Mastodon Looking to 'Go Deeper and More Personal' With New Album

The new record "won't be what you expect," says drummer Brann Dailor.

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As the new Mastodon studio effort is cooking up in the studio, US metallers remain predictable in their desire to keep things unpredictable.

During a recent chat with Nikki Blakk, drummer Brann Dailor discussed the upcoming record, stressing the importance of adding a personal note to each of the tunes.

"Doing 'Crack the Skye' and then doing 'The Hunter,' what we discovered about ourselves and our music is that it's better if we go deeper and more personal with the content and the subject matter than just keeping it superficial."

The stickman elaborated further, "So we've made extra close attention to make sure that the songs that we are doing and the lyrics we are writing come from this certain emotional well that's inside all of us and never to do anything superficial. Okie-dokie?"

Dailor also pointed out that the band will not get too self-indulgent, but the album definitely "won't be what you expect" either.

According to the previous reports, Mastodon are looking to hit the studio next month and hopefully have the record released by the spring of 2014.

The group's previous album, "The Hunter," saw its release back in September 2011 via Reprise Records as the fifth studio effort in Mastodon opus. After landing at No. 10 on the Billboard 200 chart, it ultimately went on to sell over 75,000 copies in the US.

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    Mastodon have always put a lot of work into their music, so even if it's something I don't expect from them, I bet it'll be an awesome record anyway!
    Wonder if it'll have that song that was going to be in Monster's University
    Not sure "the Hunter" can be topped. one of the greatest heavy albums ever written imho.
    It really was, honestly don't get the hate for that album.
    I think it's the irrational devotion towards Crack the Skye that clouds the quality of the other records.
    I ****ing love Crack The Skye but Remission and Leviathan still have most of my favorite tracks by them.
    i was kinda ate to the Mastodon party and was introduced to them by Crack the Skye, so thats what i think of when i think of their music. cant top that one if you ask me.
    So when will UG stop imagining that "stickman" is still a cool expression?
    Saw these guys at Msyhem. Blew me away, I was totally impressed and inspired. Great guys too!
    Idk, I found them underwhelming when they played at Bristow. Not really any interaction with the crowd and their set was a bit boring. CoB should have taken their spot on the main stage.
    Well they certainly didn't have a stage show like Zombie, but being into the music that Mastodon makes I was blown away by their musical performance. It was a little like a Soundgarden performance. Not a whole lot of energy but musically it's too good to ignore.
    Well seeing as Crack the Skye is a homage to his Branns' sister and The Hunter a homage to his brother, I'm curious exactly what they mean by "deeper" and "more personal". Could be interesting.
    each album is good in their own right.. in my opinion, Crack the Skye is probably one of the best albums that has been released in the past decade. The Hunter was a very solid follow up. after the last two, it kinda opened up a whole new spectrum for them, i'm very very interested where this next one takes them! it's Mastodon, I'll love it!
    I'm so glad they included Brann's "Okie-dokie" lol. Also, either Brann speaks like he's six years old, or UG writers have horrible grammar.
    "Deeper and more personal" takes so much longer to say than "more accessible, less complex, and more poppy" which is how they have been trending for the most part since Leviathan. Crack the Skye was almost a return to form, but my god "The Hunter" was wretched in the worst kind of Five Finger Death Punch way.
    Can't wait for this album, The Hunter is definitely my favorite of there albums