Megadeth Announce 'Countdown to Extinction: Live' Album

New live record coming September 24th.

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According to Hennemusic, thrash metal behemoths Megadeth have announced that they will be releasing a new live album which features a complete performance of the band's classic "Countdown to Extinction" record.

The tracklisting for the performance, which was recorded at the Fox Theater in Los Angeles last December is as follows:

01. Intro 02. Architecture of Aggression 03. Ashes in Your Mouth 04. Captive Honour 05. Countdown to Extinction 06. Foreclosure of A Dream 07. Hangar 18 08. High Speed Dirt 09. Holy Wars 10. Peace Sells 11. Psychotron 12. Public Enemy 13. She Wolf 14. Skin O' My Teeth 15. Sweating Bullets 16. Symphony of Destruction 17. This Was My Life 18. Trust 19. Outro

The record is a sequel of sorts to "Rust in Peace: Live," the complete run though of the band's seminal 1990 record that was captured at the Hollywood Palladium in 2010.

"Countdown to Extinction: Live" will be released on September 24th on CD, DVD and Blu-Ray formats.

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    Awesome! I'm anxious to pick up this and Dream Theater's new record next month. I just wish they would've played the album from start to finish, and then thrown in the other songs. Ashes in Your Mouth is one of the best album closers I've heard.
    It's not "out of order" - the list is alphabetical because, presumably, the set list order hasn't been confirmed yet. Edit: Not to mention, it says "tracklisting" which isn't a set list!
    Did Megadeth tune down a full step a while ago or was it at the beginning of Gigantour? I would love to hear these Megadeth classics performed in D standard.
    It's out of order and the list sucks. Nothing from Killing, System, Abominations or Endgame.
    You think they play any songs from those albums often anymore? I know it sucks, but. That's the way it is.
    Rust in Peace Live was good, but I recently saw Deth's That One Night on Netflix, and I was really disappointed.