Mastodon Writing Music For New 'Monsters Inc' Movie

Mastodon are reportedly writing music to be included in the sequel to "Monsters Inc."

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Mastodon are reportedly writing music to be included in the sequel to "Monsters Inc."

The US heavy metal band revealed that they will be writing one song for "Monsters University", due for release in Summer 2013, on their official Facebook page before quickly removing the update.

"Monsters University" is due to come out in June next year and will be a prequel, set 10 years before the original title. The film promises to investigate the relationship between Sulley (John Goodman) and Mike (Billy Crystal), and show viewers inside their life as they attend university.

Mastodon released their fifth studio album "The Hunter" in 2011. Speaking to NME about the album, the band said that they had consciously tried to make a simpler record, saying: "Ordinarily, we would spend a lot of time making life difficult for ourselves in the studio. But this time round, because there was so much stuff going on outside the band, it became difficult for us to pile on the pressure in the studio."

As we recently reported, band's singer-guitarist Brent Hinds revealed that Mastodon are working on "Radioheadish" sounds on next album.

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    mastodon continues to confuse the shit out of me. this is like that early spongebob episode with pantera
    Which one..? I don't recall Pantera in Spngebob.
    the "prehibernation week" episode. didnt see many episodes, but i remember that one
    Just for fun: The riff they played was an unused guitar track for 'Death Rattle'.
    This is nothing but amazing news. And hats off to Pixar as this is(unfortunately) quite risky for them to do.
    Getting a current band to make a song for their movie to appeal to a different audience and get more people to watch the movie. How is that risky? Besides, the members of Mastodon have stated that they enjoy watching family-friendly movies with their kids, and they already have experience recording songs for movies (Aqua teen Hunger force). What was risky was getting a contemporary musician from the 1960's, who hadn't had a hit in decades, to write the entire soundtrack to one of their movies. Or, when Treehouse ran an episode of Happy Tree Friends on their network without actually watching an episode and just going by the sizeable fanbase they had online.
    Those are gonna be some ****in sick ass monsters! Ill go see it if they do the soundtrack.
    link no1
    I would have watched it whether or not Mastodon did a track for it, Pixar films are awesome (not you 'Cars') This just makes the hype for the film a little greater.
    Now i guess im going to sound like a kid buuut... If this movie has em in it (AWWWSOME) if not im still going to see it just cause ive waited tens years for this XD
    Their best soundtrack work so far has to be the intro to the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters.
    I can picture a crazy, scary, psychadelic looking monster that looks like the Hunter with its own heavy-as-**** Mastodon theme song.
    Cool. Mastodon are amazing. Recently gave my 60 year old dad Cracke the Skye to listen to and he adores it as much as I do.
    looks good! sounds good! i loved the first one as a kid, i'm gonna go see this one! mastodon kicks ass!! exclamation point!
    sounds like such an awful idea for a film, maybe they'll pull it off though. monsters inc was pretty good.
    this is right after disney banned machinehead from performing at the house of blues, citing their "undesirable fans" as one of the reasons....
    Yeah that was total bullshit for sure, but the folks at Pixar aren't the same people who made that call.
    Pixar always use great music and have great scores. The music in Brave was absolutely brilliant.