Megadeth Reveal 'Super Collider' Cover and Preview New Song

Thrash titans unveil new album artwork and post a short snippet of "Don't Turn Your Back."

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Thrash metal giants Megadeth have officially unveiled the cover of their forthcoming release "Super Collider." Set for a June 4 release via Dave Mustaine's Universal-powered label Tradecraft, the new record will mark the 14th release in the band's catalogue.

Apart from presenting us with the cover artwork, the group has also posted a 45-second snippet of the new song titled "Don't Turn Your Back." You can check out both below or head over to and unveil the cover yourself in a customized Megadeth memory game with the new track streaming in the background.

Mustaine has recently confirmed David Draiman as the special guest vocalist on "Super Collider," commenting that the new songs sound "amazing." Country legend Willie Nelson was also mentioned as a possible guest singer, but no official confirmation has been released yet.

According to frontman, the inspiration for the new album title came from the so called "God Particle" and the Hadron Collider particle accelerator. Some of the new song titles also include "Forget To Remember," "Dance In The Rain," "The Blackest Crow," "Burn" and "King Maker."

As far as the live dates go, the four-piece is preparing to embark on a US tour with heavy metal legends Iron Maiden this September. With a total of seven concerts, the tour is set for a culmination during a final performance in San Bernandino, California on September 13. Apart from Maiden and Megadeth, "The Battle of San Bernandino" will also feature Anthrax, Testament, Overkill and Sabaton.

