Maynard Confirms Working on New Tool Record: 'Music Happening on All Fronts'

New A Perfect Circle material also might be in the making.

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Singer Maynard James Keenan seemingly confirmed what fans have been yearning to hear - that he is working with Tool on a new record, hopefully set for a 2014 release.

For his jubilee 666th Instagram photo, Maynard made the big announcement, saying "For my 666th IG photo, I'd just like to say... Music is happening on all fronts. Always. #lightenupfrancis #shitupandletmework #tool2014 @aperfectcircle @tool @puscifer."

Although the announcement wasn't too technical and official, the tags clearly indicate that Keenan is working with Tool and maybe even A Perfect Circle, who haven't released new material since 2004 and "Emotive" record. The frontman also singled out the year 2014, likely hinting at next year's release.

The previous reports gave indications of the band entering full writing mode according to the August 2013 Tool newsletter.

"The first thing that I noticed was that some of the band's equipment had been moved back to their usual places, meaning that the guys had probably delivered the goods to MJK, and were now back in their 'normal' writing session mode," the report reads. "Then I saw further evidence on a new Dry-Erase board that was filled with indecipherable scrawls written with a red marker.

"Studying this the best I could, I realized that this indeed was a curveball of the likes of Feller or Blylevin. But then again, a better baseball pitch analogy might be that of a changeup such as thrown by Martinez, Verlander or Glavine."

The latest Tool effort, "10,000 Days" was released in May 2006, landing at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart with 564,000 units shipped in the US during the first week.

Things finally seem to be cooking up among the Tool ranks. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    Let me predict the next following UG headlines regarding Tool 9/15/2013 Danny Carey states Maynard has no hit studio yet 11/24/2013 Adam Jones, "Record will be released before Xmas" 12/25/2013 No Xmas present for Tool fans, says Carey, "We pushed the record back 1/14/2014 Carey, "I could see the record being put out this summer 3/30/2014 Tool member hurt in another apparent moped accident 5/5/2020 Tool promises a new album before 2030 2031: Tool members all die in mysterous satan related sacrifice. Found was a note from last week stating that Maynard was set to record vocals three days before the incident.
    Pure awesomness are the only two words necessary to describe what is going to happen!
    Don't get too excited, he's completely unimpressed with what he's heard so far. Right, UG?
    Hahaha. I just read the article you're referencing. Good god, UG needs to get some better writers. Either that, or just stop making shit up. It's beyond pathetic that they even call themselves journalists.
    FINALLY, this is the last confirmation we needed to know that things are actually happening in tool.
    He looks like Mortadelo in that picture!! (the first pic, I mean)
    I'm honestly just afraid to get excited about anything at this point, too much past disappointment.
    I think all we have wanted all this time is a simple confirmation from Maynard that the album is happening. For all the worthless speculation articles UG has written, who would have thought the actual confirmation would be as simple as "#tool2014"
    He looks like Willie Garson now.... Just hope something of substance surfaces soon, so UG can stop rehasing the same old sensationalist crap which tells us nothing relevant.
    I cant wait. And with Maynard now involved it will be like every other Tool record; Godly. MJK IS GOD!!!!