Megadeth Reveal 'Kingmaker'

Please, welcome - the "Super Collider" opener!

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Megadeth reveal the newest single "Kingmaker" from their upcoming "Super Collider" album, Loudwire reports. As the record's official tracklisting states, the song appears to be the album opener.

The track awakes with some ominously dark David Ellefson bass notes leading into what sounds like a hovering helicopter before Dave Mustaine and Chris Broderick's full on guitar assault kicks in. Mustaine sings about the "need-it-now" mentality and wanting to be the ultimate "kingmaker" in the track.

"Kingmaker" is just the latest sneak peek fans are getting into the new record. The band recently revealed the title track and a snippet of the song "Don't Turn Your Back" was recently tied to a promotion revealing the disc's album art. The album also features a pair of tracks with Disturbed and Device frontman David Draiman lending a hand. He turns up on the songs "Dance in the Rain" and "Forget to Remember."

As Megadeth lead up to the June 4 release of "Super Collider," they're also getting their promotional responsibilities in order. The group just shot a video for "Super Collider" that will debut shortly and they've filled out the bands and itinerary for the 2013 Gigantour trek this summer.

The official tracklisting of "Super Collider" as follows:

01. Kingmaker 02. Super Collider 03. Burn! 04. Built for War 05. Off the Edge 06. Dance in the Rain 07. Beginning of Sorrow 08. The Blackest Crow 09. Forget to Remember 10. Don't Turn Your Back 11. Cold Sweat

Listen to "Kingmaker" here:

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    Sabbath's Children of the Grave resonates through the verses...
    I was thinking Danzig's "Am I Demon" but that song is really similar to Children of the Grave
    Most definitely I hear Children of the Grave, and it's a really obvious thing, esp with the vocals. Almost too blatant in similarity for my tastes, but still a good song.
    a drummer
    it's so obvious, and with the guitar bending on the 4 and beat, that it might even be a little nod to the greats
    Pretty good, it's a significant improvement from Super Collider, and most of Thirteen as well. I like the guitar work, and the chorus is pretty catchy, too. Oh, and by the way, the lyrics aren't just about the "need-it-now mentality", they're about addiction to narcotics and prescription drugs.
    It's a good song but the solo is lacking. They have both Dave Mustaine and Chris Broderick and that is all they can muster? As I said I do have a solid appreciation for the song...much better than the last taster of the new album. I'm sure that the solos on the actual album will be brilliant but so far I'm not that impressed with them.
    Sounds too Thirteen'ish for me. I loved Endgame better :\
    badass song. sure the verse is reminiscent of children of the grave but I don't see what's the problem with a good song sounding like another good song, it's called influence not plagerism
    Actually the vocal line is more or less identical to the one in Children of the Grave, so I would say it's a little more than "just influence".
    Pretty boring for Megadeth. I hope they're saving the better songs for the release. Nothing against Megadeth. I have always been a fan. This just seems a little bland to me.
    I really think Dave's lost his spark. This sounds really dry, like a Megadeth b-side or something.
    i really like the song, its really good imo the actual mix- producing could have been better, sounds a bit 'mushy', should have left a more raw sound so it hilights individual instruments and aspects. Generaly a TAD 'overproduced'. but overall its a great song. my mind isnt exzactly blown, but i will enjoy this song
    Seriously. Chris Broderik's talent is being wasted on crap like this.
    I can agree on that. It might not be crap, but his potential and songwriting skills aren't shown to full extent in Megadeth.
    My Last Words
    This.. He should go back to nevermore or start doing some solo stuff a la loomis. Someone just needs to kidnap marty, lock him and a Jackson Ke1 up in a studio booth with a hatch for food. Might not be the most humane option, but if it's the way..
    A big improvement over Super Collider and Thirteen but I still feel it's lacking production-wise. Anyway, this certainly has reignited my interest in the new album, I lost all hope for it when I first heard the title track.
    This is a thousand times better than that super collider bollocks.
    It's not bad per say, just very middle of the road. But then again megadeth has been rather meh to me for the last decade or so. So take it for what it's worth. But I kind of feel like metal is just a young mans game, seems like when alot of older metal guys try and write new material they just don't have that fire they did when they were younger and it just comes off as forced, but age will do that to you, if they are enjoying playing I guess thats all that really matters, believe me if I can be playing to huge crowds into my 50s I def would.
    Wow.. I remember when I first heard the intro to Washington is Next and thought about Wasted Years.. I totally agree with there being a Children of the Grave vibe throughout the verse. This sucks.
    Its called influence...everyone haves it. Just go hear "Annihilator - Detonation", the same influence of children of the grave vibe that in this song. And what, if a band uses triplets does it mean they are ripping off iron maiden?
    "And what, if a band uses triplets does it mean they are ripping off iron maiden?" I think you mean gallops. Triplets are 3 evenly spaced notes, and a gallop is a 3 note grouping of 1 eight note and 2 sixteenth notes. Maiden is known for gallops.
    oh sorry, thanks for correcting me. I meant that gallop thing.
    No worries, people confuse them all the time! Atleast you are one of the polite ones that doesn't call me names for correcting them.
    This is an amazing song one of the tops of the 21st century for megadeth good to see Dave can still shred, every needed to stop complaining about super collider being mainstream because we're gonna get good megadeth either way
    My Last Words
    If this is considered an amazing song.. well, how desperate are we really? It's not a bad song but it still sounds pretty generic overall. Boring drums by Shawn Droner, Chris has crappy tone, Ellefson is not bad but it's nothing special either, and as for Dave.. I'm going to get massive hate for this, but it sounds like Dave's fountain of riffs has gone dry.. "Good megadeth", the last time I heard good Megadeth dated back to pre-newborn-christian-dave.. I hope the setlist is good this year, not really in for a 130 km drive if 50% of the songs sound like this..
    Abrie Compion
    jesus, you only have to drive 130 km for a megadeth show and you are still complaining?
    My Last Words
    *Train, my bad. 100 for train and show tickets and a couple of beers.. I'm 18, in school, in the middle of my exams.. 100 total for a single show? As long as the setlist is good I'm fine with it, but if it's not, I'll let it slide.. So yeah, I'm complaining.
    I flew over 1000 kilometers and spent over $1200 to go see Megadeth and Slayer plus others in 2010 in Montreal. If that petty cost is a chore for you, you are not a fan. A fairweather fan maybe, but not a true fan of the band.
    Megadeth has been in decline for near decades now. 130km for Rust in Peace/Youthanasia and Marty Friedman Megadeth? Too easy. Modern Megadeth? No, thank you.
    @huevos: Yes, yes, as if we really need to hear another nostalgia schtick...
    My Last Words
    Sam, secretly I tend to agree alot with you, but in this case, you completely missed the plank as we Dutch like to say it. Marty + Megadeth transcends the rules of nostalgia and you know it.