Meshuggah Seem to Be Using 9-String Guitars for the New Album

artist: Meshuggah date: 08/11/2014 category: upcoming releases

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Meshuggah Seem to Be Using 9-String Guitars for the New Album
Meshuggah's guitar duo was recently spotted wielding a pair of 9-string guitars, suggesting that we're up for quite a low-tuned treat on the band's new album.

Posted on the Djentelman's Club Facebook page and pointed at by Metal Injection, the photo from an unidentified German guitar magazine clearly depicts Fredrik Thordendal and Marten Hagstrom showing off their new axes. Whether they'll put the extra string to use yet remains to be seen.

As far as the new record is considered, the group had stated back in 2013 that they'll kick off the writing process earlier this year, making a 2014 album release a feasible option.

Back to the 9-string, the same source indicates that Meshuggah already got to the domain of the ninth string, but using 8-string guitars, simply by detuning the lowest string way down to Bb. Check out "Spasm" off 2002's "Nothing" as a prime example.

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