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    I still can't believe they chose Johnny K over Andy Sneap. The production is overly compressed and too loud just like Thirteen. Endgame was crip and tight, I think the production on that album should have been the benchmark for any other albums to follow. But anyway the snippet sounds great and sounds like Super Collider will be miles better than Thirteen.
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    Ofcourse it's compressed, it's a song preview. Or did you expect to see a high quality FLAC file or something =P Still, I fear this record will continue the post-2000 tradition of polished overproduction.. (Not CTE type production, I mean like polished polished.
    You're talking about data compression, not sound compression which he is referring to. Totally different things.
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    I guess I'm a noob then
    Sound compression is just leveling the audio regardless of velocity of the input mics, data compression removes dynamics. In truth both do the same thing, but sound compression doesn't distort the track like data compression does and data compression shrinks the files unlike sound compression. So honestly we don't know what the ACTUAL compression is like because you can't hear it correctly without un-(data)compressed audio files.
    Sounds OK from what the preview has to offer, nothing overly spectacular though. Same goes for the cover artwork, but the coloring is kind of nice. Surprised to see that Vic didn't make it on there for some reason.
    Vic is in the accelerator. Look at that blue circle.
    I wouldn't have even noticed him there without your comment. And even then it took a minute. I wish they'd make him more visible, he's a pretty good 'mascot.'
    its not the first time he's been hidden, it's very faint in the mushroom cloud on the greatest hits
    This is way more hidden than on the greatest hits, I'm still not sure I even see it. Just an outline of what I think is him
    Agreed on all counts. For me having Vic on a Megadeth cover has always been like having Eddie on a Maiden cover. Just seems weird without Vic.
    I don't know if I'm seeing things but I think Vic is at the blue circle thing to the right. Very, very faint though.
    Yeah, I feel like the clip was too short and the riff had potential to go somewhere cool at the end, but then the clip ended so I guess we have to wait
    Sounds promising, like they're picking up where they left off with Endgame, which isn't a bad thing...
    Fucking lens flare.
    Way Cool JR.
    The song sounds pretty good, but the music is to dark and compressed sounding for me. I'm a big Megadeth fan, have been since the beginning of the band. I just prefer their older sound from the '80s-'90s. I like the album cover. The color scheme reminds me a-lot of the "Peace Sells...But Who's Buying" cover colors.
    I bet the music won't be like that on Peace Sells though (sadly), but without hearing it all in final production I shouldn't judge, it's not too bad.
    Face it like this dude, if you want albums like Killing, Peace sells, or So Far So Good So What, you need a medium production quality, that was part of the esence of thrash, that dirty sound that came with the production of the album
    There's some an irony based joke here, I just can't place my finger on it. Dave Mustaine.. Super Collider.. Science in general.. Nope, I've got nothing.
    Maybe some of the songs are criticizing science? Dave has sung a lot about war and politics in the previous albums...
    Loved the double bass drumming from Thirteen. Glad they decided to use it here as well. The riff and the vox are reminiscent of Endgame and Thirteen. Intense and adrenaline fueled. Can't wait to hear Chris' solos.
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    I don't know, they sound a bit generic to me. It's not that he's doing anything wrong, I mean, he's doing his job - but that's all there is to it really.
    he's doing a damn fine job in Megadeth, no doubt. But still I miss the creativity Chris Poland and Marty Friedman had back in the day. Though Broderick is a fine addition to Megadeth.
    Sounds like MUCH better production than TH1RT3EN just from this small clip. TH1RT3EN felt so dirty, but not in a good way. More like they tried to clean it up, gave it that "digital" feel but just never finished.
    This is still severely compressed sounding Andy Sneap is the best choice for a modern day Megadeth.
    Could not agree more. MAN did Endgame sound so damn tight and polished - but in a "moderny" kind of way that just worked. IMO I thought the songwriting on Thirteen wasn't too bad actually, but it was the difference in production that made it such a letdown. Main point - bring Sneap back. This one above sounds like a far cry from Engame again.
    So I'm guessing they programmed this whole album in SuperCollider?
    I doubt I'll like this more than Endgame, just like I didn't favour 13 over it. but new stuff is always good, looking forward to it.
    Right now, we don't even have enough material to decide whether it's better than Endgame (not that Endgame was bad). We've an intro to a song basically. Not much to go on.
    I just go from the previous album, I mean let's face it, this wasn't a ten year in the making record. Feels like only yesterday I put 13 on. So one would clearly have to assume that it'll be SIMILAR. Then again, this is Dave Mustaine, so who knows. Endgame was awesome for me. I loved the theme, the power in it, what it represented, the artwork. Ask me about 13 and all I can honestly say is John Dillinger. I have been busy though.
    Let me guess. It's fast, aggressive and the liberal media are still the root of all evil.
    The sound production is awful, music wise is very well made but the bass drum and the overall mix is over compressed and lifted. They should have sticked to Sneap instead of Johnny K
    The production always sounds better through a decent pair of speakers (not headphones) when you're playing the actual album, not the Youtube video. Youtube adds compression to songs unfortunately.
    Here's the original image from a quick "Hadron Collider" google search: They just googled an image and threw some cheap Photoshop effects on like Outer Glow and upped the saturation. Really dissapointed at that. Except for obvious clipping and sound adjustments in the track it sounds pretty good though, but the mixing isn't finished anyways, so that's not anything big to complain about.
    Your link points to a 1x1 pixel. Lol. Did you mean this photo? *EDIT* Wow, UG really doesn't like that link. Errors everywhere. Anyhow, it's exactly the same thing. Angle and everything. That's kind of embarrassing.
    tbh the sample song was kind of disappointing and very generic sounding but then again it's just a preview.
    Remember how Endgame had "Head Crusher" as the single? And how that was arguably the worst (and most generic-sounding) song on the album? This could be the same thing.
