Megadeth Working on New Album: 'The Process Has Definitely Started'

"We're not a band that goes on the road and never creates anything new," says bassist David Ellefson.

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Despite being in a midst of a world tour promoting their latest effort "Super Colider," thrash titans Megadeth still found some time to work on their new material. Bassist David Ellefson recently addressed the band's progress on new tunes, saying that Megadeth is the kind of band that's almost constantly in writing mode. "We no sooner get a record done and get on tour than pretty soon we start throwing ideas back and forth," he told Phoenix New Times. "We're not a band that goes on the road, never creates anything new, and then we have to take a six-month period to get together and write new songs. For us, creating new material is always in motion." Ellefson explained further, "We're still right square in the middle of the Super World Collider tour, so we're not anywhere near formulating concepts, directions, graphics, titles ... that's definitely sometime in the future. But as far as creating some new riffs and lyrics, maybe starting to compose songs, you know; that process has definitely started." Back in late July, frontman Dave Mustaine revealed the group's plans to already start demoing new material, confessing that Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman's passing in a way shook his sense of mortality. "You know, time is short," he told 93X Radio. As far as Ellefson's interview goes, the bassist also discussed his spirituality, saying that the majority of his most important life events was "divinely inspired." "All the best things in my life were not my idea," he said. "Meaning they were divinely inspired. Even joining Megadeth, you know? That was my friend Greg's idea. And you know, the people around me and the inspiration that came to me - especially when getting sobered up in 1990 before we recorded 'Rust in Peace' - it was a terrific transition, because we wrote that record in our absolutely darkest, most addictive days." As the band's fourteenth studio album, "Super Collider" was released on June 4 through Tradecraft.

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    Hell yeah. Regardless of what they end up coming up with, I'm always psyched for some new Megadeth.
    Just hope they take their time with this one. I really liked the style they went with for Endgame and United Abominations.
    Dave needs to let Chris unleash his full potential on the next record, like so much so that almost no other player could play the solos if Chris leaves. Similar to how Dave let Marty loose on Rust In Peace and Chris Poland on Peace Sells. Let Chris use some of that 8 finger tapping that he's flawless at. Or they could do another kick ass cover song since I officially like their cover of Cold Sweat slightly better than Thin Lizzy's original.
    Absolutely, it would be terrific if we could hear a bit more of Chris outside the cage, but Dave has nearly always been the mastermind behind all of Megadeth's songs, so maybe it's a bit hard for him to "give up" his position.
    Dude Chris needs to learn how to SERVE THE SONG rather than play 800 notes per second.....Thats the key to writing a good solo like Poland and Friedman have done in the past. IT's making the solo fit the song NOT about UNLEASHING all your skill.
    I feel the same! Even though it may not be as good and unique as their earlier albums, you really can't expect them to always focus on the same style, they have the right to twist things up.
    these days Megadeth is the most sensible band among big 4
    What about Anthrax? They haven't really been in the news lately. Maybe it's because they haven't been saying anything retarded/controversial lately?
    "We're not a band that goes on the road, never creates anything new, and then we have to take a six-month period to get together and write new songs. For us, creating new material is always in motion."
    Sounds like a jab at Metallica, amirite?
    I'm not the biggest of Megadeth fans (I listen to them now and again though) but damn, you have to respect their work rate. In a 30 year career they've never gone longer than 3 years (and only on three occasions) without releasing a new album which is pretty damn rare these days.
    Hated Super Collider but Megadeth can put out 5 awful albums in a row and i'll still be excited to give a new one a try, have been nothing but happy with 99% of the music they release and still listen to old school Megadeth on a daily basis, even Risk has some passable material! love prince of darkness and crush 'em!
    Super Collider didn't Set The World Afire for me, but I don't mind this at all. If they still have the passion to write and record (and not just for the sake of fulfilling some record company's contractual obligations), go for it. New Deth is always welcome.
    Von II
    You can call me a close-minded, but I just hope they put their talent in to a great old school thrash album, even if it isn't very refreshing or original. I don't think I can survive another mediocre rock album (at least for me it's mediocre) and a high school drama video clip.
    They can do whatever they want as far as I'm concerned, but I wouldn't mind more memorable tunes, pop or thrash
    That's really cool, hate waiting 3-4 years sometimes more for a new album
    Love me some Megadeth. I actually haven't disliked anything they've done since Risk (and even then, I'll listen to "Crush 'Em" every now and again). I liked Super Collider, and goddamn these guys are writing machines! lol
    Always good to have more Megadeth! Hopefully it is like my two favorite megadeth albums, The system has failed and United Abominations
    I thought super collider was good, not as good as other albums such as Endgame, united abominations or the system has failed, but a good record none the less. But More Megadeth is always good!
    Apart from Dave's "Pandora Box of Riffs". He told in an interview that everytime he picks up a guitar that he always write something new...
    I like how they're putting out a lot of albums *cough cough* pick it up metallica *cough cough*, but i just hope this album is of better quality than Super Collider, I just tried to get into that album but couldn't.
    Bless you Megadeth! New great songs comming! feel happy right now!
    I feel like they should take their time with this one. Their last two albums weren't all that great, and it's probably because they wrote and released them so quickly. I'm not saying to go at Metallica's pace, but a great album every 3 years is better than a mediocre album every year and a half.
    i agree with that statement, i love megadeth and liked thirteen and thought super collider was a step up but engame and united abominations took about a year in the studio to write and they were both such great albums, along with going back to rust in peace, or countdown, they should start writing now and finish writing in january-february, have another summer release but heavier faster, better more memorable riffs and make a solid album thats worth the billboard top 10 at any time of the year not a time where theres 3 good albums out
    good. although i still enjoyed super collider, it was definitely disappointing, and their worst record in the past 9-10 years. it just didn't have any lasting power for me. i listened to it for a few weeks and never touched it again
    Megadeth: Please take your time with this next album. I'd rather wait a while for something EPIC than have tons of garbage popped out ASAP!
    If you want something truly epic from Megadeth you're going to have to throw some alcohol and heroin in to the mix. Just sayin...
    Megadeth makes too many albums... I'd rather wait 4 years for a great album than having a Thirteen/Super Collider every two years.
    Mustaine: "-- we wrote that record (Rust in Peace) in our absolutely darkest, most addictive days." Soooo.... should someone hook up Dave with some drugs again? ;D (jk)
    Please just not another Super Colider. God that album was worst than Risk ten times over. I expected so much more from my favorite band from middle school to sophomore year.
    I'm excited as to find out what more stupid titles for songs/the album Dave can come up with.