Mastodon Frontman Talks New Album: 'We're Doing This for Ourselves and by Ourselves'

artist: Mastodon date: 05/10/2013 category: new releases
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Mastodon Frontman Talks New Album: 'We're Doing This for Ourselves and by Ourselves'
Atlanta-based metallers Mastodon are getting their groove on for the upcoming, still-unnamed new record, tentatively due in early 2014. At the moment, the group seems to be tighter that ever and ready to deliver. Bassist/singer Troy Sanders has decided to reveal some of the new info regarding "The Hunter" follow-up, and judging by his words, the band is practicing every single day and obsessively soaking up every new demo recording. When asked by Artist Direct on whether the new material continues in the same direction as the band's previous effort, Sanders replied: "To a degree, I'm going to say it's picking up where we left off. It's kind of an open game or a clean slate. "Every single day I go to band practice, I feel like I'm going to a chef's table for a food tasting because there's an element of the unknown. I'm fascinated with that. Either Chef Brent or Chef Bill will present a tasty riff dish of the day and we all lock in and go for it. Nothing that is out of the box will be turned away. "We're doing this for ourselves and by ourselves. We're creating delicious sandwiches every day at band practice. [laughs]" Afrer wrapping up the kitchen talk, the singer switched to more specific recording details regarding the group's working routine. "Per usual, in the writing process, I'm completely absorbed in Mastodon material. I'm a late bloomer, and it takes me a while to grasp a lot of things in life, and Mastodon material is one of them," the frontman said. "I'll listen to a demo of a particular song over and over until I can possibly find an interesting vocal melody line or lyrics that'll fit a certain part. I immerse myself one-hundred percent in our riff writing. I'm also enjoying my home time as we're about to leave for the entire summer. I'm trying to find a healthy balance of home and tour life. "We've got the skeletons of enough songs for an entire album. We're thinking of vocal ideas and putting together as much rough demos as we can before we go overseas so we can listen to everything over the summer. Then, when we return from the tour, we'll know what we want to keep, delete, and add." The band has recently reported being "very busy" with the new release, so things really seem to be cooking up well in the Mastodon kitchen. The groups previous release, "The Hunter", saw its release back in September 2011 via Reprise/Roadrunner Records. With just over 75,000 copies shipped in the US, it debuted at No. 10 on the Billboard 200 chart.
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