Metallica: '90 Percent of the New Record Is Actually Written'

Meanwhile, Lars Ulrich responds to Mogwai with "Huh? What? Who are you?"

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Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich gave somewhat of a surprising update regarding the band's new album, noting that the vast majority of the massively-anticipated release has in fact been written.

"I don't think there's any more ways of saying it. We've run out of clever soundbites. It's time to make another record," Lars kicked off during a 107.7 the Bone chat.

Naming the band's endeavors from the past few years, the drummer shared hopes of Orion Music festival's return. Returning to the album matter, he added (via Blabbermouth):

"I can tell you, all kidding aside, I'm pretty convinced that 90 percent of the record is actually written, it's just gotta be kind of assembled between all those riffs. It's just a matter of connecting this to this and sort of shaping it into a song. And so, I'm pretty psyched about that."

Explaining how the writing process tends to get a bit hectic, Lars concluded, "Like I said, I'm pretty convinced that most of the raw material actually exists. It's just a matter of connecting the dots.

"I've said this before, we've applied for 28-hour days, but we haven't gotten word back yet, because the four extra hours that we would get out of that would certainly expedite the making of the next record - it would get it sooner. But we're still stuck with 24-hour days and something about six-hour minimum sleep requirements and kids that have to go to school and all the rest of it.

"And it does move forward, but maybe not as fast as we would like and certainly not as fast as a lot of our fans would like. It's certainly not 'cause we're avoiding it," Ulrich said.

In related news, Lars responded to the Glastonbury drama and the petition demanding Metallica's removal from the bill due to James Hetfield's fondness of hunting. Apart from calling the whole matter "ridiculous," the drummer focused on Mogwai, the Glasto performers dubbing Metallica "s-ite" and Lars a "terrible drummer."

"Glastonbury is like the Holy Grail in England, and we're respectful to that," the drummer told Metal Hammer. "But if somebody sits there and talks about petitions or what some other guy says, there's a point that it just becomes ridiculous.

"We're fairly thick-skinned. Obviously if Mick Jagger has something to say, or Alex Turner, or the nice guys in Kasabian, it's cool. But if some guy in some other band ... it's like, 'Huh? What? Who are you?'"

