Megadeth Streaming Two New 'Super Collider' Tracks

Listen to the newest tracks from "Super Collider" album scheduled for release tomorrow!

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Thrash titans Megadeth have officially premiered two new tracks off their upcoming record "Super Collider." Titled "The Blackest Crow" and "Built for War," the songs prove that despite being three decades into their musical career, Dave Mustaine and co. still have some fresh tricks and the will to experiment with their music.

This mostly goes for "The Blackest Crow," the banjo-driven tune with some clear Bluegrass influences. Featuring a few neat slide guitar fills, the gloomy mid-tempo jam clocks in at just under four and a half minutes and is inspired by the Alzheimer's Disease battle Mustaine's mother-in-law is going through.

The frontman also discussed the previously announced guest appearance from country icon Willie Nelson, explaining that their schedules simply couldn't line up. Mustaine also admitted sending the cut to country star Miranda Lambert, who rejected the offer. "Although she declined, her manager was polite enough to reportedly say she didn't feel she could make the song better," the frontman said. "I was very flattered."

You can check out "The Blackest Crow" in the player below (exclusive by the Rolling Stone).

The second tune, "Built for War," is less experimental and more direct, in-your-face heavy track. Upbeat tempo, rocking riffs galore and somewhat of a warmongering bridge are all the reasons you need to check this one out as well.

"I think Megadeth is a very unique musical outfit and [we've] stood the test of time," Mustaine said while commenting the new song. "We're almost 30 years old and we're still relevant, [and] we're still making good records."

You can listen to "Built for War" in the player below (exclusive by

As the fourteenth Megadeth record, "Super Collider" drops tomorrow (June 4) via frontman's Universal-powered label Tradecraft. Apart from the two latest songs, the album was also announced with the title track single and "Kingmaker."

