Mastodon 'Very Busy' Recording New Album

The band say they've been "working our fingers to the bone" to write and record a new album to follow 2011's "The Hunter."

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Mastodon are writing and recording songs for a new album, to follow their 2011 record "The Hunter."

The band posted this update on their album progress (via Blabbermouth):

"For those of you who are interested, yes, we have been VERY busy writing and putting songs together for the next studio Mastodon album. We are down at our space hammering out riffs that can be friends and working our fingers to the bone to put out another great album."

So what will it sound like? Guitarist and frontman Brent Hinds hinted at their new sound in an interview with MTV Hive last year. "A lot of the stuff I'm writing is in open G-minor. I'm playing a lot of slide guitar and just getting really Jimmy Page-y on the place and getting really eerie and Radiohead-ish and very spooky-sounding," he said at the time.

He continued: "There's never really a shortage of music with Mastodon because all of us are working on something musically. I'm in good company. Just because they might [see me] stand in the middle of the stage or something, people might think this is the leader. He must conduct everything, but we're all the leaders. We spread the weight around."

Meanwhile, you can hear some new music from Mastodon in the new Pixar movie "Monsters University" which is a prequel to the much-loved animation "Monsters Inc." It'll be out in July, and you can hear the song in the film (go on, it's not just for kids!) or on UG the moment we find an online stream of the track.

What do you hope for from a new Mastodon record? Let us know in the comments.

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    Riffs. I hope for riffs....
    it's Mastodon I don't think there is a need to worry about it having riffs, they may not be toolesque riffs but they will be heavy all the same.
    Best ****ing band. Although I don't really think Brent is a 'frontman', he's just the most recognizable 'cos of the aul inky face!
    they are the Beatles of metal, since everyone sings except Bill.
    Bill does some of the screamy vocals live on tracks like, but not limited to, Blood and Thunder.
    Yeah actually hope Bill does some this time around, 'cos live his harsh vocals are by far the best!
    I saw Bill doing live vocals for "March of the Fire Ants" last year. Not bad at all.
    If it sounds anything like The Hunter, I'll be happy.
    If it sounds like any of their previous stuff I'll be happy, infact, I'll be even happier if they experiment with some new sounds
    I hope their new stuff sounds more like Blood Mountain or Crack the Skye. I really think they had something better going on before The Hunter. Not because it wasn't heavy or proggy enough but it just sounded like a compact version of Mastodon that I personally wasn't waiting for at all.
    Well I like The Hunter, but after listening to all their albums, I've become a bigger fan of Crack The Skye than the rest of them. There was just this awesome sound going on in that album. But would you really want another one?
    They have not made a bad album. Probably the most consistent metal band in the last 10 years or so.
    Eclectic Lizard
    So excited! I don't even care if it's not metal anymore
    It' not metal... It's pure art!
    And metal isn't?
    That's a perfect explanation for just about every genre of music. Too bad that in the future people will try to copy Mastodon and other, at this point in time, unique bands resulting in new cliches. I mean look at how fast Djent became a cliche due to the copying of Tesseract and Periphery.
    I'm definitely looking forward to this album. I really liked The Hunter and I'm definitely open to hearing them go in another new direction.
    I have trouble listening to a Mastodon album all the way through. No matter what album it is, I just stop early. And it's not ADD, I listen to 70+ minute albums all the time, even Mars Volta's 90+ version of Frances the Mute. That said, it's all great and I hope this next album takes it to the next level. I don't have a favorite album but I would hope this next one be some sort of compromise between the last three. Spacey like Crack the Skye, aggressive like Blood Mountain, and more vocally collaborative like The Hunter. I honestly want Brann to have more lead vocals, and Bill to have more vocals in general. I don't have any idea what the next album will sound like, but I hope they move in a direction that makes sense given their previous albums.
    Absolutely fantastic band. One of very few current metal bands I can give a shit about. Keep it up cos I will always listen.
    Great news! I also like the fact that Mastodon is one of the few bands these days that when this is said its not just pointless/teasing hype. They are actually in the studio right now and will get an album out ASAP, they don't mess around.
    I still only own Leviathan. I love listening to Mastodon, but they're not car ride music to me because they don't have an exceptional vocalist. I really wish they had that immediately recognizable voice. At the same time, I love what they do vocally by spreading it around. I just don't ever listen for the vocals. A real frontman would either destroy this band or take them to the next level. I would love it if they tried it out for an album, or at least did a few collaborations with some great vocalists.
    Brent, Troy, and Brann are all instantly recognizable vocalists. They could go do vocal tracks for another band and I would be able to pick each of their voices out. You just need to listen to the vocal tracks more.
    I think studio magic makes their sub-par voices sound pretty fitting on the albums. I can't stand watching live videos of them due to the vocals (I'm sure when you're actually at the concert it is so loud it doesn't matter), but on the albums, like I said, they sound fantastic. Though I must say The Hunter's vocals were a little synthetic and too layered to sound natural.
    agree with these guys. unfortunately Brent isnt so great live, but I absolutely forgive him. he puts his all into it, plays some fantastic guitar too and the other singers are awesome anyway. Have you noticed the drummer sing live? He absolutely nails it.
    Wicked innit. I listen to Remission every day. I find Blood Mountain very forgettable, but the rest of their albums are awesome. I have to say though, Brent is an awesome guitarist but a terrible singer, especially live. Troy's singing is awesome, he really bellows, and Bill has a cool guttural roar.
    Von II
    Nice to hear, I like them, but I wish it was Metallica in that headline and not Mastodon.
    I'd like some faster and more dynamic riffs, and less slow psychedilic stuff, but it's just me
    For all the hate that the hunter received, i think it was exactly the record they needed to make. They'd just finished a 2 year touring cycle playing Crack The Skye start to finish every set, let alone doing 2 concept records before that (remission isn't a concept record, just loosely represents fire). I think they needed to put out an album that was just short and fun to stop themselves from burning out. Plus, the Hunter is a grower, it probably is my least favorite of theirs, but it's definitely a great record. Keen to see where they go with this!