Mastodon Have 30 Tracks Ready for the New Album

Guitarist Bill Kelliher gives the new album update, revealing a tentative spring release date.

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New Mastodon record seems to be shaping up rather well, as axeman Bill Kelliher recently gave a new update concerning "The Hunter" follow-up, hinting at a tentative spring release.

During a chat with the Examiner, Kelliher confirmed that the metal four-piece has over 25 new tracks ready to record.

"Before we left for the European tour, we got into a studio with a producer," the guitarist kicked off. "We started just putting ideas down on tape, so to speak. We have about 25 to 30 songs that are ready for the new record. We're obviously not gonna use all 30 of them, but we're in a much better place than we've ever been as far as being prepared during pre-production for an album."

The axeman then focused on the release date, saying, "We'd like to get the record finished by the end of the year and have it out as soon as Christmas and all the holidays are over with - maybe, like, March or April, it would be great to have the new record out and then do a brand new tour on some new music."

According to the previous reports, the band is looking to hit the studio in September, making the spring release quite realistic.

"We'll probably record in September, maybe, I'm guessing," drummer Brann Dailor said during a Forta Rock interview. "But nothing is set in stone at the moment. We're pretty close, as far as our demos are concerned, we're getting there."

As the sixth Mastodon studio release, "The Hunter" saw its release in September 2011 via Reprise/Roadrunner Records. After scoring a No. 10 debut on the Billboard 200 chart, it went on to sell over 75,000 copies in the US.

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    Would it break the bank to get them a microphone each or something?
    Yeah seriously this interview is ruined by the sound quality. Tip to anyone who hasn't clicked the video - don't bother, UG has summarised the most important points into the article. Other than that bit about beards I guess...
    Amped to see what direction they go in, last 2 albums both surprised me on the first listen. Should be good, these guys have always been consistent
    Why not do a double album?
    Because usually, when in pre-production, half the songs you write aren't album quality. Then again, it's Mastodon, so we'll see!
    Yeah with a band like Mastodon you can be sure that even more than half of the songs aren't album material.
    didn't that blood and thunder riff win best metal riff of all time or something? I laughed so hard at that, I almost sh*t my pants
    Agreed. cool "riff". but for me, no doubt crazy train intro is way better
    I sometimes think this is like a Twilight Zone episode and that you guys are all absolutely retarded and should step in front of trains
    Glad I finally got to see them live the other week, one of the best bands around today easily.
    Double album anyone? They tend to go for concept albums, well a double album would allow them to write their greatest epic yet.
    They said awhile ago that The Hunter was made to get away from concept albums. Although, I'd love if they'd make the Air concept, going along with the elements theme of the first four albums. Remission: Fire, Leviathan: Water, Blood Mountain: Earth, Crack the Skye: Aether, ???: Air.
    I just hope it wont be as overproduced as the hunter. Tho it still was a great album imo, so really looking forward to this.
    How do you figure it was over-produced in your opinion?
    It was way to over compressed, and they instrumentation layering was all wrong, and somehow this is Rick Rubins trademark style? I for one would never let that guy near a studio again if it was up to me.
    So true, I'm glad I saw them live because all their songs sounded loads better than on the album.
    Agreed... the Avenged Sevenfold guy devolved their sound after Brendan O'Brien perfected it.
    To be fair, it was Mike Elizondo's second rock/metal record. He usually produces hip-hop. Andy Wallace mixed "Nightmare" so it looks like "The Hunter" was Elizondo's first time mixing a rock/metal album. Personally, I don't think it sounds bad, and bad mixes can really kill an album for me.
    I'm really looking forward to this. I wonder what sound they're going with on this one. Are they going to stick with the prog rock style of The Hunter, or go back to their proggy metal stuff like on Crack the Skye and Leviathan? Maybe a new direction altogether? They do seem to change sound and style somewhat from album to album, so I'm excited to see what they have in store for us this time around. Whatever it is, I'm sure it's gonna be awesome!
    Brent said in an interview a while ago it's pretty eerie and Radiohead-ish so I think we can expect some Crack The Skye meets Remission stuff.
    That would be awesome. I always thought this is one of the few bands whose name really reflects the sound. When I listen the sound is just... just....just huge? Mammouth? Gigantic? What's the word I'm looking for?
    I swear I would be best friends with these guys. Can't wait to see them at Mayhem!
    Hopefully it's good. I find it really hard to say you didn't like The Hunter without a bunch of people jumping down your throat. Excuses I've heard: it's too heavy for me, it's not heavy enough for me, it's too poppy, it's too rocky, it's not rock enough, it's not trippy enough, the songs aren't long enough. No. I just didn't like it. Sure, I don't like the style they're playing now, but if I wanted to hate them for changing their style, the time to do it would have been after Lifesblood, not now. I just hope the next album has some really layered songwriting. For a band like Mastodon, hooks, and shiny production aren't why I'm listening, and I don't think they do that side particularly well or 'better' than they could be doing.
    ^ Same here man. I was so disappointed with The Hunter, after Crack the Skye it just seemed like a regression. I'm hoping the new album is a return to form. And if not, the supposed Radiohead influence might still keep me happy
    In all fairness, it would be pretty damn hard to top an album like Crack The Skye. The Hunter was my least favorite of all of their albums, but I still think it's an awesome album.
    There soul purpose should be recording cause there a terrible live band!
    You've obviously never seen them live then. Yes, Brent is a shitty vocalist, but they nail everything else.
    Not so sure about that. I really wasn't into Mastodon at all until I saw live recordings of them. I hope to see them fully live one day.
    I understand where you're coming from and unfortunately sometimes you're right, but you would sound like crap too if the sound guy could never get enough of you into the monitors. you ever look behind them and see how many stacks they play through??? take notice of the number of monitors they have next time you watch, the better ones usually have A LOT more. i doubt that's a coincidence
    I wonder how many of those 25-30 tracks are going to make it onto the album. And if they're going to use any of the ones that didn't make it onto the album for their next album after this one.
    I never understood what everyone sees in these guys. I tried numerous times and even saw them live (boring)but I just could never get into mastodon.