Metal Musicians React to the New Black Sabbath Single 'God is Dead?'

Anthrax, Hatebreed and Shadow Fall members give their thoughts on the comeback Sabbath single.

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The news of the latest Black Sabbath single "God is Dead?" release was without a doubt one of the biggest headlines this month, if not the entire year. Fans welcomed the return of metal titans, unanimously praising the new nine-minute monster jam. But what did the fellow musicians have to say about it?

That's exactly the question Loudwire team recently got to ask some of today's more prominent metal musicians. The likes of Frank Bello, Joey Belladonna, Hatebreed guitarist Frank Novinec and Brian Fair of Shadows Fall all got to give their impressions of the new tune.

The single itself came out on April 18 as the first officially released track off the upcoming record "13." Full album is scheduled to drop on June 11 via Vertigo/Universal Records, marking the group's 19th studio release.

To sum up all the opinions, the new song sounds "friggin' huge," "old-school" and plain "incredible" to some, while others would still prefer for the band to "strip it back a little bit and make it more raw." Check out the full comments below.

Frank Bello (Anthrax): "Bass sounds great right off the bat. He [Geezer Butler] has got a bite to the bass, it's heavy. Tony [Iommi]'s got that tone again, man. God bless him, what hes gone through ... it's amazing. I'm glad he's healthy. That's what I want out of Sabbath. I go to the bass right away and [snaps fingers] he's right in. I'm gonna text him later and say, 'You killed it on the bass!' I'm psyched to say the least about this song."

Joey Belladonna (Anthrax): "This is like a cross between new Ozzy and old Sabbath. I like it. [Imitating Ozzy] 'God is Dead!!!' Ozzy is louder than normal. That's why it sounds more Ozzy-ish."

Frank Novinec (Hatebreed): "It's what I expected, it reminds me of the 'Heaven and Hell' stuff, but with Ozzy singing. Iommi is still the man. I'm really into the Iommi and Friends tapes because I'm a big fan of the 'Born Again' record. It's good, but it's what I expected. It's a polished production. Obviously, the production isn't going to be what it was in the '70s, it's completely different. I actually hear hints of the song 'Who Are You' from 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.' I gotta give it a thumbs-up."

Brian Fair (Shadows Fall): "The production is awesome, it sounds friggin' huge. That's a classic Iommi doom riff right there [5:24]. Ozzy's back in the Sabbath mode, even with the inflections. It's like the old-school stuff. I don't think the Christian right is going to be very happy with these lyrics. [Laughs] This is f--king awesome, this is way better than what I thought it would be. Ozzy, you've done well."

Land Phil (Municipal Waste): "I've heard a snippet of it. I've been a huge fan of Black Sabbath for most of my life. Tony Iommi has a signature sound and I'm looking forward to hearing what he comes up with and how they capture his signature playing style on this new recording, whether they're going to go over the top with the production or strip it back. I'd prefer they strip it back a little bit and make it more raw.

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    The song really does sound like classic sabbath
    THIS is where Ozzy belongs. I can't tell you how many times I've sold an ozzy cd back to Tower or FYE. This is just awesome. Yeah, Heaven and Hell but with Ozzy, really good and dark. If Dio were alive, i'd have loved to see them BOTH on a single track, if not an entire album, that would be just epic.
    I'm gonna text him later and say, 'You killed it on the bass!' I know that the possibility of Bill Ward being included in this reunion is less than minimal now, but if Frank Bello can text Geezer Butler, then why can't Ward text Butler or visa versa so they can actually communicate with each other?!
    others would still prefer for the band to "strip it back a little bit and make it more raw." - another UG misquote, Land Phil was saying he'd like them to do that on this record since he hasn't heard much yet, not saying that is what they should have done it and didn't
    This article sounds like another "Celebrities react to [tragedy]." The song, however, is not a tragedy.
    Ozzy sounds terrible and the production sounds a bit too compressed, but song itself exceeded my expectations. I don't love it, but I'm definitely more interested in 13 than I was before it came out.
    I still remember stealing my older bro's records of Sabbath way,way,way back when. Now after listening to this, definitely put me back in that memory. Good job fella's! Can only hope for another to follow.
    I like the other song better 'The End is the Beginning' or whatever it's called. This one kind of lost my interest until five or so minutes into it when that awesome riff comes in.
    What is absolutely amazing is that you recognize Black Sabbath during the first notes, because it is still the same badass sound that back in the 70'. The only thing that changes is the mixing and the production : modern old'school sound lol.
    I hear Sabbath. Never been a big Sabbath fan, so Im not all that impressed. Sometimes its better to just let the memories of old, remain old memories. This comment is not meant to inflame. It is an honest opinion and if you can't take honesty, to bad for you.
    I'm guessing the guys in pretty much every Doom/Stoner/Sludge band are taking copious notes. I know I am.
    I do like it.Sounds like classic SABBATH.Toni,Jon,and Geezer with addition of Brad worked very hard and deserve ROCK AND ROLL respect.Rick Rueben helped guide the way.Thanks Guys.
    Heh, I was hanging out with all of these guys this weekend in NYC except Frank Novinec. Thinking back, I'm surprised the topic of "new Sabbath" never came up.