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    Downvote me at will but... this is meh-tastic. And the banjo work on "The Blackest Crow" is just... just... you know what? Nevermind it, I don't wanna describe my mental pictures of crows attacking the corn and enslaving me.
    "The Blackest Crow!!!!! The Blackest Crow!!!!! The Blackest Crow!!!!! The Blackest Crow!!!!!" Then, all of a sudden, the song ends. Really Dave, really?
    It's not even really good banjo playing, man. Wanna get some virtuoso banjo up in here!
    WAAHHH! I WANT ANOTHER CLASSIC MEGADETH ALBUM. Seriously, this is much better than most stuff today.
    That doesn't make it good. I don't like that argument at all. I know what Mustaine is capable of, or was capable of. So hearing mediocre songs like these aren't getting me excited, even if most everything else sucks pretty bad as well.
    Jesus Christ, no one cares about the asinine opinions you insist on shoving into every conversation that isn't yet about you. And shave that neckbeard. It's hideous.
    The guitar work isn't that impressive at all still, I was really hoping after the last 2 tracks were streamed that it was going to get better. The other tracks best really pull it out of the bag, doesn't seem like they are using Dave or Chris's guitar skills as they should be so far. I mean, even Endgame had stuff like "Head Crusher", "1320" and "Dialectic Chaos"...what are they doing?
    The Blackest Crow didn't sound as bad as I expected, but still, nothing from Supercollider has really impressed me so far. Not bad though.
    This album was leaked and I listened to all the songs and I gotta say is that it's so awful, Dave wrote the most cheesiest lyrics for this album and his voice got awfully bad more than before.
    Actually listening to the whole album on Youtube right now and I think after Risk this is the worst album they have done.
    Risk is actually pretty awesome if you are just a little bit open-minded. Mustaine never sung better than on Risk and wrote some pretty hooky tunes that will stay in my ears forever.
    Not too bad... actually better than I was anticipating. Will have to wait and see how the rest of the album sounds
    This isn't a surprise this band is pumping out an album every 1 1/2 - 2 years
    i have enjoyed the last few albums megadeth has released and bought endgame and 13. at 1st, 13 didn't click with me, but then i grew to love it. i will be picking up super collider tomorrow as well. however, built for war is corny as hell, and daves voice is laughable on it. kingmaker i think is awesome and the title track is decent.
    The Blackest Crow would have been really cool if in the middle there was some sort of dynamic changes, like if the first half of the song set up a really creepy vibe and then it got really chaotic. Just something like that to make it more effective, because the banjo part is kinda nervous sounding and they should have really expanded on that mood, but it never grows past just being barely uneasy sounding.
    Leather Sleeves
    I'm usually open to the newer stuff legends like Slayer or Megadeth release, but I can't defend this one.
    Yeah this is a tough one to defend. I'll still look forward to the next Megadeth album in a couple of years though.
    I couldn't even listen to the 2nd track. Dave's voice in the beginning just turns me off. I also can't see myself listening to many of the songs they streamed so far again.
    The Blackest Crow sounds like a demonic Bon Jovi song. Built for War was ok. Pretty stock, but it was tolerable.
    My favorite part on the album is the ending of Dance In The Rain, David Draiman's vocals have never sounded so good.
    This album is even worse than "Risk". I love everything Megadeth recorded from KIMBABIG through Countdown and Endgame was a pleasant surprise but I think that Mustaine might be done.
    at least risk IS a far better record than this new one, despite the fact it is not pure trash. Goods songs and melodies on Risk. Well my point of view anyway : but I do agree with you.
    Dave, go on hiatus and come back when you're ready to write a decent album. Kthx.
    The timing on vocals for "Built for War" were really annoying. Sounds like he's interrupting himself. And Miranda Lambert? WTF Dave?!
    Meh i think i will pass just like i did with th13teen.Endgame was awesome when it first came out but i cant listen to it anymore.I havent listen to qotsa new album yet but so far Alice in Chains new album is my highlight of the year so far.
    I don't like the disc, I continue thinking that Chris, who is one of the best guitarman on the world, has to participe much more on riffs and the rest of the tracks. Endgame is better than Thirteen and than Super Collider. And the track Super pop...auch is horrible!! I'm Megadeth's fan from Argentina. I'll hope and wish that Megadeth, specially Dave, have to take a more time, months o years, to record a best work.
    I have already listened to the album a few times and it is really lackluster. Nothing really pops out as a great track, kind of like The World Needs a Hero. After the last interview with Mustaine I really think he doesn't like writing complicated songs anymore which happens to be the Megadeth trademark. He unfortuneately has slumped into the pattern in today's music industry that songs are just a simple pattern of a few lyrics with a hook. RIP Megadeth
    Everyone is bashing this album saying megadeth has lost it because its not as good as rust in peace or countdown, well im gunna say this no band will ever comppare to their golden ages, sabbath wont have another paranoid, aic wont have another dirt, rush wont have another movin pictures, metallica wont have another master, the thing is i listened through this album and even though built for war and a couple other songs were iffy i loved the album way better then 13. Cold sweat was amazingly done songs like forget to remember dance in the rain dont turn your back beginning of sorrow kingmaker burn, off the edge, these are all somgs that are really heavy or thrashy which shows this album isnt another risk affiliate, i hear stuff that sounds like TWNAH, endgame, 13, SFSGSW, cryptic writings, and risk, and stuff that that cant be classified with another album, so if u like it or not shutup an listen
