Megadeth Reveal 'Super Collider' Cover and Preview New Song

Thrash titans unveil new album artwork and post a short snippet of "Don't Turn Your Back."

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Thrash metal giants Megadeth have officially unveiled the cover of their forthcoming release "Super Collider." Set for a June 4 release via Dave Mustaine's Universal-powered label Tradecraft, the new record will mark the 14th release in the band's catalogue.

Apart from presenting us with the cover artwork, the group has also posted a 45-second snippet of the new song titled "Don't Turn Your Back." You can check out both below or head over to and unveil the cover yourself in a customized Megadeth memory game with the new track streaming in the background.

Mustaine has recently confirmed David Draiman as the special guest vocalist on "Super Collider," commenting that the new songs sound "amazing." Country legend Willie Nelson was also mentioned as a possible guest singer, but no official confirmation has been released yet.

According to frontman, the inspiration for the new album title came from the so called "God Particle" and the Hadron Collider particle accelerator. Some of the new song titles also include "Forget To Remember," "Dance In The Rain," "The Blackest Crow," "Burn" and "King Maker."

As far as the live dates go, the four-piece is preparing to embark on a US tour with heavy metal legends Iron Maiden this September. With a total of seven concerts, the tour is set for a culmination during a final performance in San Bernandino, California on September 13. Apart from Maiden and Megadeth, "The Battle of San Bernandino" will also feature Anthrax, Testament, Overkill and Sabaton.

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    I still can't believe they chose Johnny K over Andy Sneap. The production is overly compressed and too loud just like Thirteen. Endgame was crip and tight, I think the production on that album should have been the benchmark for any other albums to follow. But anyway the snippet sounds great and sounds like Super Collider will be miles better than Thirteen.
    My Last Words
    Ofcourse it's compressed, it's a song preview. Or did you expect to see a high quality FLAC file or something =P Still, I fear this record will continue the post-2000 tradition of polished overproduction.. (Not CTE type production, I mean like polished polished.
    You're talking about data compression, not sound compression which he is referring to. Totally different things.
    My Last Words
    I guess I'm a noob then
    Sound compression is just leveling the audio regardless of velocity of the input mics, data compression removes dynamics. In truth both do the same thing, but sound compression doesn't distort the track like data compression does and data compression shrinks the files unlike sound compression. So honestly we don't know what the ACTUAL compression is like because you can't hear it correctly without un-(data)compressed audio files.
    Sounds OK from what the preview has to offer, nothing overly spectacular though. Same goes for the cover artwork, but the coloring is kind of nice. Surprised to see that Vic didn't make it on there for some reason.
    Agreed on all counts. For me having Vic on a Megadeth cover has always been like having Eddie on a Maiden cover. Just seems weird without Vic.
    I don't know if I'm seeing things but I think Vic is at the blue circle thing to the right. Very, very faint though.
    Vic is in the accelerator. Look at that blue circle.
    I wouldn't have even noticed him there without your comment. And even then it took a minute. I wish they'd make him more visible, he's a pretty good 'mascot.'
    its not the first time he's been hidden, it's very faint in the mushroom cloud on the greatest hits
    This is way more hidden than on the greatest hits, I'm still not sure I even see it. Just an outline of what I think is him
    Yeah, I feel like the clip was too short and the riff had potential to go somewhere cool at the end, but then the clip ended so I guess we have to wait
    Sounds promising, like they're picking up where they left off with Endgame, which isn't a bad thing...
    Fucking lens flare.
    Loved the double bass drumming from Thirteen. Glad they decided to use it here as well. The riff and the vox are reminiscent of Endgame and Thirteen. Intense and adrenaline fueled. Can't wait to hear Chris' solos.
    My Last Words
    I don't know, they sound a bit generic to me. It's not that he's doing anything wrong, I mean, he's doing his job - but that's all there is to it really.
    he's doing a damn fine job in Megadeth, no doubt. But still I miss the creativity Chris Poland and Marty Friedman had back in the day. Though Broderick is a fine addition to Megadeth.