Megadeth's 'Forget to Remember' is Available for Streaming

Listen to the new Megadeth song featuring David Draiman right now!

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Megadeth revealed another new song from the upcoming "Super Collider" album, Blabbermouth reports.

The song, which features Disturbed and Device frontman David Draiman, joins the list of previously released songs, which includes the likes of "Kingmaker" single, the album title track and two songs, "The Blackest Crow" and "Built for War," revealed on June 3.

"Forget to Remember" is one of two songs featuring Draiman - the other one is titled "Dancing in the Rain."

"Super Collider" will drop today (June 4) as the band's 14th studio album.

Stream "Forget to Remember" here (exclusively by New York Public Radio).

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    Idc what anyome says i bought this album and i love it, i liked risk but i see why others dont, but forget you guys i dont want megadeth to repeatdly put out rust in peace anyway theyve experimented differenty every album in their discography and im proud to be a fan of a band that can throw a heavy melodic album out for a 14 go at it,alot of bands cant produce 5 albums none the less 10-15 so the music that comes is good to me, the drums guitar work and vocals are all strong on this album an its way heavier thenrisk as a whole it isnt their best but its still good i do admit its not completely megadeths style but its good music
    Pretty Good, but not like old megadeth.
    Boe Jangles
    Totally Agree. People keep criticising them for not being like they were. But all bands have some sort of transition, some big some small, they still produce really good melodic stuff. They are timeless.
    I knew clicking on this article someone would make a remark along the lines of what Cliptose93 said and I thought I would be the only one defending this album but I'm glad someone else is. This album is amazing!
    C'mon people. Of course musicians change style, attitude and thinking in more than 25 years. It would be boring if Megadeth released Rust in Peace 10 times with different title.
    Not bad at all. As others have said, it's in-line with their more melodic work, but when done right, melody and hook aren't negatives.
    Isn't "forget to remember" the name if a Mudvayne song? Whatever happened to Mudvayne anyway?
    I'm not quite sure what happen to them except that the lead singer is now in the band Hellyeah.
    Wow. It's Risk all over again. Man, I want to hear Broderick shredding, he isn't even using a 10% of his power.
    Id say Chris broderick is lacking on the good solos.....I mean sure on this new album so far there was one solo that I could tell was brodericks but that was becasue of teh tapping...and chris usually does tapping alot more than Dave. I think Chris needs to get back to where he was with solos.....Other than that Im loving the album so far from what ive haeared on preveiws of songs
    Dave Mustaine doesn't let Chris express himself like he wants.
    Im sure Dave does not keep Chris from expressing himself.... I Guarantee that If Chris went up to Dave and let him know that he would like to express himself more on albums Dave would be 100% okay with that. They are all friends so why wouldn't he be okay with that?
    to do a good solo you need to mix your capabilities with the song that you're trying to solo in: the chords, the rythmics, the vibe i think chris has a lot of knowledge, but the songs lack interest in itself
    although i am a broderick fan, (even bought his $3,000 guitar) this is exactly why he will never be a guitar legend. broderick simply does not have his own "sound" sometimes it is hard to tell its him playing, and i usually can only tell because of a technique he is doing like sweep picking. i instantly know when zakk wylde, eddie van halen, jeff loomis etc. are on the guitar. they have that tone, feel, style, and sound that broderick just doesn't have to me. his solos arent to memorable either, good, but nothing you can sing to or get stuck in your head.
    In earlier Megadeth albums you could tell when it was a Chris Broderick solo.... Chris has expressed himself in their earlier stuff but not there newer stuff. Also I dont see why some cant like this album... but I guess they will be missing out on good songs. Can they not be experimental? Supercollider is a very good album. It does sound like they tried to make it deverse so that there is a song on there that everyone would enjoy. IM loving the album and some of the experimentation that happend with it. Very good job Megadeth
    I don't get it... the only part of Draiman i can hear is some weird whispering. Seriously?
    i thought the same thing when i listened to the album. i dont even know why they bother having him in the studio and giving him credits. you can barely tell its draimen on dancing in the rain towards the end with all the reverb. it doesn't help that that part almost ruins the best song on the album. draimen is nowhere to b found on forget to remember, but from what i'm reading, he just helped write it. why were they promoting that he was on 2 tracks? what a wasted opportunity
    Great song. Something between Risk and Endgame. And because i liked Risk, the song is awesome to me.
    UG gave this album a 7.3. I fail to see how this album is anything more than average - what should be a 5.
    Although I like the song, this doesn't sound like Megadeth at all... it sounds like They decided to stop playing metal and try a new genre, but couldn't completely get rid of their Metal roots... Its awesome though
    It's official this album is awful, the only good tracks were Dancing in the Rain and Cold Sweat (Thin Lizzy cover)
    It's nowhere near what I hoped. Guitar solos are seriously lacking, not what I expect from Megadeth at all.
    I think this song, Don't turn your back, Kingmaker and Built for War are good too, but not enough to say this is a good album.
    Agree this album is freaking terrible. I wonder if Dave is just putting anything together just to finish his contract and saving the good songs for later lol
    Jesus people, just because it's not thrash doesn't mean it's not good music. I've heard every song from this album thanks to online streaming, and yes there are a few that are filler, but for the most part this is a very solid album. No, it's not RiP, SFSGSW, or even Countdown, but it's still a good album and has the chops to stand on its own against anything else any other band is putting out right now.
    Meh, typical megadeth... And to think they are part of the big 4 just makes me depressed. Should be replaced with BMTH or some other REAL METAL band. 6/10
    I really hope you're kidding... Bring Me the Horizon does not belong to be at the same festival as any bands from the big 4.
    No mommy, don't do it again Don't do it again I'll be a good boy I'll be a good boy, I promise No mommy don't hit me Why did you have to hit me like that, mommy? Don't do it, you're hurting me Why did you have to be such a bitch Why don't you, Why don't you just **** off and die Why can't you just **** off and die Why can't you just leave here and die Never stick your hand in my face again bitch FUCK YOU I don't need this shit You stupid sadistic abusive ****ing ***** How would you like to see how it feels mommy Here it comes, get ready to die
    I like it. The verses could be better, but pre-chorus and chorus are awesome!
    This reminds me a lot of The System Has Failed. For some reason, the vocals in the beginning remind me of Scott Weiland.