Mastodon: 'New Material Picks Up Where 'The Hunter' Left Off'

artist: Mastodon date: 12/12/2013 category: new releases
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Mastodon: 'New Material Picks Up Where 'The Hunter' Left Off'
As Atlanta metal masters Mastodon have officially kicked off the recording process of their new album, singer/bassist Troy Sanders gave a brief update on how the sessions are going, confirming a natural progress from 2011's "The Hunter." Chatting with Artist Direct, Sanders enthusiastically kicked off, saying, "Brann Dailor started cutting his drums yesterday so I'm going up in a few days to join in and get prepared for my bass tracks. I'm also going to continue working on vocals, lyrics, etc. The recording has begun! It's a reality." Further sharing some good vibes, the singer added: "I don't think we'd go into the studio unless the four of us felt like we had a good amount of stuff to grill upon. It's good!" Asked on whether the new material is a continuation of "The Hunter," Troy explained: "I think, to a degree, it picks up where we left off. As always, nothing was really pre-determined and spoken of beforehand like, 'Okay guys, we need to write a lot of long epic songs and a lot of short sweet songs. We need to have a couple of slow ones.' Nothing like that was predetermined verbally amongst the four of us. "We go in there and we kind of pick up on whatever comes through Brent [Hinds] and Bill [Kelliher]'s fingers and their guitars and build and build. I guess it's going to be more of a continuation of where we left off with 'The Hunter.' Hopefully, it's just a collection of good Mastodon rock 'n' roll songs. That's where it's headed." During the rest of the chat, the bassist discussed Killer Be Killed supergroup project featuring Max Cavalera, Dillinger vocalist Greg Puciato, drummer Dave Elitch of Mars Volta and himself. "It's just four dudes and some simple, raw riffs that we enjoy playing," he said. "It was a lot of fun to write and record that record. It didn't take up a lot of time. We weren't beating our heads against the wall trying to write something difficult, prog-y, or mathematical. It was just laid-back and fun, which was very refreshing to do. For me personally, it was very therapeutic to go out to California, jam with these dudes, have some fun, and see what happens with it. Hopefully, people will like that too. The four of us do, and that's the most important thing." Meanwhile, Mastodon have premiered "Curl of the Burl" live performance clip off their "Live at Brixton" concert effort. Make sure to check it out over at Rolling Stone.
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