Metal Covers Album of Florence + the Machine Songs Set for Release

"Florence + the Sphinx" is set for release on May 13.

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An album made up of metal covers of Florence + the Machine songs is set for release, NME reports.

"Florence + the Sphinx" is set for release on May 13 via Sumerian Records and features tracks from Periphery, Stick to Your Guns and Ben Bruce of Asking Alexandria, reports AltPress. Scroll down for a full tracklisting and to listen to Periphery's "Only if for a Night," Stick to Your Guns' "Dog Days Are Over" and Come the Dawn's "What the Water Gave Me."

Speaking about the record, Sumerian's co-founder Ash Avildsen commented: "To me, 'Ceremonials' by Florence + the Machine is one of the most timeless records to come out in years. The distinctive vocals and melodies, the orchestration and instrumentation, the production, the mood and the lyrics have made me enamored with the album. It is also one of the heaviest records in years to me ... not in the sense of metal and aggressive vocals/guitars/drums, but in how the songs make you feel."

The "Florence + the Sphinx" tracklisting is:

01. "Only if for a Night" by Periphery
02. "Dog Days Are Over" by Stick to Your Guns
03. "Shake It Out" by Ben Bruce of Asking Alexandria
04. "Spectrum" by Darkest Hour
05. "No Light, No Light" by Miss Fortune
06. "Leave My Body" by Fever Dreamer
07. "Seven Devils" by Born of Osiris
08. "What the Water Gave Me" by Come the Dawn
09. 'Lover to Lover' by Upon a Burning Body
10. "Heartlines" by Mike Semesky of Intervals11. "Remain Nameless" by Dead Letter Circus12. "All This and Heaven Too" by City in the Sea

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    Florence + the Machine is better than most of these bands combined. Only one I kind of enjoy is Periphery.
    I never got Florence & The Machine. To my ear, Florence is always slightly out of tune and the songs are a bit boring. Either way, I'm sure many will enjoy this album and I'll probably give it a listen out of pure intrigue ^.^
    OKay, I gave the songs a listen, and my god they're bad. The first is okay, but there's no real change, and the other 2 are just a pair of metalcore crap. The screaming just ruins what are just absolutely amazing pieces of music. They serve as a reminder that screaming in music should only be used where appropriate.
    I agree 100%. I looked at the list and immediately thought "oh here's a bunch of covers with out of place screaming thrown all over it"
    I was pumped to see this when I read the article title but I have to admit, the results were pretty disappointing.
    Wow, this is going to be sweet. I don't know Miss Fortune, but I can imagine a metal cover of No Light No Light in my head, and it's awesome.
    Covers on record are pretty obsolete, the real purpose of covers is to a)highlight how the performer's style differs from the original, or b)to engage an unfamiliar audience with something they know. I liked Periphery's version, I am already familiar with their style so the most I can really do is download Florence's original album
    DLC and Periphery are good bands...well, Periphery 1 is mega cool. Iffy cover though, you can tell Bulb did the primary guitar work, but Mrak woulda def been thr best candidate for it. I love Misha but Marks rhythm writing is stellar, and would lend itself to FatM
    I kinda enjoy the Periphery and Stick to Your Guns covers, they just feel a little forced and it doesn't sound like they really wanted to do it that badly. The Come the Dawn one sounds really awkward though