Mastodon Issue Album Update, Tour Plans

Mastodon announced that they will be playing this year's UK Sonisphere Festival and informed fans that they are working on writing new music.

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Popular Atlanta prog metallers Mastodon recently announced that they will be playing this year's UK Sonisphere Festival and issued a brief update to fans, informing them that they are working on writing new music.

The band posted on their Facebook, page, saying: "Hello all, we are currently in the writing process for the next album. Lots of riffs have been collected!"

Mastodon's three most recent full-length releases have been concept albums, including 2004's critically acclaimed "Leviathan," which drew inspiration from Herman Melville's famous novel "Moby Dick." So far, no concept or theme has been revealed for the band's upcoming album, nor has a release date been set.

Their last full-length album, "Crack The Skye," was released in 2009 and the band has been touring heavily since then, including the Volcom Tour with Baroness, Between the Buried and Me and Valient Thorr and the BlackDiamondSkye Tour this past fall with Deftones and Alice in Chains. In addition, Mastodon recorded and released an EP for the film "Jonah Hex" last year.

Mastodon has begun to set their concert schedule for 2011, recently signing on to play this year's UK Sonisphere Festival. The 3-day festival will take place in Knebworth Park from July 8th - 10th and will feature appearances by The Big Four (Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax), Motrhead, In Flames, and more.

This will mark the second time Mastodon has toured with Metallica; they first joined forces at the end of the European leg of Metallica's 2009 World Magnetic Tour. It will also be their second time participating in the Sonisphere Festival after playing at the inaugural event in 2009.

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    So sick! This is one band that seems to get better with every release. I'm super pumped for the next album.
    They still need to make an air/wind themed album if they are to follow the five classical elements thing. Remission: Fire Leviathan: Water Blood Mountain: Earth Crack the Skye: Aether I can't wait to see what they come up with.
    theunforgivn wrote: Uhh.. i think that aether is air
    I understand citing Wikipedia isn't the most sound thing to do sometimes but check the article there on Aether. It's more like the "space" element. Mastodon have said themselves that Crack the Skye it the aether album. I hope they are working off the five element theme still but who knows, they might not do an air album.