Megadeth Entering Studio Next Summer

Meanwhile, bassist David Ellefson compares church to rock shows as a "fellowship of like-minded believers."

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Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine recently gave fresh info about the new album recording, confirming a tentative late summer studio entrance. Chatting with 94.5 FMX, Dave focused on the band's upcoming schedule. "We right now have a bunch of dates that's gonna take us up until August of next year," he explained. "That's when we start recording the next record. We've already started working on writing stuff." Elaborating further, Mustaine noted the group's desire to "go a little bit out of our comfort zone while we're near the end of this cycle, because we wanna make sure that we really experience as much as we can." "Life is what you make it, man," the frontman added (via Blabbermouth). "And we really, really enjoy what we're doing right now. I mean, we're not in it for anything other than just the love of playing music and looking at the smiles on your faces. That's, to me, the biggest reward. Because if you've got a roof over your head and your kids are healthy, then you're very wealthy. And if you've got enough friends to count on one hand, then you're a really blessed person. I've had a great life and I love playing for our fans." In a separate Classic Rock Revisited chat, bassist David Ellefson gave an interesting comparison of church and rock concerts while discussing his spirituality. "To me, faith isn't about church; it's about finding a strength that lies beyond our own finite abilities," Ellefson explained. "Church is just a fellowship of like-minded believers, much like a rock concert is a fellowship of like-minded believers, plus, we all want to know where we came from. Scientists confirm we are all made up of atoms but who made the atom? I guess that is the answer we all seek at some point in our lives." So the thrash titans are charging forward fast as ever. What kind of sound would you like for the new album? Let us know in the comments.

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    I'd like to hear some more Endgame type stuff on this album
    Yeah, it's a shame they didn't use the momentum from that album and create another great thrash album. Endgame had a perfect balance of old school and modern metal.
    Hell yes, pity they don't play much of it live anymore. I think some of those songs are easily good enough to be thrown in alongside the classics
    i gotta be honest.. i don't want to hear rehashed ideas. I'm tired of thrash metal.. you can still write good thrash songs but its never gonna be new again. I like when bands try new ideas.. who wants to hear the same stuff?
    Dave Mustaine - "If you loved Super Collider, you're gonna love this!"
    if you can love Super Collider,you can love anything.
    Come on, the album was not that bad. Sure, tracks like Super Collider and Forget To Remember are subpar, but there are some amazing tracks like Kingmaker, Burn!, Built for War, Dance In The Rain and The Beginning of Sorrow.
    Musically, Super Collider was slightly better than Th1rt3en, but every song you just mentioned has piss-poor lyrics. "Burn, baby, burn! Cause it feels so good. Burn, baby, burn! Like I knew it would." Really, Dave? That's all you've got left in the tank?
    Gah, how can you not mention Don't Turn Your Back? The lyrics are bad, but who cares? It's really the only thrashy track on the record. Kingmaker is sorta thrashy, but it's really dull and has no energy. DTYB sounds good turned up loud.
    It's not about being thrashy, A toute le monde was not thrash yet one of their best songs. This ablum was just too boring, like you said, no energy. Most of all there is no track that stands out, no catchy riff that will get stuck in your head like others
    Yeah... but... that wasn't my point. I'm saying, at least DTYB has energy (because of its thrashy-ness), unlike the rest of the album.
    I see, a few songs are okay but not enough. well I'm not too excited for the new album anyways. I'm just waiting for Exodus's new album, i heard it might come out next year
    There was an old man called Mustaine, whose albums all sounded the same. Endgame was alright, but the last two were shite, his career now sinks down the drain.
    Love the comparison of concerts to church. Not a religious man at all, but saw Lamb of God a couple weeks back and it was a true spiritual experience with 3000+ fellow metalheads along side me. Hope Dave brings out some good thrash tunes on this new album...serious respect to these guys for staying so active and relevant in the world of metal.
    Take a few years and give us another Endgame. Don't rush another one out. You'll be like Buckethead soon, 87 albums and the last memorable song was Headcrusher. WHATS THE RUSH.
    Oh Crap... So ...Its done!... MegaBoys said in other words: Dudes..don't expect a metal album... expect a More "Risking-Collider" tune =/ #notcool
    Since this is a Megadeth post this will get a lot of hate but Megadeth should be more like Metallica and Slayer. Not releasing an album every other year St anger released in 2003 then Death Magnetic in 2008, those 5 years they managed to get great songs like cyanide, all nightmare long, and suicide & redemption Dave release UA in 2007 which was good, EG in 2009, which was awesome, 13 in 2011 was an ok album, SC in 2013, SOOO BOOORING, new album already and has been a year yet
    Studio - good. Maybe they'll make something not as super collider..y Church - bad. It's a shame such veteran thrashers are god-botherers.
    Megadeth, 1986: Peace Sells Megadeth, 2013: Supercollider Religion, not even once.
    He was born again when Endgame came out, there goes your logic. It's mainly Johnny K that has influenced the current Megadeth trend.
    Already? Man... I have nothing against getting new good records, but note the key word "good". And in the last ten years or so IMO they haven't managed to put out an album that's actually really good from beginning to end. Don't get me wrong, they all had their good/great moments but there has also been a lot of filler on each of them. It's like no one in the band dares to say: "Hey Dave, this new riff you wrote, it's not that good", so it feels like a lot of subpar stuff gets forcefully shoved in there.
    Actually The System has Failed United Abomination Endgame They're all good albums start to finish.
    They're very good albums, especially The System and Endgame. Both really showcase Poland and Broderick's capabilities as well as Mustaine's furious riffs.
    Compared to a high class *****, you're making peanuts. U gotta suck more big meat-sticks.
    I would like to see them explore new territory and still have a thrash sound to it. Endgame was great, Thirteen was good but super collider only had a few stand out songs to me but in all honesty the cover of Cold Sweat was its only saving grace. In a ideal world bands should not rehash albums but if they made a rust in peace part 2 all will be forgiven :p
    I think they should spend more time crafting an excellent album rather than putting out a sub-standard album every other year.
    DAVE!!!! How about contacting all of your former guitar players and have each one collaborate on a couple of songs each and then make the album available to stream from the internet! would be killer...
    Only a poser would downvote this.
    Only a middle school kid would use the term poseur. But I would not object to this idea. Hell if Marty played on a megadeth album again(although I do like his solo stuff devil take tomorrow FTW) I would be as giddy as a middle school schoolgirl poseur lol.
    Why Dave...why are you destroying your legacy? You don't need money...maybe Broderick does..since he's never really been in a successful band until now...but WHY????
    Some more killer old school "Endgame-sounding" thrash metal would be great! But it supposed to be very well done, so I hope them not to rush making the album, cause we don't want to get another 'Collider-type of shit stuff!
    Megadeth consistently deliver on time, so I'm not worried about them; I'm worried about bands that may not get to deliver their next albums on time like: Tool, Metallica, Black Sabbath, etc...
    United Abobinations showed some modern yet cool Megadeth stuff. I don't know why they are always downgrading their musicianship in exchange of NOTHING, not even pussies.
    So if you have 0-5 friends you're blessed, but not if you have more? Interesting.
    Danny McMartin
    Would be great to hear Megadeth add a spiritual element to their music, while remaining true to their own sound.