Megadeth To Start Recording New Album Next Week

Mustaine also apologises to fans for swearing too much, and complains that he has to cut down on eating some of his favorite foods like chocolate to help his damaged vocal cords repair themselves.

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Dave Mustaine has confirmed that Megadeth will start on their new album next week, and adds that he's embarrassed by how much he swears in interviews.

He made the announcement during an update on his health problems which include damaged vocal cords and a bad back, which peaked last year when Megadeth were touring as part of the Big Four.

"I still find it laughable that someone I know said I was a pussy while lying in an ER awaiting spinal surgery for contemplating cancelling the 'Big Four' show in New York City," Mustaine wrote in an update to fans (via Blabbermouth). "I walked away from the surgery, which was done after the concert (who's the p--sy now?) and was a complete success."

His problem is treatable, but has been forced to cut certain foods from his diet, including chocolate, tomatoes and coffee. "I am loving this 'Countdown' 20th-anniversary tour, and with the new record starting next week, singing is more important to me than ever," he writes.

Finally, he adds that he's been watching footage of his interviews and live shows, and felt compelled to apologise for his bad language: "I'm not a prude, but I am sorry for my language and some of the offensive words I chose to say. We all have said stuff we regret, and while I don't 'regret it,' I do feel that you deserve better from me."

Are you excited about hearing the new Megadeth album? Let us know in the comments.

