Megadeth Begin Mixing New Album

Megadeth have completed the recording of their new album, according to Dave Mustaine.

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Megadeth, who promised "dark, heavy and fast" album, are inching closer to a it.

In their latest online update, Dave Mustaine provides the news that mixing has begun on their forthcoming release. Though the band has yet to reveal any key details like an album title, artwork, track listing or release date, they have been diligent in keeping fans up to date on the progress of their new disc, Loudwire reports. The group has been working on their fourteenth collection at Vic's Garage studio in San Marcos, California.

Mustaine revealed in his brief posting: "Played guitar, sang and did some minor adjustments yesterday to songs one-four. Mixing has begun and you'll have something soon to hear! I'm so pumped."

Mustaine's posting follows another entry from bassist David Ellefson, who commented earlier last week: "Really some great, great songs taking shape at this point in the recording process. I told Dave [Mustaine] today that one of them totally reminded me of the earliest stuff back when we first met - fast, rippin' and fully bringing the REAL old-school Megadeth sound!!!"

The group has been working with producer Johnny K on the effort and expects to release it via a new record label later this year. Footage of the band in recording sessions can be seen below. For members of the band's Cyber Army fan club, drummer Shawn Drover will be dropping in for a chat this Thursday night (Feb. 7) at 7PM ET.

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    Great news! Can't wait to hear what they've prepared for us.
    Are you kidding me? Cryptic Writings? Risk? The system Has Failed? United Abominations? Thirteen or the 8 year old speeling TH1RTE3N? I love me some Megadeth but the fanboys are the worst. They refuse to admit Megadeth made some really bad albums. Hell... 'Risk' makes 'St anger' sound like Slayer in comparison, no offense intended. I would also take Load and Reload over Cryptic Writings also. Both bands have released stinkers, but at least Metallica fans admit it, I will give them that. Edit: Meant to reply to the guy below you, sorry.
    Cryptic Writings is awesome The System Has Failed kicks ass United Abomination kicks ass TH1RTE3N (with the 8 years old spelling) kicks ass too Risk is ok, but not metal.
    None of those albums "KICK ASS". And Risk was a trainwreck. Thanks for proving my point about Megadeth fans.
    System has Failed definitely kicks ass hard. UA and 13 were pretty good. Risk and Cryptic are the only sub par albums.
    Admitted, that Risk and Cryptic writings weren't really good.. but Cryptic Writings wasn't a total disaster like St. Anger. I even found it kind of an enjoyable listen. And the last three albums on your 'list' are all solid albums. About Thirteen, well if you're going to judge an album by it's title.. Risk was probably the only 'stinker'. :/
    Aren't all their albums dark, heavy and fast?
    Not really. Megadeth have never been a dark type of band. Dave writes so many different styles it's hard to pinpoint.
    Not since The System Has Failed, I would say.
    Yeah, but Endgame had some clean parts which lightened things up a bit. Edit: Err...never mind. I meant "United Abominations".
    never really liked united abonimations, it always felt too different from the rust in peace era to be properly megadeth. Its all opinion though i suppose
    Where the hell is Ellefson? At Starbucks?
    There was a 5th video uploaded by megadeth's youtube channel, there is david recording the bass.
    dave looks funny with his old man beard, but yes this is gonna be a really great album, cant wait to hear it
    Every article with Dave Mustaine not discussing politics is now accompanied with a multitude of comments pointing out the fact that it's better when he's not discussing politics. It's officially getting old.
    If the album is going to be called "Megadeth", I'm going to be pissed. My least favorite thing is self-titled releases that are NOT the debut. Like they ran out of things to say? What goes on in their mind? Is it "man, if we had one album to define our sound, it'd be THIS one". the point of a self-titled debut is to get your name out there. The first album is the proving grounds. Not your 14th. So Megadeth, DO NOT name it "Megadeth".
    glad to hear more from their new album, wonder what the album name would be?
    "Mixing has begun and you'll have something soon to hear!" So that might mean that a promo track is not too far away? I hope so, very eager to hear what the album will sound like.
    With minimal information about this album...I feel like I don't care. I love Megadeth and loved all the songs on Th1rt3en, I even preordered it when I saw em on Mayhem, but I don't feel like this is getting the promotion it deserves. Gimme an album title, Dave!
    First sentence of the article: "Megadeth, who promised "dark, heavy and fast" album, are inching closer to a it." Nice one UG.
    Can't wait for this album. Now I hope anthrax will get started on a follow up to worship music soon.
    Battery Chicken
    Today on UG, Dave Mustaine takes a piss. I realise probably 60-70% of this site are metal fans but enough with the megadeth news already, there are other bands in the world doing things right now.
    Great and Dave will follow up with numerous attacks on Obama to create some actual interest other than the cult metal head sliver of the population that listens to his musical drivel.....
    upvoted to offset at least one downvote from the moron megadeth fanboys
    It's more likely downvoted because it's just a very dumb comment, as inconvenient as it would be for you to recognize it.
    The thing is...the last 3 albums to my mind have all allegedly meant to be "fast, dark and heavy...really like killing is my business" and from what I hear in these videos it just sounds like more stock and standard boring modern megadeth.
    Strangely, I find myself listening to United Abominations more than Endgame or Th1rt3en. It's actually a pretty good album musically, you just have to ignore the ultra whiny political rubbish.
    And it was Chris Broderick's first appearance. Some of the solos are sweeeeet on United Abominations.
    I mean, the fact of the matter is, Dave seems to have a habit of always comparing every album to a previous one, and honestly, that just doesn't work. People fall for it every time--if Dave compares it to Killing is My Business, a huge chunk of people actually believe it is going to sound like KiMBaBiG Part II, or at least assume they can use it as a guide to what the album will sound like... but again, that even doesn't work. Each and every album has had its own distinct style and sound, so there really is no way to gauge it until you hear it for yourself.
    Rob E
    This is true, but EVERY artist says that their next album is going to be harder/faster/heavier/like our classic albums.
    Taken from a previous article: "David Ellefson is one of those guys that's kind of the barometer of the band. You ask me, you never really know what you're gonna get, but when you ask David Ellefson, it's kind of like reading the ingredients on the back of something, 'cause he's such a straight shooter. He told some people the other day that this is music that's really similar to [Megadeth's 1985 debut album] 'Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good!', some of the stuff really dark, really heavy and fast stuff. I mean, I don't thnk it's really as fast and heavy as 'Killing' is, to me, but Junior is a great, like I said, barometer bad word, but he knows what's going on. " The comparison you're speaking of came from Elf, not Mustiane. Not to criticize you or anything, but read the articles thoroughly before criticizing Mustiane. Also, I can say with confidence that Dave ALWAYS says it will be heavy and fast, but ALWAYS mentions that it will be melodically driven, as have all of their albums since CtE.