Megadeth on Experimental 'Super Collider' Sounds

Drummer Shawn Drover says their new album has some "real left-field drumming" on it, but there's still something for everyone to enjoy.

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Megadeth drummer Shawn Drover says fans may be surprised by an experimental drum passage on their new album "Super Collider."

He was talking to the "Metal Mayhem" show on WVOX Radio (via Blabbermouth) where he described how the new record dips into different flavors of sound to keep all their fans happy and engaged.

"There's always been twists and turns with certain tracks in Megadeth's career and there's definitely a couple on this record, too. Nothing too weird or anything like that but there's just some musical twists and turns," he said.

"There's one song on there that has some real left-field drumming in it. It's something that you wouldn't expect," said Drover. "The song starts off a certain and then it kind of kicks in and it gets more violent as it goes along. And it goes in just a lot of wacky drum fills and it was fun for me to do that."

If you're getting the impression that the album is going to be too experimental for your tastes, don't hesitate - Drover says you'll find something on the album to love, no matter what.

"I think it's got a bit for everybody, so I think the fans are really going to enjoy this record big time," he said. "You know, as soon as Dave plays guitar and steps up to the mic, it's always going to sound like Megadeth no matter what."

Watch the Megadeth "Super Collider" trailer here:

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    matteo cubano
    "a bit for everybody" usually means disappointing to true fans in my experience.
    I believe that this new record will kick ass Truth is ,that the title track wasn't that bad,and I don't think Dave Mustaine can make a non-Megadeth record, so don't lose faith guys
    I don't give a damn what anybody says. Risk was not Megadeth's best, but it was a good album.
    Downvotes? He said Dave Mustaine couldn't make a non-Megadeth record. Well, he made Risk.
    I hope you've listened to Risk, it's not bad at all. Marty Friedman solos and Dave vocals = a Megadeth album either way.
    Risk wasn't that big of a departure. Better than "Supercollider".
    yh im still keeping faith in the album, i mean he promised dark heavy and fast im still waiting for it
    "Something for everyone" albums rarely please ANYONE. Make a stand, convert your fans.People are fans of Megadeth because they SOUND LIKE Megadh. It's a bit late for populism.
    So Dave is confident and Shawn is confident. That's good enough for me.
    Well too bad for you guys, another song from Megadeth that I can enjoy
    I don't like Mustaine's new sound on vocals...What do you all think???
    I actually love the new vocal style, just not the amount of whatever effect is sitting over his vocal track. Sounds like way too much reverb/delay or a mild phaser or something - it's strange. Doesn't really sound like Megadeth, but it sounds like a sweet hard rock band. IMO, at least.
    The thing that was wrong with the first song is it was boring as shit. A megadeth riff shouldn't be two power chords.
    The problem is that he can't sing anymore..
    I love Mustaine... He's an amazing guitarist and i enjoy his vocals. But let's face it, he can't sing. Just fakes it and it sounds cool.. I'll agree less cool now then it did then though
    I kept listening to the melody and thinking "I've heard this before..." and then it hit me. Dave must have been listening to "In the Light" by Led Zep when he wrote this.
    This album will have thrash on it itll have sick solos and hardcore riffs its dave mustaine for crying out loud stop complaining about the title trCk, theyre with u iversal they were probably asked to release something catchy for radio play, i cant wait to hear a megadeth album with some sick drums havent jad that in awhile
    wow, this just blows me away every time. Like stinky fart from a fat guy sticking is ass in your face. Its that bad. I hope the rest of the album is a bit more Megadeth like.
    The album is bad. Risk was way better album then this. The only interesting moment in this album is the last two minutes of "Dance in the rain" track which ironically is one of the worst song names.
    Riff Crusher
    First off, Dave your sucessful because of your fans! Don't ever forget that! Sure, you have had your fame and fortune and that will probably never change but to your "true fans" this is painful to hear and watch! I can't ponder why a band as sucessful as Megadeth would stray away from what got them to the top!...what a shame!!!
    Something sounds Risky... Pun aside, at least Risk had interesting musical ideas and hooks on it. It wasn't a thrash album and it didn't try to be. It was what it was and it was fine, that's why I like Risk. This track, if you take away the mix, take away all of the reverb, compression, etc. and just say "play me this song dry", it's pretty bland. Not to say the rest of the album will be like that, just that track. I'm looking forward to hear the rest.
    Ugh I need to hear this album too make a good critique because the Studio sneak peaks got me hyped, but the Title track is a catchy hard-rock song and "Don't turn your back" is too short too critcize.
    well, in some point in the past mustaine said before making "Risk" album... he was thinking about making an album with some kind of crossover between CW and peace sells ... maybe ... he thought that it was about time to do it... of course is just a theory. we shouldnt be surprised this will be happen some day in the near future...maybe the future is now ... is supercollider