Megadeth Start Work On New Album

Megadeth are drawing near the end of their world tour and are headed back to the studio to begin work on their next album.

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Megadeth are drawing near the end of their world tour in support of their 2011 release, "Thirteen," and are headed back to the studio to begin work on their next album. According to Blabbermouth, Megadeth has once again tapped Johnny K to produce the band's new album, tentatively due in early 2013. According to Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine, Johnny "is arriving tomorrow to start pre-production" on the new CD. He adds, "This should be a very interesting record." Mustaine recently told NME about the direction of Megadeth's new material, "Some of it's a little darker, some of it's a little faster. Being in this position right now, not knowing where we're gonna go or what we're gonna do, it's kind of like the world's ours to do what we want. Are we gonna go back to the speed and thrash metal roots that made us who we are? Are we gonna experiment and rely on the melody that we've discovered in Megadeth songs?" Mustaine also spoke about how he likes to keep Megadeth's music more melodic than that of most thrash bands. "We've tried to do that in Megadeth, have a little melody so that it's not just the same old grinding music like everybody else has," he said. "We're just happy to get going and get to the studio." Johnny K produced Megadeth's last album, 2011's Th1rt3en, which was recorded at Mustaine's Vic's Garage studio in San Marcos, California. Mustaine previously stated about the recording process for Th1rt3en, "We've got a great new partner with Johnny K. I mean, I was satisfied with our last co-producer, with Andy Sneap, and Andy really took us and he even admits as far as he could take us, and it was great because we wanted to go back to the big leagues where we were, and we feel that Johnny is, obviously, a big-league producer; not that Andy isn't don't get me wrong. But we feel that this record is definitely one of our best. It's a great feeling, because, you know, finishing some of the last record, I can honestly say, in my heart I knew that it wouldn't contend with some of the great records in the past, just because of the timing, the label that we were on and stuff like that. Lineup changes and stuff But I really think that everything just lined up for this record." "Th1rt3en", sold 42,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 11 on The Billboard 200 chart.

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    Now this is news with Dave Mustaine that I like to see, where he's actually talking about Megadeth and MUSIC, he should do that more often.
    You guys complain when UG posts stuff about Mustaine's political views... And now that an article about his music has been posted, you just want to make jokes about his political views? I don't get it
    Really? UG posts a steady stream of inflammatory articles about Mustaines' views and you wonder why the political banter continues into another Mustaine article????
    Seems like they might wanna put something out at the same time Metallica and Slayer do...the big four train keeps a rollin'
    I think it would give the same results, whether they wait or not, they will probably write the songs over a course of a couple of months. I dont think waiting would mean that they take longer to write and record. Im looking forward to this, i liked Thirteen a lot, especially the title track.
    Sees Dave Mustaine photo on the front page of UG "Oh dear..." Reads title. "THANK THE LORD..."
    Bands used to knock out an album a year and that was considered normal...and a lot of them were ****ing epic albums... so why it's bad form to do something similar now is lost on me.
    Agent 00Awesome
    Because Megadeth's last two albums have hardly been "epic".
    Just the more reasons to make a new one fast. Maybe next one will be their next masterpiece or maybe it will be okay. Better to make as much as possible, when the inspiration is there than just sit around waiting.
    its always good news when an old school metal band is working on a new album go megadeth!
    I hope Dave allow other band mates to contribute.
    He does....
    "Thirteen" was written only by Dave and Johnny K. Only two old songs are credited to Ellefson and Friedman, because they were written way before Thirteen.
    That doesn't mean he doesn't let the others write, maybe what he comes up with is just better
    It's the same thing.
    So he should let them write stuff for the sake of it and use it whether it's better or not
    link no1
    Why would you use material that isn't better than what you wrote? "Hey, that riff was pretty crappy but i'm gonna include it anyway to make you feel good. Screw the actual musical value of it"
    "Letting them write stuff" would involve including stuff they wrote and think is better, regardless of what he thinks.
    Then why there are no good bass lines or bass solos, which were almost on all albums? All bass lines on Thirteen just copy the guitar.
    But they do contribute, it's like Broderick said - someone comes up with an idea and he mustaines it in, sort of. It's always been like that.
    I don't get it? Mustaine is in the news for something pertaining to music?
    i bet it's a concept album about obama