Mastodon Streaming New Song 'Chimes at Midnight'

Band also set to release new song for Adult Swim.

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Mastodon has released an audio visualiser video for new song "Chimes at Midnight." The track is the second taken from upcoming album "Once More 'Round the Sun," which is due to be released next month. Check the video below.

The band has also recently announced that they will be releasing a new song as part of Adult Swim's singles series. As PRP reports, the track, which will be released on September 8th, will feature a guest appearance from Gibby Haynes of Butthole Surfers. The track will be made available for free streaming/downloading from

The news comes after Mastodon posted a 16 second clip from the upcoming video for "High Road" on their official Facebook page. If the content of the clip, which features a slow motion shot of dancing goblins is anything to go by, it's going to be a pretty trippy video...

YouTube preview picture

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    You know, I think Mastodon could record themselves shitting into a bucket, and I'd still buy it. Not to say that this song is them shitting in a bucket; it ****ing rules \m/
    I guess if they'd record them selves shitting into a bucket it would be them shitting into a bucket on acid, which would probably lead to them making one of the best albums of the decade...
    Haha, that High Road video clip is epic. Anyway, I think Chimes at Midnight is great.
    I dig, but the verse reminds me of Spectrelight a but too much. Regardless, love the intro/outro
    Yeah same, I like the intro/outro, but there are too many Spectrelight similarities, especially the fast riff near the end.
    Awesome stuff. Preordered the album last night. Bring on the release date! (which I've completely forgotten!)
    Like it much more than High Road. Riffs are reminiscent of Blood Mountain, with the Hunter's vocals. Into/outro riff is awesome. Wish Brann would do some more over the top fills like he used to but that's a minor qualm.
    The pro tools-style recording is so incredibly obvious. Everything they've released Crack The Skye has that same cut-copy-paste sound. I just can't stand it. I used to love Mastodon.
    I love that intro. Sounds like Mastodon's take on Dark Tranquillity's "For Broken Words."
    Mastodon AND Gibby Haynes from the mother****ing Butthole Surfers!? Thats ****ing awesome! ...oh and the song was pretty good too. Actually liked it more than High Road. And I thought High Road was good.