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    Sweet, can't wait to hear it in 8 years....
    So much hate! (not just you, a lot of negative comments on the article) Lol, just curious as to why the same comments don't turn up on Tool updates? I want an album as much as the next person but they do need to take their time about it. If they toned down the touring a bit they'd likely be able to put albums out more often.
    Probably because everyone knows the new Tool album is going to be amazing. If history is an indication, the new Metallica record will suck.
    That's relative. Last Tool album had 3 good songs only, the rest was just meh.
    Maybe the last Tool album only had 3 good songs to closed-minded fools like yourself...
    I'm not having a go but ultimate guitar, i find your Mustaine articles more entertaining then your Metallica articles
    Come to think of it, I haven't seen a Mustaine article in a good while now
    Yeah, we need to know what Mustaine thinks about Metallica having 90% of their new material written.
    Jacques Nel
    He has 91% of his next album written, take that Metallica.
    Haven't Megadeth put out like 3 or 4 albums since Metallica put out DM?
    Mustaine would rather sacrifice quality of new songs rather than take some time. Super collider was an absolute joke.
    Ha come on. Mustaine put Collider out, not their strongest album I would agree, but far from Bad either. I listen to it right now as we speak...13 and Endgame were great. Metallica has done shit for +10 years and everybody backs them up...
    So what's next, UG? Metallica vs Glastonbury or Metallica saying the same old stuff about their album progress?
    Jacques Nel
    Only 90% WRITTEN? Next article will probably read "Metallica has 90.2% of the new album written, will probably be released somewhere between August 2016 and December 'Apocalypse year'".
    If this album turns out like Death Magnetic, I'll be happy. Kinda wish they would make another album like Load/ReLoad, man, those were good albums.
    Load/Reload were terrible.
    Except they really weren't; House That Jack Built, King Nothing, Bleeding Me, Cure, Wasting My Hate, Mama Said, Thorn Within, The Outlaw Torn, Fuel, The Memory Remains, Devil's Dance, The Unforgiven II, Slither, Carpe Diem Baby, Bad Seed, Where The Wild Things Are, Prince Charming, Low Man's Lyric, Attitude, Fixxer. and that just happens to be 80% of the songs on both albums, all of which are fantastic
    oh yeh, because that's really a list of'fantastic'songs that have added to the legacy of the first 5 albums
    I liked Load & Reload. I wouldn't be unhappy for them to revisit the hard rock sound for some of the songs on the new album.
    I bet it's just something like Death Magnetic, throw some riffs in it, mediocre solo's and repeat the riffs til you get 8 minute songs...But I'll still check it out.
    Why do people hate DM so much. It wasn't their best album but they could've put something out far worse. I would call it a generic album if anything but it wasn't THAT BAD.
    Now, I'm not positive about this at all, but haven't they written all of their albums in a similar way? Piece together riffs they've jammed out to during pre-show rehearsals?
    Probably, but for DM it seems like they just numbered all their riffs drew them from a hat to make a song. And they definitely played the riffs too long.
    So basically Lars told us the exact same thing they've been saying for two months... I honestly wish they would just shut up about it and say something when they're actually RECORDING.
    I can't believe I'm saying this but I actually miss all those Mustaine articles we had, atleast they had some variety. Its either "we have over 9929329222 riffs" or "hipster thinks Metallica shouldn't play at Glastonbury".
    They have written 90% of the "raw material" (read: riffs, maybe lyrics) which means they may not have written any full songs. Writing a bunch of riffs is easy. But writing full songs isn't that easy.
    People can rip on Metallica all they want. Fact is metal wouldn't be what it is today without them.
    Don't get me wrong dude Metallica were ****ing amazing in the 80s but I think you giving them too much credit...unless you're talking about about all the shitty metalcore bands they influenced then yeah you got a point.
    Christ... it sounds like they're treating song writing like Lego building... I just hope the end product doesn't sound as frankensteined together as they're describing the writing process.
    as an oldschool metallica fan, it almost feels odd that i no longer care what these guys say or do anymore...i don't even think i've listened to a full new album of theirs since load...maybe a few of reload, and maybe a song here and there from whatever they released afterwards, but after load and then what came after, i can't really say i've remained a loyal fan. for me it had nothing to do with them "selling out" as a lot of butt-hurt fans would say...just wasn't into their music anymore. that is all.
    Same as you, but I didn't wait until Load..Black album finished it all : I bought my first ever record with my pocket money I saved to by Kill them all, and I was 12 : And went to see Metallica last week end live. Still a fan somewhat, but from the old Metallica records...
    Those protests are kinda stupid. Everyone's entitled to do whatever they want. Fripp's wife is racist as ****, for example, and i don't see no english people bashing on her eugeny bullshit.
    Ugh...get on with it...No one gives a **** about the performance at Glastonbury, just release something good.
    Charlie Walker
    "We have turned 90% of the pieces of the puzzle to the colour side, we just need to start putting them together", so, you've done about 10% of the actual work...NO MORE BULLSH*T, GET IN THE F*CKING STUDIO!!! AND YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED OUT 'TILL YOU GO BACK TO 1986!!!
    Iron Maiden > Metallica.
    At least they don't keep us up to date with the number of riffs written for new album
    you mean they asked him a question and he gave an answer of where they are at right now? FUCKING SHOCKING DUDE! If you want better answers get people to ask BETTER QUESTIONS
    UG choose to print these articles because people like you gravitate to them like flies on sh*t, generating hundreds of comments.
    "My penis > your penis. Huh huh Beavis huh huh" Not far from your comment, just saying.
    Does anyone older than 12 still argue about this? Jesus... And to the comment above this one, cause it's not worth making a new comment for, the gallop riff doesn't involve triplets. Peace
    Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the Deaf > Metallica Shit joke is a shit joke.
    I don't think you can even compare those two bands. Two very different sounds and genres. But Songs for the Deaf is one of the, if not, the best QOTSA albums.
    yep, they sure are, just keep playing that triplet gallop a few thousand more times.
    Carl LOG
    Basically they're lazy cause they got a shit ton of money and they feed us bullshit cause they still got 'over 500 riffs' or whatever instead of writing the actual songs.
    They need to get rid of the HQ, dozens of guitar techs and so on, get a small garage, one axe & one amp for each of them (and the white Tama for Lars). Then it'd be just a couple of weeks and an awesome album goes to our hands. It's all about the attitude, they seem to fear about the new LP.
    doesn't matter how u slice it, at some point we need to accept they will never live up to such a big name
    Popular bands will get shit on. Unpopular bands will get shit on. If it weren't for dummies In the world, we could just appreciate the musicianship. World peace will f**kin happen before that.
    I found it!!!!! Pink Floyd - Great Gig in the Sky... It was the scariest thing i have ever heard in my life!!!!! All I could think about was Neil Armstrong screaming at us to take him back home as he floated off into the endless abyss of space....
    You just got way too good too fast Metallica! Your just traveling the speed of light and sound!
    " I'm pretty convinced that 90 percent of the record is actually written" hahahah... Convinced means you believe it but with some doubts or restrain. Beeing convinced and affirming it is 90% done is a huge difference. And put the riffs together, and write texts on it, is the HARDEST part of the songs... Lars, you make me laugh again...
    Metallica: "90% of new record is actually written, so we'll start recording it in 2018"
    Lars is just saying that they have 90% written because he is just gonna do a biff bang generic drum beat over it as usual... So his job is already done
    " ... it's like, 'Huh? What? Who are you?' " Gud call, Larsie. Yeah, who the Fuck are they?! Can't say I've heard of 'em. Have they sold 100 million records? um, nah. STFU with the jealously and go back to making your shit music, phucktards. \m/