    The vocals are cool and interesting, however, the guitars and the drums sound generic, in my opinion. I'm sure this isn't the best song on the album, but the album would be awesome if this is the worst song!
    well this is a good thing though, release the most boring part of an album earlier so that when the real thing comes out the fans wont be disappointed.. cant wait
    What is wrong with you people. This sounds awesome!
    Because a lot of people want another "Peace Sells..." or "Rust in Peace". Those albums are excellent; but the thing is, why would they release a "Peace Sells...II" when people would just bitch majorly about it?
    The song sample was short but i feel that it had potential and i cant fully see vic but im sure he is hidden in there, i feel this will be their best effort of the 2000s tbh, but will see im guessing theyll release this song as a si gle like they did with public enemy when you went to before 13
    A quick photo search elicits a picture that the album cover appears to be from. I find it sad that Dave Mustaine google'd "hadron collider tube" and took their new album cover photo from the web. The worst part is the fact that his backwards thinking (i.e. Homosexuality is the devil, that Barrack Obama planned the mass shootings around the country, global warming is fake...) is the exact opposite of the, innovative and scientific, particle accelerators. The Higgs Boson,"god particle," aptly named by a journalist, as a joke, represents far more than his petite intelligence allows him to comprehend.
    That's what sets him apart from any other metal musician giving an opinion. His aren't based on reality. He likes to think people attack him for thinking Obama is a terrible president or for being Christian alone, and maybe some people are that petty and reactionary, but the guy goes a step and base his opinions on things we flat out know are wrong. You can't make a strong statement about something and then back down and hide behind your beliefs when people call bullshit. People need to wake up and realize that with social media, if you don't actually have evidence to back up your unyielding opinions, you have no leg to stand on. All the shit you can hold against Obama, and he still thinks the guy's a Muslim communist foreigner who orchestrates tragedies.
    Seriously, I'm a megadeth fan, but why this Hardcore emo metal production? The bass drums sounds like a girl's kicking it and the producer just boosted it up in the mix... If you listen to Rust in peace you could hear how hard Manza was! Also I find this kind of slow.
    I hope you know that the tonality of drums can be changed in more ways than just hitting it harder.
    Yes, but this is supposed to be a heavy metal / thrash metal song, it's supposed to be loud and aggressive. It's like playing AC/DC in pianissimo (which means very softly). How do you think it would sound? For example have you heard the intro from Rust in peace... Polaris played by Drover? Doesn't sound good to me at all.
    kind of rock poppy.. I dont know
    Just because it's not heavy enough it doesn't mean that is poppy.
    compared to other Megadeth work, it is kind of softer, dont you think ?
    you do realize this is merely just a 40-second snippet of a little riff of an entire album worth of megadeth material, right? I think if Mustaine's learned anything about the music industry and experimentation (like in Metallica (st anger))is that a band like his isn't meant to go to out of bounds with their sound. I wouldn't be too worried about this "pop" you're all worried about
    yeah, rock poppy. Sounds just like MCR. WAIT, WTF ARE YOU ON ABOUT? Rock poppy? It sounds pretty heavy to me. Just because it doesn't sound like Amon Amarth or At The Gates doesn't mean it's pop. I guess the closest song it reminds me of is Slave To The Grind by Skid Row. Not necessarily a bad thing, but obviously it's going to be very different. I like the sample. No, it doesn't have that classic Megadeth tone from Rust in Peace, with that biting distortion, but it still sounds good.
    I don't even think half of the users on here know what the word "poppy" even means.
    oh **** you all, you know what I ment when I said rock poppy, dont play retarded here please. I always imagined Megadeth with thrash sound and superb fast tempo, this sounded like some Judas Priest to me.. Im not judging, Im saying my opinion, so how about you respected it ?
    This album does have a thrash sound. Also, count the beats, it is relatively fast. Btw, you're free to express your opinion; others are also free to disagree with it.
    You keep using this word, "poppy" -- I don't think this word means what you think it means.
    Is it me, or did they steal "I wish i may, i wish i might" from King Nothing?
    Isn't that just a nursery rhyme or something?
    Yea its just part of a nursery rhyme. Same as the prayer thing in Enter Sandman.
    Yeah, Megadeth used the prayer line in "Go to Hell" before Metallica, albeit a matter of months before, but still.
    allthough "haters" will still pick on exactly that line. As if Metallica were the first to put that rhyme into one of their songs. Song: Riff is very catchy, I like it!
    So, dave 'tangerine princess' mustaine writes an album about a super collider? Given his lacking trends of thought, it'll probably be filled to the brim with subliminal messages telling everyone that the super collider is actually a multi national liberal plot with the aim of summoning satan... or something utterly retarded and on similar lines. Plus, that artwork is utter donkey twanger.
    Well after hearing that, I have one thing to say. Now they can all Rust In Peace. DUHDADA DAAA, DA DEEDLYDEEDLY DEEDEE
    I don't like this cover at first look. Hope songs will be better than album picture. Song sample at beggining sounds very good but when comes to pre-chorus/chorus its getting worse. This is my opinion and first feeling about this, but I'm looking forward to hear whole album
    the memory game link made the cover revealing awesome for me xD and of course, the memory game was interesting and I'd like to play it again. just to end up revealing the cover again!
    Wasn't expecting the new content to sound that good.. hopefully the album maintains that quality.. Chris Broderick is doing great things for this band.
    I find that Mustaine's voice lacks the one thing thrash needs. Thats agression. However, this is just a prewiew, so i cant judge. Great riff though. Cant wait for this album.
    His voice has always been lacking espcially live but hes done well enough with for quite a long time so i cant see it ever changing.
    As usual. Can't stand a thing that comes out of Mustaine's mouth, but he makes damn good music. Pretty good 45 second clip there..
    I dont know why, but the album cover kinda reminds me of those 3rd person stages in Contra for NES.