Mastodon Tease New Song 'Chimes at Midnight'

artist: Mastodon date: 05/27/2014 category: new releases
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Mastodon Tease New Song 'Chimes at Midnight'
Mastodon have recently posted an official teaser of their new track "Chimes at Midnight" from upcoming studio record "Once More Round the Sun."

The 45-second sample features a slower, spacey intro taking the listener on a mellow journey prior to kicking out the jams for a rockin' session. Unfortunately, that's where the teaser ends.

Prior to "Chimes at Midnight," the band has premiered the album's lead single "High Road." The record itself is due out on June 24 via Reprise Records, you can pre-order it via iTunes here.

In related news, bassist Troy Sanders has recently announced that the group might release a follow-up to the upcoming LP as early as next year due to an abundance of fresh material. Back to the new song, make sure to give it a listen below.

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