Megadeth Aim For New Album In 2011

artist: Megadeth date: 07/19/2010 category: new releases
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Megadeth Aim For New Album In 2011
What about your last album Endgame? How happy are you with it musically and commercial wise? Shawn: We're very happy with it. In terms of success the way things are with the Internet downloading and stealing music it can't be compared to earlier time when records sold platinum times have changed. That's the way life is and how the music industry is right now. Bands don't sell as much as they used do which sucks but its (the Endgame album) very critically acclaimed record, many people really love it, our fans love it. As long as we have fans there actually isn't anything to worry about. And we get new fans every time. We just keep doing our best and hoping for the best. And the sales have been down for everybody. But I still consider this album a success. I read that you are working on a new album and it should be out in 2011. Is that right? We're talking about it. We have been in a tour mode at the moment but we have started to work on a couple of ideas. But just very few ideas only. During a sound check we recorded a few ideas but we're going to finish this world tour and then come together and start working out these ideas. We hope it will be out next year but we'll see how things will go. You have received many awards. How important are these awards to you? Well, I've never gotten a Grammy award (laughs). I've been in the band for six years (since 2004) and we were nominated with the song Headcrusher but we lost that to Judas Priest. It's cool to be recognized by the industry, it's nice to have been offered awards, to have been nominated. We appreciate it a lot. It's like 25 years later and Megadeth still gets nominated. So, I think it's a really good thing. We just try to make good music with every record. People still like us after 25 years so we have to do something right. Read the entire interview here.
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