Mastodon: 'New Material Picks Up Where 'The Hunter' Left Off'

"The recording has begun!" says singer/bassist Troy Sanders.

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As Atlanta metal masters Mastodon have officially kicked off the recording process of their new album, singer/bassist Troy Sanders gave a brief update on how the sessions are going, confirming a natural progress from 2011's "The Hunter." Chatting with Artist Direct, Sanders enthusiastically kicked off, saying, "Brann Dailor started cutting his drums yesterday so I'm going up in a few days to join in and get prepared for my bass tracks. I'm also going to continue working on vocals, lyrics, etc. The recording has begun! It's a reality." Further sharing some good vibes, the singer added: "I don't think we'd go into the studio unless the four of us felt like we had a good amount of stuff to grill upon. It's good!" Asked on whether the new material is a continuation of "The Hunter," Troy explained: "I think, to a degree, it picks up where we left off. As always, nothing was really pre-determined and spoken of beforehand like, 'Okay guys, we need to write a lot of long epic songs and a lot of short sweet songs. We need to have a couple of slow ones.' Nothing like that was predetermined verbally amongst the four of us. "We go in there and we kind of pick up on whatever comes through Brent [Hinds] and Bill [Kelliher]'s fingers and their guitars and build and build. I guess it's going to be more of a continuation of where we left off with 'The Hunter.' Hopefully, it's just a collection of good Mastodon rock 'n' roll songs. That's where it's headed." During the rest of the chat, the bassist discussed Killer Be Killed supergroup project featuring Max Cavalera, Dillinger vocalist Greg Puciato, drummer Dave Elitch of Mars Volta and himself. "It's just four dudes and some simple, raw riffs that we enjoy playing," he said. "It was a lot of fun to write and record that record. It didn't take up a lot of time. We weren't beating our heads against the wall trying to write something difficult, prog-y, or mathematical. It was just laid-back and fun, which was very refreshing to do. For me personally, it was very therapeutic to go out to California, jam with these dudes, have some fun, and see what happens with it. Hopefully, people will like that too. The four of us do, and that's the most important thing." Meanwhile, Mastodon have premiered "Curl of the Burl" live performance clip off their "Live at Brixton" concert effort. Make sure to check it out over at Rolling Stone.

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    The Hunter was a great album, but personally I liked the prog rock style of Crack the Skye a bit more.
    I think The Hunter had it's prog moments. Octopus Has No Friends was totally prog.
    If they could pump out one more Blood Mountain/Crack the Skye, I'd be more excited than a pedophile on a playground. Other then that, good on'em, can't wait to hear how this one will sound, such a great band.
    Really looking forward to this. They haven't released anything that was even remotely "bad" to me. Also, fans of Mastodon should check out this band
    ****ing awesome, thanks so much for posting this!
    No prob. They only have 4 songs out at the moment though. But each of em are as good as that. And one (in my opinion) is better. You can find their stuff on their bandcamp. I'd put a link to it but UG isn't letting me put them because it keeps saying the captchas I get aren't correct when I know for a fact some of the ones I put WERE correct.
    Also felt like sharing this. This is all done by two people. The singer also does both lead and rhythm guitars and bass on this and he wrote the drum parts but had someone else come in and play em.
    Now, when I say this, don't take it as negative criticism because I find this to be quite awesome. But the music sounds like it could've been off of Crack the Skye and the vocals sound like Troy and Lemmy had a baby and it was those vocals. Once again, not a complaint. I will definitely be checking out more of these dudes. Sounds awesome.
    I'm pumped. Mastodon is one of my favorite bands and I would say they've never put out a "bad" album. Looking forward to the new material!
    Really excited for this album. Honestly though I don't care what it sounds like. These guys can do no musical wrong. They could put out an album of the four of them having explosive diarrhea for an hour and I bet most of us would buy it. Hell, I'd buy it twice.
    Didn't Brann say it was sounding like Crack the Skye like three months ago? Blood Mountain is the best btw
    I disagree, but I don't think you're Hitler. Blood Mountain is totally sweet, though.
    ^ Yeah I know people say blood mountain is their weakest album but it's my personal favorite since it's the album that got me into mastodon. I really am hoping this album has a closing track akin to their first 3 albums where it's just a moody instrumental. Pendulous Skin and Elephant Man are some of my favorite songs.
    Blood Mountain is my favorite too. Pendulous Skin and Elephant Man are great!
    I got into Mastodon on Crack the Skye. That being said Blood Mountain is by far one of their best. Personal favorites: Sleeping Giant and This Mortal Soil.
    I love Blood Mountain. It's not as good as the other songs, but I really love Colony of Birchmen because I'm such a Josh Homme fanboy.
    I think it was The Hunter that had really gotten me into Mastodon, though I had already owned Leviathan. Listening to Blood Mountain really did help me get even more interested in Mastodon. I think all of their albums are great and part of what makes them great is that they're all so different from each other. As far as their best? Tough to say, but my favorite's probably Blood Mountain.
    Great to hear. The Hunter was an amazing album, one that I can't get tired of. And the debate with The Hunter, Crack The Skye, etc...The great thing is you really can't go wrong.
    Bingo! One of the only bands going where you cannot go wrong!
    I enjoy all their albums, but I hope it will deviate from The Hunter a little more production-wise.
    Sper pumped, The Hunter was a great album, pretty much everything this band does is gold but I definitely wouldn't mind more of a Crack the Skye-esque record but hey whatever they release I'll buy it in a heartbeat
    It's hard to say you don't dig what Mastodon is doing currently without people assuming it's not heavy enough for you or something, so I'll just say I'd rather have a new Mastodon album that I like than one I don't. That's ambiguously positive enough for everyone to be happy. I do happen to think Lifesblood through to Leviathan is their best material for what they were going for, but I could see why they might be lost on people who got into the band through the last two albums.
    I really dig all their albums and cant knock anything about them but Crack the Skye is the shiznit, sorta like their Master of Puppets