Megadeth Reveal 'Super Collider' Title Track

New album title song leaks online prior to tomorrow's release.

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Thrash legends Megadeth have set April 23 as the official release date for the "Super Collider" title track single. Prior to kicking off the iTunes sale, group has premiered the new song in an exclusive "Full Metal Jackie" show appearance. It didn't take long for the recording to leak, making the single available for streaming over at

Frontman Dave Mustaine has recently discussed the story behind the title track, revealing the so-called "God particle" and the Hadron Collider particle accelerator as the his main inspiration. According to singer/guitarist, it all started with a certain USA Today article.

"There was a story in there about how they finally had identified the mass that goes around the molecules and stuff; it's called the Higgs Boson and we had done that with the 'Super Collider'," said Mustaine in a recent Shockwaves/HardRadio interview. "And I thought, 'Wow, that's a really cool story.' Actually, the stuff's called the 'God particle.' And I thought, knowing how closed-minded people are with my faith and thinking that that's gonna change who I am as a person - which it did - and that that would also correlate into changing my guitar playing, which it didn't, I didn't wanna have a song called 'God Particle', because every village has its idiots, and unfortunately for me, a bunch of them follow me on the Internet. So we opted to call it 'Super Collider'."

"And this first song is kind of, like, a song about no matter how bad things get, come with me, we'll take the high road and we'll hang out and have a great time and we'll stick together until the end of the world, so to speak, when the world explodes like a Super Collider."

"Super Collider" is scheduled to drop on June 4 via Mustaine own Universal-powered label Tradecraft. The band will embark on a European tour at the end of May and then join the metal icons Iron Maiden for a string of seven South American concerts of their "Maiden England Tour."

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    Wow, wasn't expecting that after hearing that Ellefson said this album reminds him of Killing is My Business!
    reminds me of that interview where Kirk Hammett said that Death Magnetic had middle eastern influences.
    It does have middle eastern influences. He must have been working on The Judas Kiss at the time. The harmonic minor (middle eastern) scale is all over that song.
    From the riffs they were pulling out in the studio videos, they should have some better stuff on the album.
    I don't mind it, I just hope this isn't the "best" song on the album. Too short of a song though.
    I hope the rest of the album doesn't sound like this, honestly. I'm not judging the whole thing just yet, but this song kind of just falls flat for me. I just wish they would return to how Endgame sounded - as a younger fan of Megadeth, when that album came out, it changed my life and view of metal.
    Is it me, or is Mustaine's description of the song absolutely nothing to do with what the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva does. "come with me, we'll take the high road and we'll hang out and have a great time and we'll stick together until the end of the world" I just don't get what that has to do with theoretical physics
    He said in an interview the song was a godsong, a christian song ud say, but he dint wanna call it the god particle because hed take alot of criticism for that
    Mixed feelings about this. The solo is certainly one of Chris' better ones, but the song itself is too 'mainstream happy', it feels forced and sounds cliche. I'm a fan of MD's hard rock peroid, I think Youthanasia is one of thier best albums, but so far I'm not liking post-Endgame Megadeth.
    You think that this solo is one of Brodericks best? Have you listened to some of the crazy shit he played on endgame and thirteen? Compared to 1,320, Dialectic Chaos, and Headcrusher this solo has the complexity and lack of originality that i would expect from Kirk hammett
    Hmm... I really want to like this, but it just isn't doing anything for me. As stated by everyone above, let's hope the rest of the album holds more in store. I guess one of the cool things about Megadeth is, if you don't like the current album, it's never too far away for the next one. Keeping my fingers crossed for the rest of Super Collider! I don't want to write it off with one song.
    Pretty disappointing. Ellefson's bass is nice, though, but I'd prefer about any track from Thirteen over this, and I'm hoping for the rest of the album to be faster, more intricate and less streamlined-sounding than this.
    Mr Winters
    Wasn't Megadeth a thrash metal band? They can do much better than this
    My Last Words
    inb4 endgame, the last time Megadeth made thrash was with So far so good so what..
    The last time before endgame megadeth made theash was sfsgsw??? What about rust in peace!!!
    Yep. Rust was their last thrash album. Countdown to Extinction was when they sold out and went with the commercial sound.
    they never "sold out".
    My Last Words
    I always hate the fact that everyone blames metallica for "selling out" with the black album, when Megadeth doing CTE is pretty much the same thing.
    Do you even know what selling out is? Did you follow Dave's footsteps through the early 90s? Did you know what they were thinking? I love EVERY Megadeth album. Cuz i'm not one to point the finger and judge everything that is make-believably WRONG in my eyes. In this case, ears.
    if i could ban one phrase in the world it would be sold out. people just chuck it around the comments whenevr an album sounds a bit different from the last
    My Last Words
    Hangar 18 = prog. Five magics = prog. Lucretia = prog. Tornado of souls and polaris are both pretty progish if you ask me. Rust in peace is/was and will always be proggressive thrash, and that is a long way from the thrash-thrash-megadeth of january 1988. [read: SFSGSW] Period.
    By that logical you could very well call 'Master of Puppets' or any other "thrash metal" album by Metallica progressive. It's a distinct characteristic of the genre. Besides doesn't make 'Rust in Peace' any less impressive haha
    well, you're a dumbass.
    My Last Words
    Says the guy who has Kerry "dumbass" king listed as one of his favorite guitar players. And I should take you seriously because.. ?
    Dude honestly? Kerry King sucks. I added him as one of my favorites a couple years ago. Doesn't mean i don't like him either.
    A song in the vein of Cryptic Writings, a pure hard-rock songs were the vocals are meant to shine...and tries, it kind succed but only kinda. If you're expecting something like KIAMB or something faster, its pretty dissapointing. But its a Megadeth's single, they are always the worst songs of the album(except for Head-crusher).
    Great song. I had low expectations so I didn't think I'd enjoy the song as much as I do. Always loved Megadeth's hard rock songs (Youthanasia, Cryptic Writings, The System Has Failed, even a couple of songs of Risk), sometimes even more so than their thrash.
    I like Megadeths hard rock stuff (Cryptic Writings is one of my favourite albums) but this reminds me of a type of rock that i dont really care for. I dont like the chorus, and his voice doesnt suit the song particularily well. But its just one song, theres probably some good stuff on the album.
    Holy crap, that was the most generic rock song I've ever heard Megadeth do! That sounded like I'd hear that come on a classic rock or country radio station. Blech... Maybe it's time Dave hang up Megadeth & just go solo. Keep Ellefson on bass, and take FireReaver's advice... find a more conventional singer. I think this would go down a lot easier if it just said "Mustaine" instead of "Megadeth."
    i really like the kinda different feel this song has to it. interesting kinda thing to hear from them. nothing groundbreaking but solid nonetheless
    Yo, this sounds horrible. If Mustaine wants to write this type of music now, he needs to become a guitarist exclusively and find someone who can actually sing. The songwriting and guitar playing isn't bad, but man...those vocals! Maybe Draiman didn't give him enough lessons...
    My Last Words
    What about pure instrumentals? -His voice being in a downward spiral is of not much use anyway -It might give him some time to get his lead back to original standards -Just let the crowd si-Oh what am I saying. Here are the reasons: -The conjuring, bad omen, anarchy, good mourning.. black friday -The conjuring, bad omen, anarchy, good mourning.. black friday -The conjuring, bad omen, anarchy, good mourning.. black friday -The conjuring, bad omen, anarchy, good mourning.. black friday Apart from all my other fairly negative comments on this particular article, I honestly think this is a great idea!
    Oh, the irony reading this, Firereaverx, after all the claims you've made about Geoff sounding good recently.