over and over
    heh make that 1 after they killed the Bear. It was the definitely better of 2 as-well :/
    I was quite sad when I switched to that station and found out it was gone. :/
    That's a whole lot better than the "rock" stations that play the top-25 on loop. If I hear Imagine Dragons or Seether or Pretty Reckless one more time I'll snap.
    Sad isn't it? i think every city in America has one or two classic rock stations which is fine and all but i do want to hear something new occasionally. I think Clear Channel owns most of those stations and they suck bollocks.
    In Sacramento, we have 1 rock station that plays "active rock" ie. Puddle of Mud, Five Finger Death Punch, A7X. Shit sucks.
    the UK doesn't really have rock radio
    Planet Rock on digital channels. It's pretty good. Classics and newer material. Good station.
    Radio 1 has the rock show and the punk show. Both of which play great music. It's a shame they aren't on as often.
    Radio has been dead since the mid 90s
    These kind of statements scare me a little. I hope they don't go down the Curl of the Burl road more.
    Same. I was really hyped for this release but all this talk of "party music", "happy riffs" and "keeping it simple" is abit worrying. The hunter was cool but probably not their strongest effort but who knows. Can't judge anything before hearing it.
    Part of me wishes they didn't release CTS so people couldn't keep saying bullshit like this about The Hunter.
    Majin Gaara
    It's because releasing something like The Hunter after CTS is such a change because CTS is so perfect and The Hunter is so... well It's not bad.
    I liked the Hunter, it was a nice contrast from CTS and it does contain some of my favourite Mastodon songs. With that said it wasn't their best album. There were a couple of mediocre tracks on there and in general the lack of heaviness was kind of disappointing. I think a big part of what makes Mastodon's unique sound is how they transition from eerie slightly distorted arpeggios to bone crushing monster riffs. It is remarkable how they've evolved their sound over the years but remembering what makes them stand out is also very important. PS: I actually thought Leviathan was their best release but only by a very small margin to CTS.
    If they didn't then we'd be even more critical towards The Hunter. Crack The Skye kind of bridged the gap between Blood Mountain and The Hunter, if we went from the heavy Blood Mountain straight to the lighter The Hunter, fans would be either confused or disappointed. The Hunter wasn't bad, it just wasn't that great.
    Yea I thought The Hunter was decent, but it didn't stick with me the way their previous albums did. It didn't have that epic quality that the other albums had.
    you obviously don't know Brann Dailor well, he's starcastic at his highest point. He always do that.
    I have a feeling they are trolling a bit with that statement about being light party music. It wouldn't be the first time they shittalk their own album before release.
    I'm 20 and never been to a party
    I'm not surprised
    Who the hell wants Godzilla at their party? Big ass mutha fuggin dinosaur ass bitch. Tiny ass arms spilling all the refreshments when you trying to pour the juice. Clumsy ass tail always knocking over the bowl of chips. Don't touch my Fritos nigga! Then offering to light up the blunt with that fire breath and then burnin' the whole damn thing and wastin' all that dank weed. Matthew Broderick whooped yo ass in dat movie too, ya bitch.
    That sucks man. I'm 25 and only been to like 2 or 3. And they were pretty tame.
    Of course radio is dead, and so is MTV. MTV started its sharp decline when it started to not be about music anymore and just rubbish and pregnant 12 year olds. And radio had a big problem the moment the internet came around and you could create playlists of your liking, without trading tapes and doing some weird mixtapes by yourself. Funny thing is that radio is still way more relevant then music television. The times when thriller was on and everybody just went completely nuts over it just aren't anymore. Which, as always, has good and bad sides to it
    I admit that back in 1983 i was glued to Mtv and could not wait until a World Premier Video would come on. The video's actually were corny most of the time but for the early/mid 80's it was cool.
    Well here in Italy there are zero metal radios so yeah **** it.
    In Washington State, we have an excellent station (KISW). Really awesome talk shows (The Mens Room, it's awesome) and they play good tunes. It's the only station I listen to. CD's any other time.
    As a fan of bands like Kyuss and Sleep, there's nothing wrong with a heavy groove. Cool to see a band that truly wants to evolve their sound, as displayed back with The Hunter.