Mastodon Working On 'Radioheadish' Sounds On Next Album

Atlanta metalheads Mastodon have started writing their new record and plan to hit the studio in early 2013.

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Mastodon are coming off one of their more well-received albums with "The Hunter" and they're in the mood to keep things rolling. Singer-guitarist Brent Hinds reveals that writing is currently underway on their follow-up and there's potential that they'll begin recording just after the start of 2013.

Hinds tells, "We've never put out an album a year. That would be unlike us, so maybe we could tour for another year on 'The Hunter.' It's very possible." Mastodon is wrapping up a South American tour with the possibility that Hinds will follow with some West End Motel shows in support of their "Only Time Can Tell" disc. Once that is done, Hinds says there's a chance that a January Mastodon recording session could follow.

As for the Mastodon stuff he's been working on of late, he explains, "A lot of the stuff I'm writing is in open G-minor. I'm playing a lot of slide guitar and just getting really Jimmy Page-y on the place and getting really eerie and Radioheadish and very spooky sounding.

According to Loudwire, Hinds says he has three songs worth of material, but he adds, "It could be one gigantic one. I haven't made up my mind yet." Regardless of how far along he is, he's confident that the rest of his bandmates are also working toward the common goal of a new record. He concludes, "Those dudes are always working. There's never really a shortage of music with Mastodon because all of us are working on something musically. I'm in good company. Just because they might [see me] stand in the middle of the stage or something, people might think this is the leader. He must conduct everything, but we're all the leaders. We spread the weight around."

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    Hell yeah! I've been anticipating a new release even though the hunter was released a year ago
    With the brutallity of Remission and the technicity of Crack the Skye, they have nothing else to prove ! The Hunter was not bad, but it's not the stuff I was expecting from them.
    Do you mean technical skill? Because despite "Crack the Skye" being quite good, it's not really a technical album. Just look at some of their tabs on the site here. /shrug
    If it's Radiohead-ish, I hope it sounds more like OK Computer and less like King of Limbs.
    The Hunter was good, but it was certainly my least favorite LP by them. I wish "Radioheadish" meant eerie atmospheric stuff book-ending some crushing Leviathanesque riffs, but I'm assuming they're just never writing those again.
    I can't wait to hear this. "Blood Mountain" is still my favorite but they haven't let me down yet. I'm looking forward to seeing what they do next...
    Remission was best.
    Hell yeah, I listen to Remission every day, I can't get enough of it. It has that perfect blend of beautiful, haunting guitar licks and then heavy as **** crunching lows. I always picture it as a butterfly and an elephant dancing, and funnily enough, I watched a recent interview with Brent where he said he was a country guitarist who plays picky country song type licks and Bill is the heavy metal guy. Apparently he plays the light melodic stuff and then Bill tells him to drop the bomb, so that's why they have these peaks and valleys in their songs.
    Ya Brent even said in an interview once that his dad made him learn the banjo as his first instrument! You can definitely hear it in some of his solos.
    I'm very much looking forward to a new album! These guys are rock! And I'd like to thank UG for naming Hinds' project (west end motel), they're nothing like Mastodon but very well worth a listen!
    Good news, I wonder if the South American tour refers to the festivals they did this year of they are coming back in 2013
    I remember when Dave said thirteen was going sound queens of the stoneage-ish...didn't really hear it. Wish bands would stop comparing themselves to other bands that they sound nothing like. On another note, can't wait for the new album, really liked the hunter.
    I've officially given up all hope for the old Mastodon to return. It's cool they're trying something new, but I just wish they would've stuck with the heavy proggy stuff that made me fall in love with them.. But I'll check it out anyway of course
    You can always listen to that one record you enjoy for the rest of eternity... Seems like getting stuck on one thing is your kinda thing man
    If I might add my two cents on this topic, I agree with him. Sure, let them experiment, but they've taken it rather far, and into a lot of vocal stuff when none of them are particularly great singers. I'd love to hear them emphasize instrumentals again. Blood and Thunder is one of my favorite heavy metal songs, and Leviathan was great because it was such a proggy, heavy, trudgy album.
    It's not getting stuck on one thing. It's just not digging the things they're doing now, and being disappointed about it. I'd rather see one of my favorite bands put out an other record I can listen to for the rest of eternity, then seeing them release something that has none of the things that made me love them. I'm just sad we'll probably never have another great like Leviathan , blood mountain or crack the skye.
    I want to hear some Bill Kelliher singing on this one! Come on Bill we know you have it in you!
    As much as I love Radiohead I love Mastodon more, and I'd hate to see them change their style too much. Hopefully they still sound enough like Mastodon.
    I'm still waiting for this band to really click on me. This may help.
    if you haven't listened to their entire studio catalogue, i suggest doing so. about a bunch of times haha.
    Well, I gave The Hunter 2 or 3 tries, not really my thing...
    It took a little while (AKA 2 or 3 years haha) for this band to really click with me. If you like 70's prog rock like Genesis, Yes, etc. AND like metal like I do you might really dig these guys. For a long time I always thought they were "ok" but one day listening to them I was just like "Damn, these guys are f**king AMAZING!". The Hunter isn't a good one to start with. I'd definitely suggest "Blood Mountain" or "Leviathan" and really giving it a shot. They're not for everyone but in my opinion they're one of the best metal bands to come around in the last 15 years or so... and I'm REALLY picky when it comes to heavy music.
    I 100% agree with this man! but i'd say those 2 or crake the skye as an intro. crack the skye is good if your not wanting to go for a more 70's prog and less shouting.
    Thanks dudes. I'll listen to Leaviathan, then, since I'm not in the mood for shouting right now.
    If you're ever in the mood for some shouting from these guys listen to Remission or, even heavier yet, Call of the Mastodon.
    Why? If you don't like the sound then why should you listen to their entire discography, you will basically Stockholm Syndrome yourself into liking it instead of actually liking it. I always suggest listening to a bands best reviewed album a few times, and if you do not like that then don't listen (unless the band has a major change in sound, in which case try those albums out as well.) OT: Don't really care about Mastodon, if they release an album that sounds like Kid A I will be intrigued though.
    every mastodon album has a different sound, so your statement doesnt really carry much weight.
    Not really, I have 3 mastodon albums (Crack the Skye, Leviathan and Blood Mountain)and there are only subtle differences (Devin Townsend is an example of a guy who has a different sound on most of his albums), I would suggest Leviathan though if someone asked what their best album was.