Megadeth 'Icon' Compilation to Be Released

New greatest hits set is due in February.

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February 25th will see the release of a new Megadeth greatest hits compilation, Blabbermouth reports (via HenneMusic).

The set is part of Universal Music's "Icon" series. The budget compilation series features the greatest hits, signature tunes and fan favorites of the most popular artists in music history, spanning rock, pop, R&B and country.

The Megadeth edition of the series will feature 11 tracks, the majority of which are taken from the band's classic albums "Peace Sells," "Rust in Peace" and "Countdown to Extinction."

Megadeth "Icon"

01. Holy Wars ... the Punishment Due
02. Symphony of Destruction
03. Wake Up Dead
04. Trust
05. Hangar 18
06. Sweating Bullets
07. A Tout Le Monde
08. Skin O'My Teeth
09. In My Darkest Hour10. Kill the King11. Peace Sells

Megadeth recently cancelled their scheduled appearance at Australia's Soundwave festival, reportedly after a dispute between Dave Mustaine and promoter AJ Maddah.

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    Does anyone else think these "Icon" compilation albums are really pointless? There's nothing here that hasn't already been featured on other Megadeth compilation albums with more material on them than a measly 11 tracks. Such bellends.
    I'm with you on this one. Why buy this when the "Back to the Start" compilation they released in 2005 has all these songs plus 6 more?
    Greatest hits albums in general are a bit pointless in the youtube era when you can just discover a band's best songs by searching their name, any Megadeth fan is gonna have the records
    They're not pointless if people buy them, which they do.
    Not always. The Anthrax "Icon" album sold like 60 copies in its first week of release, which is terrible. Maybe other Icon albums sold better, but I'm saying there are already better choices out there in terms of compilation albums. Or of course, you could buy the studio albums...
    Studio albums tend to have filler, so buying a compilation can be a better way to support the artist without getting songs you dislike in exchange.
    Most Megadeth albums don't have filler - actually their "deep tracks" are usually the best ones.
    Support the artist? They're ****in' millionaires!
    Don't buy because Megadeth is a group of millionaires. That's not the point in listening to Megadeth. The point in buying albums is to listen to ****ing Megadeth.
    Anthrax has an icon comp disc? I might check that some stuff by them but not a major fan.
    I think i'm getting old, because when i saw the track listing i'm thinking "yeah maybe i should grab this"
    What's with calling things or people bellends? I mean to doe it even mean?
    kiba56, it's the glans of a penis but it's used as a casual insult in England. Danny's just made a thing out of saying it almost every post he makes XD
    Sleaze Disease
    I would substitute "made a thing out of it" with the phrase "beat it into the ground". I've never seen anybody beat an unfunny dead horse more than he does. This doucher probably says it constantly in real life and believes all of his friends actually think it's funny after the billionth time.
    I don't use it too often in real life. It's more of a UG thing. To be honest, it's funny to read people like you complaining about it.
    Megadeth probably doesn't own the rights to these songs, it may just be Dave's old label trying to make a few more bucks. Notice they are from earlier albums, like they say in the article.
    Or maybe it's because Dave Mustaine hasn't written an amazing song since 1992.
    The Killing Road, She-Wolf, Prince of Darkness, Dread and the Fugitive Mind, Back in the Day, Washington is Next, 44 Minutes, Sudden Death and Dance in the Rain. All Great songs from each of their 9 albums since '92. IMO The System has Failed, United Abominations and Endgame are on par with their classic albums.
    Other tracks such as: Die Die Dead Enough, The Scorpion, Gears of War, Angry Again, 99 Ways to Die, Trust, Sleepwalker, Play for Blood, Endgame, The Hardest Part of Letting Go, How the Story Ends, Never Dead, Public Enemy No. 1, Addicted to Chaos, A Tout le Monde, Black Curtains. These all hold up against Megadeth's pre 1992 output. Have they put out some shite records since then? Yeah. Have they put out some great ones? Yeah. It is what happens during most musicians lengthy careers when they release an album every 1-3 years. Not everything they release will be a masterpiece. Megadeth's work is actually surprisingly consistent since their first album. I didn't like Super Collider and Th1rt33n was mixed for me, but still I can't complain about their work. They just release so many albums that there is more room for misfires. Tool never releases bad albums because they barely release albums at all. It's much easier to release only masterpieces when you spend 5-9 years per album. There is nothing wrong with that of course, but if you want to release more stuff you will expect to have some less awesome stuff released as well.