    People are bashing the album because it's really, really bad... not because it doesn't sound like "Rust In Peace". Plenty of bands are never able to recreate their classic albums but still make quality records. Sabbath recorded at least half a dozen GREAT records after "Paranoid". The new AIC is almost as good as "Dirt". "Endgame" was almost as good as "Rest In Peace". The list goes on... Most good bands put out a dud or two in their careers. "Supercollider" just happens to be one of those. It doesn't mean that Megadeth sucks it just means that they're not perfect. I'll still look forward to the next one.
    Hpw can yu say thos album sucks though thats all im saying, theres noway noone can admit theres not atleast 3 good songs on this album, kingmaker, dance in the rain, cold sweat, theres 3 right there even if ones a cover, everyones entitled to their opinion i know but people are bashing megadeth saying there losing hope in the band, and its al based on people expecting some amazing thrash record when i can almost gurantee thats not gunna happen again, megadeth has nver followe up one record with another exactly the same and never fully went back to a certain stule these mix albums are probably what were gunna get and although its not the most amazong album ever like we anticipated for some reason, daves expermenting and hes pulling gems put for us to jam but he is throwing out some uninteresting duds aswell people just need to listen or not i guess theres always gunna be people who love n hate it no matter how good
    But on a side note i do agree the new AIC was incredible, without layne ot wont ever beat dorts magnitude but was still a great album, but heres my last point at 52 years old and 13 albums of your thinking already put into music id like to see anyone else make a 14th record this good, minus a few bands like rush not alot of bands even make it thus far
    "Everyone is bashing this album saying megadeth has lost it because its not as good as rust in peace or countdown" nobody said that
    I liked every single song Megadeth released so far. Every single one. Including those, they are awesome!
    rip Megadeth 1983-1994
    If I'm generous, I'd say 1983-2009. Endgame was good, but everything since that has been mediocre at best, or embarrassing. The best parts of TH1RT3EN were recycled old tracks. New World Order and Millenium of the Blind = 1994, Black Swan = 2007. The rest of the tracks were crap. Sudden Death and Never Dead were tracks that proved to me that the riff/lyric well had finally run dry. Mustaine is in the same position as Metallica where he has nothing more to say. It's obvious, because back in the early days, when the music was focused on the skill/speed/aggression, the lyrics were still great. Now, that he's settled down, and now the vocals are more prominent, the lyrics are garbage. He's older, and more life-experienced, yet he's resorting to generic, pseudo-cool sounding Metallica-like lyrics. Seriously, the lyrics to Never Dead and Sudden Death would've fit right in on Death Magnetic. In summary, Megadeth hasn't been good since right before he suddenly looked 100.
    Actually not bad. The Blackest Crow has a pretty cool, ominous vibe to it and would have been great as a more extensive, complex kind of track with more changes in atmosphere, but it doesn't go any further than just to the point of catching your interest. Which is pretty disappointing. As for Built for War, the idea with the tempo changes and the chanting part was pretty smart, but wasn't as well carried out as it could have been. Especially with the malplaced, forced "Built for war" line, and the chanting melody sounded more fitting for a song by Judas Priest or Iron Maiden (That's even the "Maiden progression" in there). Dave's attempts at higher pitch levels are also VERY forced, and the solo, although it sounds good initially, is disappointingly short. To summarize: It's not worse than Thirteen, but doesn't bring anything new to the table and is still below the full extent of their potential.
    Stop whining around. If you guys think it's a piece of sh**, then get your *ss*s off the front of your computer AND DO SOMETHING better than that. At least he's trying.
    That's the dumbest argument I've ever heard in my life. If I call a ****ing plumber and my drain is still clogged when he leaves does that mean I can't criticize him because I can't do better.
    Not really into built for war as much...riffage is ok...but eh... Blackest Crow I did like. That was decent.
    gut cassidy
    for me the person that stands out on this record so far is drover, his drumming sounds great compared to previous records
    There are better songs on Super Collider than this 2. Just wait for "Forget To Remember", "A house divided" and "Dance in the rain", the last one being argueable because of david draiman participation.
    The blackest crow doesnt sound like it would be that heavy at the beginning.....I liked it.... ..I preordered the Deluxe edition with two bonus studio recordings..
    so, I didn't realize that Cold Sweat was going to be a cover of the Thin Lizzy version until I heard it just now, and I must say that even that is pretty meh.
    Listened to the whole album and there is a incredible lack of musical ideas. 13 and and specially End games! where great albums but this one is almost boring, nothing comes up. Poor in some way. A bit of Metal, a bit of rock, few good riffs, boring songs and solos...what the hell happened??
    The album is so cliched and uninteresting. It's mid-tempo butt rock...which can be okay if the songwriting is good, but that isn't the case here. Countdown, Youthanasia, and Cryptic Writings were good "radio" metal albums: catchy songs, good songwriting, interesting musical passages, and strong production. This album has none of those things. And please, for your own sake, do not listen to or read the lyrics.
    Lol that added "built for war" in the verses are so rididculous, I can't believe they put that in there, haha it's too funny!!!
    Dave's vocals are done. Built For War has some sick riffs but damn Dave is finished.