Megadeth Working on New Album: 'The Process Has Definitely Started'

artist: Megadeth date: 10/30/2013 category: new releases

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Megadeth Working on New Album: 'The Process Has Definitely Started'
Despite being in a midst of a world tour promoting their latest effort "Super Colider," thrash titans Megadeth still found some time to work on their new material. Bassist David Ellefson recently addressed the band's progress on new tunes, saying that Megadeth is the kind of band that's almost constantly in writing mode. "We no sooner get a record done and get on tour than pretty soon we start throwing ideas back and forth," he told Phoenix New Times. "We're not a band that goes on the road, never creates anything new, and then we have to take a six-month period to get together and write new songs. For us, creating new material is always in motion." Ellefson explained further, "We're still right square in the middle of the Super World Collider tour, so we're not anywhere near formulating concepts, directions, graphics, titles ... that's definitely sometime in the future. But as far as creating some new riffs and lyrics, maybe starting to compose songs, you know; that process has definitely started." Back in late July, frontman Dave Mustaine revealed the group's plans to already start demoing new material, confessing that Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman's passing in a way shook his sense of mortality. "You know, time is short," he told 93X Radio. As far as Ellefson's interview goes, the bassist also discussed his spirituality, saying that the majority of his most important life events was "divinely inspired." "All the best things in my life were not my idea," he said. "Meaning they were divinely inspired. Even joining Megadeth, you know? That was my friend Greg's idea. And you know, the people around me and the inspiration that came to me - especially when getting sobered up in 1990 before we recorded 'Rust in Peace' - it was a terrific transition, because we wrote that record in our absolutely darkest, most addictive days." As the band's fourteenth studio album, "Super Collider" was released on June 4 through Tradecraft.
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