Megadeth: 'We'll Take a Different Approach on the New Record'

David Ellefson announces plans to drift away from the "Super Collider" vibe.

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Megadeth bassist David Ellefson confirmed the band's plans to drift away from the approach taken on last year's "Super Collider" and offer something different on the new release.

Chatting with Rock Song of the Day, the bassist noted, "Every album offers something a bit different. I think 'Super Collider' was this serendipitous moment that encompassed variety from our 30-year career, which was ironic since it actually was our 30-year anniversary last year. It wasn't planned that way, it just sort of happened."

Focusing on the next album, Ellefson added (via Blabbermouth), "But, moving forward, there is a feeling within the band now to take a different approach on the next record, one that probably means new locations, new producers/engineers, and so forth."

David also discussed upcoming tour plans, explaining that the group has "spent a great deal of time in North America these past few months so aside from a couple shows in Las Vegas and Tucson we are spending most of our year in other parts of the world."

"Super Collider" saw its release in June 2013 via Tradecraft, receiving mixed reactions from both fans and critics.

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    Super Collider was a solid underrated release. It's Megadeth, so I anticipate whatever musical direction they go in next.
    I still don't get the people who went all apeshit on Super Collider, I agree that Megadeth is capable to write much better music ( especially with Broderick ) and it would be silly to call Super Collider 'metal' because the only song with a little bit thrash vibe is 'kingmaker' but it's still a decent record and I liked most of the songs.
    There [i]is a reason, people expected good thrash metal from Megadeth not a watered down rock album.
    They made the album that they wanted to make, I think it's as simple as that. Not everybody was going to like it, but then again this is nothing new for Megadeth. People have complained about a lot of their albums. I say good on them for trying something different. Not a big fan of the album myself, but it's good to see them trying something different simply because that's what they wanted to do. Same with Metallica, people have been complaining since the Black Album but they continue to do what they want. Good to see musicians evolve.
    You can even say that they have been doing this kinda thing longer than they have put out pure thrash. Most albums after Rust have been very mixed genre wise, even the heavier ones such as UA and System Has Failed. If you expect pure thrash at this point, you'll most likely be dissapointed.
    Exactly, I think that people get their hopes up from quotes of the band and expect exactly what they think the quotes are saying. It's not like they would say: "We're going to take a more mainstream approach on this because we want to do something different".
    I'd rather have another thrashing album like Rust in Peace, can't deny that but it's just not going to happen..
    Megadeth is free to make whatever kind of music they want, but they should have the pride to let their fans and the press know that "this will not be a thrash album, so don't expect one", instead of making vague statements about how this "encompassed variety from our 30-year career". I think it's very pretentious when they act all shocked that Super Collider didn't sit so well with their fans. Similarly, I like Load and Reload (and St. Anger, so sue me), but I hate it when Metallica acts as if they expected their general fanbase to like it as much as their older stuff. That being said, Super Collider has a few good songs, but any other generic band could have written those songs. It's like if Dream Theater decided to write an AC/DC style three chord song. Rant complete, I now return to Valhalla to slumber with the gods.
    I loved it, I love all other Megadeth (besides Risk), just because it isn't Rust in Peace doesn't give me the merit to label it awful. Fun album.
    Man, Risk and cryptic writings are pretty great albums in their own way. Some songs just have that relaxing still heavy athmosphere. But I see why most people hate that stuff, it's not that thrashy Megadeth.
    It was another rushed album with shoddy songwriting. There were hints of goodness, but everything felt like it needed a few more rewrites. Lyrics also were pretty bad.
    "Burn, baby, burn... 'cause it feels so good! Burn, baby, burn... like I knew it would!" "Three letter groups listening in on you / under surveillance courtesy of Big Brother in your car" Musically, not awful. Lyrically, unlistenable.
    i wanna hear a really awesome, bluesy thrash classical influenced album coming off of all this stuff dave is practicing for for the symphony interrupted stuff, i really hope they have some great solos and work i personally never had a problem with what they did on suer collider was a decent album, but endgame is the best theyve offered in this century for sure
    This means they are dishing Johnny K, right? thats good news.
    I highly doubt it'll happen but I really think they should team up with Andy Sneap again. Endgame and United Abominations had great production
    Came here to thumbs up the article. I just hope Megadeth takes more time with this one, no need to rush things. This lineup is too good to not release a classic metal record.
    I really liked Super Collider.It was different, and well i like it when bands do new new things and experiment.. and well Megadeth is a band that is not afraid to do so.
    I'm usually the guy who defends the CDs that r unanimously hated but super collider really was bland. I bought it day one and have not listened to it since June. The only 2 songs that were really great were kingmaker and dance in the rain. I loved 13 and endgame tho
    Hopefully that different approach will include a bit more thrash than on the last record.
    As a fan of Megadeths 90s material, i don´t really care what direction they are going for, thrash or not it might be interesting. I just hope it sounds better than Super Collider, i don´t like the sound of that album and only really enjoy a small handful of songs (the middle section is quite good). I´m looking forward to the next one, they rarely dissapoint imo, and when they do, you know that the next album is fairly close, so it´s no big deal.
    Anyone else realise that what Dave said wasn't actually ironic, but actually coincidental?
    Harry Marsh
    It will definitely be interesting to hear what direction the next album goes in. I enjoy quite a lot of Megadeth's music so I know there will be something I like on there. Yes, like most people I am hoping for something more Thrashy but it is most important that the band doesn't force a sound that they aren't all that keen on playing, because that can turn into a shitty album and people will be more pissed off.
    Hate to say it because Drover seems to be a nice guy and all that but Megadeth needs a new drummer, someone with some finesse. Drover makes everything sound stale and lifeless even though he has good chops. It'll never happen but BRING MENZA BACK!
    I agree with you, everytime I watch Rust In Peace or Countdown live, I feel like Shawn's drumming ruins the whole thing. He makes so many mistakes.
    How about you just stop recording new material? Just quit while still on the top...oh wait, it's too late for that.
    This article hints at them making a THRASH record next which won't happen but GOD Dave that's ALL WE WANT!!!!!
    Now we wait for the inevitable, superfluous update from the band attempting to give us an idea of the album's general sound. "It reminds me of, ya know, a mix of Cryptic Writings, Countdown to Extinction. Stuff like that." Yeah, okay Dave. That has never been remotely accurate.
    Here's a different approach, Dave, how about touring behind the album like you had planned, Dave, instead of cancelling all your Australian shows, Dave. I had no issue with their last album, just pissed off at the moron who made it.
    Mustaine is going to play with San Diego Symphony and Megadeth will make 20th anniversary of Youthanasia, I'm sure all this will affect Megadeth's music.
    I actually like super collider. Kingmaker,built for war,super collider etc. It makes me laugh when people say it's risk two! The band couldn't be in a further place from risk if they tried.
    not expecting thrash, but heavy riffs like they've put out fairly consistently over the last 2 decades would be a sigh of relief after Super Collider