    99 Ways to Die is a tune...the rest you mentioned are pretty meh, apart from Die Dead Enough. That's just plain shit.
    Not sure about The Killing Road and Back in the Day, but I agree with you in principle. Dread and the Fugitive Mind is one of their best songs period.
    1,320 off Endgame is a great track, along with several others mentioned above. Angry Again is a blinder too.
    My Last Words
    1995* Hidden treasures was great, from there it just went downhill with some minor exceptions..
    I've already got a Megadeth Greatest Hits album and it has literally all of these songs on them... in most cases, in the same order.
    THe older I get, and the more into music I get, I realize how stupid greatest hits collections are. It's great for the artist to make money, but most of the time it's all I see in stores that sell CD's.
    Love your Bateman Icon, speaking of that. The only advantage to greatest hits albums is that it's a quick and easy way for new fans to explore the band, but in general not so worthwhile.
    Love your Bateman Icon, speaking of that. The only advantage to greatest hits albums is that it's a quick and easy way for new fans to explore the band, but in general not so worthwhile.
    Well thank you, sir. Can't help but love American Psycho. It speaks to me in many different vile, yet sophisticated ways. Anyway, for sure. When I was younger I got into bands like Guns N Roses, Kiss, Sabbath, Hendrix, etc etc through Greatest Hits albums. Though luckily when I get into a band I enjoy collecting all of their CD's. Most fans simply don't and it's unfortunate. They'll take the hits and a download of their 2-3 most popular records...
    greatest hits albums are almost pointless in this digital age. anyone can make their own now. i guess they are just for new listeners to try and get them into the band. worst part is, some of a bands best songs are never the "hits" and rarely make the cut
    It's really just a mashup of "Peace Sells" and "Rust in Peace".
    Peace Sells, Rust In Peace and Countdown, pretty much, yeah. Needless to say, I have all three of those albums, so I'll give this a miss.
    this stupid way of get some "easy" bucks from the fans!! I hate it!!! I Hated it when KISS Started to release 20 albums copilations of "The Best of the very Best of The Best of the Best" . Only one goddamn compilation album is good. Queen Greatest Hits!... All megadeth compilation albums Sucks!! I mean, how many compilations we really need? it's ridiculous... The same F*cking songs on all of them !! the compilation albums only show the lack of creativity they are out of "GOOD" Ideas. Bad Move
    This is almost the same as the Back To The Start album they put out. Just buy Warchest or something.
    It pisses me off when bands constantly release greatest hits/best of albums. One or two is enough...I'm looking at you Motley Crue, KISS, Stones, Led Zep, Sabbath. Correct me if i'm wrong, Metallica of all bands do not have a greatest hits album.
    I hear ya, but often it's a record company decision. There are many instances of bands switching labels but the previous label gets to release a greatest hits or live album to fulfil the band's 'contractual obligations'. I prefer to make my own 'best of' playlists but sometimes a compilation serves as a great introduction to a new listener or one who isn't a major fan but enjoys the highlights.
    Capitol Punishment is better… If you needed to start with a Deth compilation...
    Anthology: Set the World Afire has all of this songs and more so this one is pointless and just grab money .
    Big Megadeth fan here but I am asking myself this, why the FUCK would I buy that. It's like that time I bought Korn's greatest hits and was greeted with a cover of 'Word Up'. Is Dave gonna cover another Sex Pistols song to make this "release" unique. WE'VE HEARD THEM ALL BEFORE. Before Ipods, i'd burn me favourite tracks onto a cd for the car. I don't need you to do it for me. No one is going to buy that cd.
    I think this would be great if they didn't already have 5 compilation albums. Since 2000 they've come out with compilation albums as fast as most bands come out with studio albums. I do feel that this tracklist is a more definitive set than some of the other comps and probably should have replaced one along the way.
    Replace Kill The King with Mechanix and Skin O' My Teeth with Tornado Of Souls and you will have yourself a decent gateway CD to get new fans into Megadeth. If it wasn't for Greatest Hits: Back To The Start, I probably wouldn't have discovered Megadeth until much later.