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    Dave is such a cool guy when he's not talking about politics.
    Conservative or liberal, I don't care what my favorite bands political views are. I just wanna hear them rock. And Megadeth is a great rock band.
    Ted Nugent and Dave Mustaine, both amazing musicians. They just need to shut-up about politics and focus on the music.
    Interesting you only mention conservative musicians.
    All the down votes are just p*ssed because they are homosexuals and Romney is about to take their rights away.
    Just so you know, Romney is for states rights. While he doesn't agree with it, he would rather it be in the hands of the separate states than the federal government. If people are upset, take it up with your own state legislature or move. That's why we have different states, because people's wants in California are vastly different than people's wants in Tennessee.
    That is one thing I have to applaude Romney on the guy wants state rights, which is how our overnment in American was originally designed
    Maybe because they're the only really outspoken, stupid and obnoxious ones.
    Musicians should only be judged on their actual music, unless they're called 'All Time Low' in which case - hate all you want!
    Megadeth is putting out so much music in the recent years!! Its awesome!!
    It only seems like a lot when you compare them to Metallica.
    I agree. Still, I prefer it when bands take long periods of time to make something great, instead of releasing uninspired crap every 2 years. Not saying Megadeth is crap. I just don't mind waiting for more than 3 years for a great album from a band I like.
    2 to 3 years is pretty moderate for most bands. The bands who release an album every single year are usually the ones who have no standards for what can go on an album.
    Not true. Time between albums is completely irrelevant - case in point, BUCKETHEAD. He has made nothing but top quality albums his entire career. And he has also released about 4 albums PER YEAR since maybe around 2006-ish. That means in the space of a few years, he has already done more than Megadeth's entire discography. Time is irrelevant, what matters is how good you are at writing. Some people can write really good music in a short space of time, some people take more time. Metallica takes more time because they just don't really have "it" anymore.
    My Last Words
    Funny thing however, Megadeth is a 4 piece band while Buckethead plays primarily solo. Oh and Megadeth goes on tour for 8+ months to promote every single record. Also, I wouldn't exactly call al of his work TOP quality. Some of his records were pretty average if you ask me, but that's just me and mah opinion brah.
    I must admit, i cant remember any good bands that havent managed to write quality material even though they released something every other year. Except for Metallica that takes forever to write something passable these days. Sometime its best to be spontaneous and dont overthink it too much. And ofcourse, i guess most artists feel like writing new music most of the time, that must be part of the reason they became artists in the first place. Why wait, if you are inspired?
    people waited a while for St. Anger too. i get what you mean though. rather than just throw out an album, take the time to make a good album if your gunna do it in the first place. i hope Megadeth gets heavier on this album like Endgame.
    The doc that did Adele's vocal surgery said something to the effect that he could restore anyone's voice to their classic, most powerful era. I hereby order Dave to go to that doctor.
    James Hetfield should go to that doctor too. Also psyched!!! 13 was a killer album. The next one should be as great,if not better. Not lazy meh-gadeth
    3 megadeth albums before metallica?
    If he keeps up, he might be able to have another one ready alongside Metallicas new one in 2015.
    It's true! Back in the 80s & early 90s, it seemed like they matched each other pretty closesly, not only in year of release, but also in style or sound. Over time, though, Megadeth's output has definitely outpaced that of the Metallica boys. I'm not going to argue quantity vs. quality here, but I think both bands were better when they were running more neck and neck.
    Thirteen was really good. I hope this new album carries the same weight
    In the meantime on the Metallica camp : 3D movie, Horror book and playing super subs for Green Day
    What a year, Van Halens album, Slashs one, Mark Tremontis, the upcoming releases of Aerosmith and Adlers Appetite, and now this. Hope Black Sabbath are on the same way
    Mark Tremonti's debut is probably one of the best albums I've heard in recent years. Anyone who hasn't heard it, really needs to check it out!
    Black Sabbath's new records supposed to be out in 2013 Not sure who they are going to have on the drums if Bill doesn't come back though. We also have the 20th anniversary edition of Countdown to Extinction out November 6th as well
    I hope they take their time writing this one. 13 was written and recorded in like 2 months. that album wasnt really memorable or catchy enough to keep me hearing it. they need to take their time writing this one, so they can keep fans interested. Me personally, I heard 13 for like a week, and havent really ever felt like picking it back up again for any of the songs. endgame and UA had me listening for much longer. Next album needs catchy riffs and good solos. this is another problem with 13, the solos. I dont know what stick producers had when they made broderick record solos with that horrid tone. anyway thats just my opinion on what they need to improve on this album. I have high hopes for this album if they dont halfass it like 13.
    Why the downvotes for this guy politely voicing his opinion on their recent albums? Personally I agree with him that 13 was a somewhat lackluster compared to their last two releases. Not to say I think it was bad, I definately think endgame was better. And United Abominations, for me at least, is one of my personal favorite Megadeth albums, because it's filled with politically-fueled anger like a lot of his earlier work. Endgame had it, but not to the same extent. I don't really agree with his views, but I hope this next album is very political. His political songs are (to me) undeniably his best songs.
