Megadeth Post Final Recording Clip

See Dave Mustaine growling one of the final lines to be recording on the new Megadeth album "Super Collider" before their final album mix sessions.

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Megadeth have posted another video update from the studio while they produce new album "Super Collider".

In this clip, Dave Mustaine is seen recording the vocal lines and guitarist Chris Broderick is seen recording guitar lines. You can watch the full clip in the player below.

Last week Megadeth confirmed that recording sessions for the new album had finished, so while you watch these final clips of the band recording tracks you can bet they're busy mixing the final audio. There's no sign on exactly when the mix sessions will wrap up, but they're aiming at a June release for the final album so it won't be long.

Meanwhile, while reflecting on their recent recording sessions, Dave Mustaine said Chris Brodrick is "without a doubt the best guitarist I've ever played with", which is high praise from a man who has performed alongside some of the best metal guitarists in the world in both Megadeth and Metallica.

Watch the tenth "Super Collider" studio clip here:

YouTube preview picture

"Super Collider" will be released on Dave Mustaine's new Tradecraft label in conjunction with Universal.

What do you think of the sounds in the clip? Are we set for the best Megadeth record yet? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    Hopefully this album has way more Chris Broderick awesomeness than the last album did.
    A song about Clint Eastwood maybe? I see a picture of Josey Wales when he's doing the singing clip.
    Dave is really bad at low vocals. He needs to do more high screams like he did back in the good ol days. It shouldnt be too hard to do in the studio
    I think he would do it if he still could. His voice is quite shot at this point. He even said himself in a (fairly) recent interview that he feels he's the week link in the band now with his vocals not being on par with what everyone else brings to the table.
    "AND NOTHIGN CAN TAKE THAT AWAYYYYYA" i cracked up so hard. He sounded so stupid. But i bet it sounds cool with the music and all..
    Probably not. Sounds cheesy, which is what I'm fearing this release will be. I hope not though.
    Nah....Megadeth never is...most metal bands like them NEVER are Everything(or most of the stuff) is/are quality....from Mustaine's insane solo in "Burnt Ice", to Dimebag's crazy shredding to mind-blowing riffs from prog metal bands like Animals as Leaders and Meshuggah.... METAL IS THE BOMB!!! \m/
    Yeah! Consistency is why I like Megadeth. Not like that band that only releases crappy 3D movies.
    Although I didn't like anything they've released since The System Has Failed, this one really got me excited
    I'm with you there. TSHF is quite good, especially the Chris Poland solos. Last few albums were really unmemorable.
    Wow, the quality of the audio in that clip (not the music, the actual sound quality) was absolutely terrible - so much clipping on the mic used to record the sound for that video footage. I seriously can't believe they would use that for any form of promotion, I just hope the record has been better thought out that the filming of this short clip!
    Sound from a video diary of the recording sessions isn't supposed to have studio quality, you know.
    i was super into them when i was just starting to get into metal, but megadeth are getting pretty stale. dave has an entourage of incredibly talented people to play with, and yet the guys who were one of the biggest innovators of the genre are just pushing out the same stuff every 2 years now. hearing the difference between Peace Sells and Rust in Peace is incredibly refreshing, but this just sounds like it's gonna be everything dave's been doing for the last 10 years with a generic chris broderick solo tacked on once in a while. it's a real shame.
    You're comparing a group in their prime during thrash metal's prime in the 80's and early 90's to a group 30 some years later. I'm grateful they're still creating music. I don't know how you can expect the same level of ingenuity after 30 years of pumping out albums. Keep in mind how much material they have released over the years.
    Now would you say the same about Metallica?
    Yes I would. However, Metallica does not release a barrage of material the way Megadeth has over the years. This will be Megadeth's 14th studio album compared to Metallica working on their 10th studio album.
    Not sure why you're getting all the down's true. Anybody that's listened to them for a long time can listen to the last several albums and hear it. The brilliance that was Rust in Peace looks to be gone forever.
    Along with what has been said in response to your comment already i dont think the world meeds a hero or the system has failed or emdgame or thirteen sounded like evhother at all TWNAH had a really original sound to it and 13 was classic thrashy style compared to endgames new thrash. This album i think will top 5 megadeths album doscography because for the forst time megadeths focusing on every somg aa a whole not just the whole album together
    how were you "super into them" when you were just getting into metal ? and for my money the system has failed sounds nothing like united abominations and that one sure doesn't sound like endgame and endgame sounds absolutely nothing like 13 and none of sound like any of them they just sound like megadeth to me!
    did I understand this right - final album?
    I think they just meant final as in the finished product, not the last album they make.
    They have been posting videos of their recording until now, this is the last clip they are sharing since the album is done.
    This wont be the best megadeth album, your never topping the greatest thrash lineup in theashs history of the 90s for megadeth the fame the power and design of rust, countdown, or peace sells, ( yes i know peace sells was before marty and nick) but i think this will be a great record theyre best of this century, but time will tell i wanna hear 1-2 of the somgs early released
    Personally, it think it is a terrible album name. Super corny and childish.
    how is a large scale particle accelerator complex super corny and childish? go read a book.
    I don't know about childish, but it sure isn't memorable like "Killing is My Business...and Business is Good!" Now THAT is an album title!
    i havent had time to listen to the last two albums...united abominations is still new to me
    United Abominations remains the last Megadeth album I truly love from start to finish. I found Endgame and Thirteen to be good, even very good, but just not great. Hopefully they'll do something different on this album. It doesn't have to be Risk-level different, but just something to make me go "Whoa... didn't see that coming".
    If theres one thin i love about this video is dave saying "that might not even be melodic enough" i love the melodic guitar riffs and bridges and chorus megadeth has spit out for 30 years