Megadeth 'Almost Done' With The New Album

Thrash titans nearly finished with the work on "Super Colider".

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Thrash titans Megadeth have officially revealed that the work on their forthcoming release, titled "Super Colider", is nearly finished, thanking the producers Johnny K. and Cameron Webb for their input.

"A big thanks to Johnny K. and Cameron Webb for excellence in helping me create "Super Collider"! We're almost done! I am getting excited!", the frontman Dave Mustaine stated via official Twitter page.

The band has recenlty also posted a new studio update featuring Mustaine and bassist Dave Ellefson working on guitar and bass parts. The album itself is set for a June release via Dave Mustaine's own label Tradecraft, powered by Universal.

The "TH1RT3EN" follow-up was recorded in Vic's Garage studio in San Marco, California. Marking the 14th release in the group's catalogue, "Super Colider" is the first Megadeth album since 1997's "Cryptic Writings" not to feature a lineup change from the preceding record. Although no specific release date has yet been announced, several Europe concert dates have already been confirmed for the end of May and the beginning of June.

So are you excited here or what? Will you be among the first ones to check out the new release and will you be seeing the guys live on the road anytime soon? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    I'm actually starting to like Dave now he hasn't said anything stupid in a while.
    You mean UG hasn't instigated a Mustaine hate campaign in a while.
    Reporting on idiotic statements = Instigating a hate campaign? Wow...
    He's definitely still a tit, but this website has a horrible tendency to misquote great sources. Not like Megadeath is coming out with a song called "Right Wing Agenda"either, so I guess I don't care.
    Yeah, me too. And the rat at the end of the video is kinda cute in a bug way too.
    Wow a new release without a lineup change! wasn't betting on that! On a serious note, if anything they have released over the last few years is to go by, this should be awesome! If only Metallica could keep up with Megadeth's album release cycle!
    I hope this album will be better than TH1RT3EN. It was a decent album, but I felt there was too much filler on it.
    I agree with that. There were basically 4 or 5 songs that I just skip through because they are filler. I mean, I love songs like "Deadly Nightshade" and "Black Swan" and "Public Enemy No. 1". It's just that TH1RT3EN needed to cut out the filler tracks.
    I dont wanna be a grammar nazi or anything but isn't it spelled "Super Collider"?
    I don't want to be a grammar nazi or anything, but it's actually grammatically incorrect to say "wanna" and forget to use an apostrophe in "don't".
    Nice, I thought thirteen was okay, endgame was great, but I've got a good feeling on this one
    Is "Super Colider" the name of the album or just an April Fools' prank? Oh wait....
    Word on the street is that you used "Oh Wait..." in the wrong context
    This was actually awesome, the repeated same comment and then everything that was said after..and now this comment above lol
    i think this guy here is trying to tell you you used 'oh wait' in the wrong context
    You used the "Oh Wait..." in the wrong context.
    Holy crap. That's a lot of replies.
    and people had the patience to dislike each and every one f those. I am one with those people
    Dunno why, but even when it's explainable (like the dude said, his internet froze) like this case, I laugh really hard when I see a chain of negative marks like this. Oh UG, what have you done to my head...
    It makes me laugh, because it means some people took the time to go through and thumbs down all of them
    what makes me laugh is when they downvote the spam comments like "buy best trainers cheap prices" it's like ...great you downvoted them i'm sure the spam bot is real sad about that
    Haha. I love how some random ones in the middle got the most down votes. As if they were somehow more offensive than the ones above it.