    I think this pretty much shows how great it is that they release lots of albums, even after all these years. If their 12th and 11th album can be considered among any fans favourites, then youre defineately doing something right, no reason to slow down any time soon. Personally i prefered System has failed and 13 over UA and Endgame. For some reasons i just didnt care for Endgame at all, still not sure why. But 13 had some great moments, like the title song, New World order and Millenium of the blind, for those songs alone, that album was worth my money .
    I personally thought 13 was a good step away from Endgame. I really enjoyed UA, but endgame seemed too, for lack of a better term, "robotic". Don't get me wrong, I like Endgame, but 13 reminded me a lot of Countdown and CW.
    Dude 13 was awesome, black swan, never dead, public enemy, and of coure one of my fav of Mega, Sudden death. Dont tell me that the solos of this song arent catchy. I expect more of the new album though.
    Really excited for this, if the recent releases are anything to go by this should be a solid album.
    Man its not even been a year since TH1RT3EN yet its been 4 years since Death Magnetic. Metallicas gotta put something out soon.
    I disagree with Dave on most of his political views, but it was nice that he apologized for some of the stuff he said in interviews. Also excited for the album.
    i hope you get better dave and please make a kick ass album i am tired of all the shit thats out there this days
    hope that the new album is more like End Game than Th1rteen can't help but crave for another Rust in Peace; in vain
    Dave's all over the map... lucid moments of reflection and equal doses of crazy politico-religious rants. MD is the same... some decent songs coupled with some pretty mediocre filler. Sadly, his best work was when he was angry and deep into drugs in the Peace Sells days.
    This is are some great news. That's what I like about Megadeth, they keep a persistent rythm for releasing albums. Although, I'd like that in this Album, songs gets written by all the members of the band and not only Dave and Johnny K. Good songs were written in 13, by Dave Mustaine but greater songs were written when it was a collective work, for example, "Ashes In your Mouth".
    Do you guys remember that period around United Abominations-Endgame a few years back, where Mustaine was on good terms with everyone, talked mainly just about guitars, music and Megadeth and didn't seem like an ***** whenever he spoke? I liked that Dave.
    he's still doing that, but all the media are focusing on whenever he states his unpopular political or religious opinions instead of the other 95% of what he says.
    also interesting how (and your not the only one to mention this) you love his music but hate his views, when most of his music written since the 80's has been politically charged and in the same direction as his views now. I love his music because i agree with a lot of his views and its almost an outlet to listen to his music to deal with the frustrations of society today. With that said iv seen him play a couple times since his surgery and i gotta say he is playing the best iv ever seen and looks real healthy. Last album was great, hope next one tops it
    funny how there was really nothing mentioned about daves political "views" yet so many want to comment on them. i just don't get it ? who cares what his views are they are his and he has the right to his opinions it's not like he is saying "hey you there behind your computer screen i think you suck"! he is just stating his beliefs. Assuming you are in the good old USA and sitting comfortably in your home typing away remember that because of that fact we have that choice! some places in the world that kinda freedom will get ya killed! God bless Dave Mustaine for reminding us all that we have that wether you you agree or not be happy that we can say what we like and at the end of the day listen to great music together! hell i can't stand tom morello's views but love his playing and his music and would never let his beliefs get in the way of the music! think peolple.....
    Hoping it sounds more like UA with Endgame-quality solos than 13. I think the title track on the last album is one of Megadeth's best songs and I loved "Guns, Drugs, and Money," but the rest of the album just seemed lazy and forced. Also, Broderick needs to whip out the sevensies again.
    I hope it's better than 13 because that album sounded to cheesy and filler to me. Hopefully Dave Mustaine lets Chris Broderick write some stuff too because Chris is too good to be in a band like Megadeth. I want to see Chris add some Classical stuff to Megadeth it will surely be Godly if he does.
    Wonder if there will be any political songs on it It would be funny.
    THEY should do an ALL INSTRUMENTAL ALBUM if dave's voice isn't right. Megadeth has a few amazing insturmental's already
    I think Megadeth would actually be better without Dave. All he really brought to the table was his guitar work, but I mean Chris can play even better than Dave, and so could Marty, but Dave's voice just bugs the shit outta me.
    "All he really brought to the table" ...was a couple of riffs for Kill 'em All and Ride the Lightning.
    "I do feel that you deserve better from me" - better than "13" at least? - as good as "Endgame"? - hell yeah!!!!!
    I didn't really like Thirteen, so I hope this new record is better. I thought with Endgame, that they were doing really well with the solos, but could've done some better riffing and hooks. I heard that they were trying to just release an album quickly to get off of Roadrunner.
    I hope Chirs will get some more input to the songwriting on this album, but i doubt that. Either way I can't wait!
    xzxw Dave Mustaine apologizing for telling African women to "Put a plug in it"? Oh well. I'm sure the next album will be very good.
    Sir Stoney
    I hate Mustaines voice, if Mustaine would "put a plug in it" maybe I wouldn't have to find instrumental versions of their songs. You can't even attempt to say that Dave is a good singer. If you do you're prolly one of those "Metal only" people with no taste in any other form of music except thrash. Yes kids, get emotional over this comment.
    I love how fast this was escalated. Went from referencing starving African women's vaginas, to Dave's voice, a point which I agree on. Anyway, I am not one of those 'Metal only' people. And pro tip: You spelled probably wrong.
    Sir Stoney
    Well I kinda just replied cause of the 'put a plug in it'. It wasn't a direct reply to you, just everyone. You being "everyone". Sorry man lol
    Can't wait, Thirteen was a good album, Hope this one exceeds the quality of it.
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