Mastodon Drummer 'Trying to Recreate Phil Collins Drum Sound' on New Album

artist: Mastodon date: 04/21/2014 category: new releases

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Mastodon Drummer 'Trying to Recreate Phil Collins Drum Sound' on New Album
Mastodon drummer Brann Dailor recently talked drums on the band's upcoming album "Once More Round the Sun," sharing somewhat of an unexpected drumming role model - Phil Collins.

"As far as drum lines go, I'm carrying on from where I was on the last record and trying to recreate the Phil Collins drum sound," Brann told Decibel magazine. "As funny as that might seem to a lot of people, he's one of my favorite drummers, and has always possessed one of the most incredible drum sounds.

"So, I try to get that really Brody tom sound, take the bottom heads off '70s-style," he continued (via PRP). "I just think it makes the tom sounds real cool and no one, especially with heavy metal ... I don't know, the drums don't sound interesting to me in modern heavy music, so I look to the past to find something that's cooler and gives it a little more character."

Mastodon have recently premiered new song "High Road," available for streaming below. The band is set to kick off their three-month North American tour on April 28 in Seattle, Washington. The record itself is set for a June release via Warner Bros.

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