Metallica 3D Movie Details, Release Date Revealed

The movie name and storyline has been revealed, and it sounds interesting, to say the least. What do you think of the innovative new film format?

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The Metallica 3D movie has officially been named "Metallica Through The Never" and will be released on August 9.

It won't just be a live performance on the big screen. The movie will be interspersed with a storyline featuring actor Dane DeHaan as a crew member who is sent on an urgent mission during the show. Little does he know, his world is about to be turned upside down.

"Putting this movie together for the last couple of years has been a pretty wild ride, and we've definitely done our share of flying without a net," Lars Ulrich said on their website. "Some of you were kind enough to be a huge part of our three nights of filming and may be wondering just what the heck has been happening since then. Throughout the Fall and first part of this year, we've been working with director Nimród Antal and a team of editors to pull all the pieces together and so we are beyond excited to now actually have a release date and a title."

While Metallica have independently funded the movie, they know it's beyond their experience to distribute it to theaters and make it a hit. That's why they've teamed up with the well-established Picturehouse to take it to cinemas and then streaming services.

"Like your friends in 'Tallica, Picturehouse is truly independent, take big chances and often think outside of the box. Founder Bob Berney has overseen the releases of two of the most successful independent films ever, 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' and 'The Passion Of The Christ'," the band said.

Are you excited about seeing the band onscreen in 3D, or would you rather just see them on tour? Does the new movie concept sound good to you? Share your reaction in the comments.

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    I'd like to see a Metallica 3D movie called "The Call of Ktulu" where a massively extended version of that song plays while the band fights against each of HP Lovecraft's creations until they reach the final boss.
    In the style of Brutal Legend perhaps?
    But better and without Jack Black Also with Megadeth instead of Metallica Bring it you little Metallica fanboys
    I love megadeth, but i just can't handle seeing Dave the focus of anything more than megadeth. It's already hard enough with the chronic verbal diarrhea spurting from his mouth at his live shows.
    90s megadeth would be great for that. nothing agaist chris or shawn but marty and nick would just fit better imo.
    I really want to bash on this cause 3D is kind of a cheesy gimmick, but I dunno. Things are always a little different when Metallica does it. Could be cool.
    J.R. Legrasse
    Through the Never? Not complaining but the could've chosen something fresh.
    Sounds to me like a prequel to Peter Pan. Hey, at least it's not as bad as Black Sabbath's "13".
    They obviously titled it like so because of the parallel universe theme the movie will be featuring. Go listen to Through the Never and it will make sense.
    James licks penises. He told me personally.
    I'm stoked for this! I was at one of the Vancouver shows they filmed for this!
    Eclectic Lizard
    I was at the Edmonton one an I originally thought they were gonna film that one too! Oh well, better Vancouver than Calgary, Toronto or Montreal
    Tenacious D, anybody? They need to jam "Roadie" in this one. Also, somebody has to say it... Nimrd Antal? That's a sick name and you know it.
    Interesting. Can't wait to get this. I was totally impressed by QM. Although it would never surpass "Binge", it solidified Metallica as a solid live act after over 30 years of existence.
    True. While they certainly still put on a sick show, it would be cool to see the raw power of early 90's alcoholic James again (minus the alcohol).
    Icarus Lives
    Can't wait to see this. I hope the story thing will be kind of like that game Brutal Legend, where the roadie is the true hero!
    Finally now they can start working on a new album. My fingers are crossed for the end of 2014.
    So it's like a live concert, but with a fictional story too? Seems interesting, I'll surely watch this.
    I hope we see megadeth vs metallica battle in the movie
    i don't thing we will see a battle 'coz they are in the big 4 and all the 4 band are great and they songed with each other in many concerts.and this is just what i think,we will see
    sounds cool, saw Some Kind of Monster and the Big 4 show at the movies so naturally I'm going to shell out money for this. I just wish they'd tour the West Coast again and maybe this time I won't have to travel all the way to Indio, CA. Nothing beats seeing a band live, not even a fancy 3D movie
    Cool. I'll download it when it comes out.
    if you were a metallica fan at all then you would do and know these two things: you would spend the money to support the band and 2 you would know how much downloading has ****ed up the music buisness and how Lars Ulrich stands as a symbol of this
    Ok good. The bands job is done. Now get back to their other job of GETTING AN ALBUM DONE before Megadeth releases another 3 album
    Couldn't pay me to care. This is their fourth or fifth release from that tour now? I mean I was excited for the first release, but come on now.
    Eh, I'd agree normally but this is one of those standout tours for them. (Others being the 1986 shows right before Cliff died, the Justice and Black Album tours and S&M) I am sick of seeing Enter Sandman live though...
    Really excited for this, got to see the concert on the 24th. Fucking awesome.
    Part of me thinks this could be good but then I remember, this is the band who made Lulu and all that other crap during the past two decades Also, if you look at the Metallica logo you will notice that it is infact a table with broken legs
    James' horrible vocals in 3D. No, thanks.
    WHO CARES Metallica is old news people!
    sell out, what?
    Oh there it is again, that clever label. "Sell out". So witty and original. I bet you do a job for free and donate months of your time to a project for no compensation, thus giving you the right to call Metallica "sell outs". I hope I'm right. I'd hate to think all you you trendy, "free music", new age hippies were not following your own cause.
    3D movies: wow that's metal! Save that shit for pixar, you know, that gimmicky trash that little children enjoy. Then again look at a majority of Metallica fans.
    if you don't like watching metallica why the F word you entered on this topic.And go watch some porn if you don't like pixar or any shity producers
    I thought at first it was called "Through The Nether". That would be 2-3 hours of Metallica mining iron ore to make Metal in Minecraft in 3D.
    they need to get Brad Pitt (with his hair in troy) to play Dave Mustaine in some part of the movie haha
    Whoa, man... so much hate around here.. On the other hand I am very excite for this movie!
    Junk movie! they had their time, that was until they went after Napster.. for that they will go down as the biggest knobhead suck ass band in history.. whenever I hear a crapallica song on the radio i want to puke!
    You mean they had their time until they tried to stop a company from selling their product without compensating them for the work they did on it? I'm sorry, I haven't read the liner notes in a while, was Shawn Fanning listed in the album credits for Kill 'Em All, Master of Puppets, And Justice for All, Black album, Load, ReLoad, Garage Inc, or S&M? I don't think he played on 'I Disappear' either, but I could be wrong. These were all the albums released before they went after Napster, in case you couldn't figure that out. Maybe you think they had enough money at that point and shouldn't have been so 'greedy'? I guess Bill Gates is pretty greedy too. He has over a billion dollars, but he just won't give away his software. He donates millions to AIDS research with the money YOU pay for his product. What an ass****. Metallica also takes your money and helps charities like Make a Wish and helps raise money for troops, etc... Those dick heads. Hey madvideos, you're right. Artists have no right to get upset about people leaking and stealing the product of their hard work. So next time you want music, just go into Best Buy and steal every CD you want. Hey, it should be free anyway, right? It's okay to steal it on the internet. So come on buddy, grow a pair, walk into the store and take it. And if you get caught, just explain your well thought out, logical side of the story to police. I am sure they will understand and let you go immediately.
    "The movie will be interspersed with a storyline featuring actor Dane DeHaan as a crew member who is sent on an urgent mission during the show. Little does he know, his world is about to be turned upside down. " That sounds so lame.
    It's a shame 3D is no longer the focus anymore, with electronics developers focusing on 4k TV's and tablets most likely 3D will be on its way out by the time this comes out.
    Those dude became douch, i like their music, only their music, beside that.....they became lazy bastard that likes money