Metalium: New Album Details Revealed

artist: Metalium date: 01/11/2008 category: new releases
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German metallers Metalium have set "Incubus" as the title of their new album, due later in the year via Massacre Records. According to the band, "Incubus" is "carrying on the heavy style and touches very realistic themes like the controversy of the church and 'the evil". The title song, 'Incubus', is an epic song of over eight minutes and original phrases of an exorcism process were used to give the song an extra authentic feel. "Incubus" track listing: 01. Trust (Intro) 02. Resurrection 03. Gates 04. Incubus 05. Take Me Higher 06. Never Die 07. At Armageddon 08. Sanity 09. Meet Your Maker 10. Hellfire 11. Soulchaser (Japan Bonus) Thanks for the info to
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