Meshuggah Seem to Be Using 9-String Guitars for the New Album

That's like, a whole new string compared to an 8-string 6-string.

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Meshuggah's guitar duo was recently spotted wielding a pair of 9-string guitars, suggesting that we're up for quite a low-tuned treat on the band's new album.

Posted on the Djentelman's Club Facebook page and pointed at by Metal Injection, the photo from an unidentified German guitar magazine clearly depicts Fredrik Thordendal and Marten Hagstrom showing off their new axes. Whether they'll put the extra string to use yet remains to be seen.

As far as the new record is considered, the group had stated back in 2013 that they'll kick off the writing process earlier this year, making a 2014 album release a feasible option.

Back to the 9-string, the same source indicates that Meshuggah already got to the domain of the ninth string, but using 8-string guitars, simply by detuning the lowest string way down to Bb. Check out "Spasm" off 2002's "Nothing" as a prime example.

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    Floyd Phoenix
    Soon it'll be 10 string guitars, then 11 strings, then they'll will go to a 12 string and all music will automatically default to folk music leaving the evolution of metal to happen all over again... Or something like that.
    Not sure if Meshuggah or Spinal Tap: "But, why don't you just use an 8-string guitar and tune it lower?" "But this has 9-strings you see. It's one lower."
    -"Where do we go from there? Nowhere, exactly. what we do is, if we need that extra push over the cliff, you know what we do?" -"Use a 9-string." -"Exactly, one lower."
    What are they gonna do with the bass guitar... It's usually one octave lower than the guitar. Since the article stated they're going down to Bb, the lowest note on the guitar will be 29.14 Hz. This would lead to the lowest note on the bass being 14.57 Hz, which is way lower than the human ear can hear...
    They'll definitely be competing for frequencies given how low they are, however a guitar, no matter how low it's tuned, will never sound like a bass.
    I'm pretty sure Meshuggah's guitars are in the same octave as the bass, so it's not that low.
    There are 10 string guitars... I'l stick to my 6 string thanks!
    Never understood why to use more than standard tuning on seven strings. You don't hear much of the lower frequencies on guitar amps either way, might as well leave the lows to the bass and stick to your mids and highs.
    Guitar has different characteristics. You might not hear the low frequency but you'll definitely hear the low notes coming from the guitar.
    It's more to do with the pickups. 7+ string guitars have specifically designed pickups to handle the lower frequencies. It's not all to do with the amp
    I agree. I play an 8-string, but i tune it up to ADGCFADG. Not to mention i never really go below a low C. Lower than that just doesn't sound good to me, so i definitely don't need to go as far as a low F#, let alone the super low C# or whatever you'd get from a 9-string. To me the real point of the extra strings is to extend the range of any given position on the neck, and i think adding a lower string AND a higher string does that better than adding two lower strings. But hey, that's just me
    I came here to see tons of "true guitarists" saying how pointless 9-strings are, was not disappointed.
    Plot twist:The string added is an A-string above the high E-string.
    Pretty sure that the high e is about almost high as it can go before the steel strings snap under tension... I've tuned up to F# and broke while playing before. Unless Schecter Guitar Research has done the research and development to make it viable In other words, if it's doable, I'm all for it. Give us an extended range upwards, too
    Robert Fripp of King Crimson fame uses a tuning that goes up to a high G, and Scale The Summit's Chris Letchford did so on an eight-string before, so I think it's pretty doable.
    I bet they'll tune it at least half note down. If this lowering will continue, metal wil be soon unhearable.
    Google unjustly labled. It's mostly doom music, but it is 8 string guitars tuned down nearly an octave G#0 (same as a 10 string). Fascinating stuff. Also people think that when you go bellow 20Hz frequency, you wont be able to hear it, but the notes natural harmonics can still be heard so your brain still hears the note.
    Or they could all go onstage with bass guitars? 'Big bottom, big bottom, talk about bun cakes my girls got 'em!'
    9 string guitars - because 8 strings weren't ridiculous enough.
    9 string guitar!! This is awful impossible to cover their songs. No doubt this will be another kick ass album.
    I hope not, I think 8 strings is acceptable but this is crossing the line.
    I respect Chappers, but he's not really with it with modern metal. For one, he doesn't know what sort of amp to use for an extended range guitar and thus gets THE worst tones.
    I wonder if they know that an electric instrument that goes lower than guitar was invented a few years back. I think they called it a bass or something stupid like that.
    im waiting for the day when 6-string bass guitars become the new guitars, and basses just get replaced with a wooden plank with one bridge cable one it
    Oh meshuggah, if they are using a 9 string, WILL use that ninth string all day haha
    In a couple of years, listening to Meshuggah music will be accompanied by an earthquake.
    Someone will come along and do something innovative with a 9 string, 10 string, and so on. It happened with the 8 string, which a lot of folks figured would be totally unnecessary. Tosin Abasi and Joshua Travis are doing great things with them.
    How about actually writing interesting songs, MeCHUGgah? Booow djgdjgdjgdjgdjgd
    Why dont they just downtune their 8 strings?
    So that they can still do the meedlymeedlymeedlymeeee's on the tiny strings.
    Because the tension will be too slack. A 9-string guitar would have better tone than a downtuned 8-string
    I doubt that, the neck scale is still the same as 8 string guitars use. the only difference is the neck width and thickness. thickness can be fixed, width not really without adding an extra string. the difference in tension is made by thickness of a string, tuning and the scale length. the only reason to use a 9 string guitar would be because you can't use the high notes you use if you'd use a downtuned 8 string guitar, which would be only 5 extra notes, in which case you could as well use a guitar with extra deep cutout, though that'd ruin the sound of the neck pickup, if you'd have a neck pickup at all.
    They already have 30" scales on their 8's. They could just downtune and use thicker gauges. I'm guessing though they might be changing to 9's to look cool.
    I really like the Bb sound on an electric guitar ever since Carcass. Awesome
    Guys, you do know that one picture of him with a 9 string doesn't necessarily mean they will be using 9 strings?
    Yo anything below G sounds like shit... Just get a bass player, or TWO bass players (if you wanna go that far)!